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Where Are Patriot Docks Manufactured

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How Can I See A Dock Before I Buy One Online

Patriot Docks – Dock Assembly Instructions, Step by Step

Jack Docks has a showroom in Des Moines, IA, and Patriot has a showroom in Harris, MN. We also have many hundreds of satisfied customers all over the world. If you cant make it to our showrooms, you can either purchase a part to return or you can reach out to us about finding a previous customer in your area.

Does This Dock Rust In Saltwater

We offer a marine grade aluminum frames , which holds up under saltwater conditions. Rinsing aluminum is always recommended since aluminum is not perfectly immune to corrosion. The corrosive process on the hardware may be increased, but the grade of aluminum we offer will resist rust. Over time there is some susceptibility to pitting rust or surface rust.

Where Are Patriot Docks Manufactured

Slot size is 9/16″ x 1-5/8″. We bring in thousands of parts each Patriot Docks Floating Platform Section with Poly Decking. For the Gene Tonic from BioShock 2, see Handyman .

4 Step Flip Up Polyethylene Dock Ladder Distributed by Tommy Docks Corrosion proof, Marine Grade, Polyethylene Corrosion proof, Marine Grade, Polyethylene dock ladders have a beautifully smooth surface and an attractive look. Standard Fender – Used to fend off a Jet Dock from an existing floating dock or to fend off craft alongside the Jet Dock. Lake Monticello, Virginia. It is manufactured by HVY in the HD Universe. Dock. Dock System Float Drum Permafloat Performance Dock Flotation is Permafloat Performance Dock Flotation is just one in a family of 50 different sizes of floats designed to offer durable flotation for new and existing dock systems. Boat Docks.

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Patriot Docks Low Profile Floating Dock W/ Poly Decking

Patriot docks are a leading manufacturer of versatile and sturdy floating docks. Floating docks are a popular choice for lakes, ponds, and rivers because they require little maintenance and no polls that need to be adjusted for changes in water levels. They are also lower to the water than standard truss-framed docks, which allow for easier access to the water.

The Patriot low-profile floating dock with poly decking is easy to assemble, and the kit comes with a low-profile floating frame. The frame is constructed with 6000 series marine-grade aluminum. The kit also includes Patriot’s sturdy poly-decking. To secure the deck, use rectangular foam-filled floats as well as anchors or pilings.

To assemble your Patriot floating dock, attach the joints together with the hinge kit. You can use either an end-to-end or parallel or perpendicular configuration. To account for fluctuations in water levels, there are 25 degrees of articulation between the frames. The dock comes in 24, 32, and 40 kits.

24′ Floating Dock Kit Includes:

  • 4′ x 8′ Low Profile Frames
  • 4′ x 4′ Deck Panels
  • 48″ x 24″ x 12″ Rectangular Foam Filled Floats
  • Low Profile Floating Hinge Set
  • Piling Sleeves

32′ Floating Dock Kit Includes:

  • 4′ x 8′ Low Profile Frames
  • 4′ x 4′ Deck Panels
  • 48″ x 24″ x 12″ Rectangular Foam Filled Floats
  • Low Profile Floating Hinge Set
  • Piling Sleeves

40′ Floating Dock Kit Includes:

Can I Use A Winch Or An Atv To Move My Dock

Patriot Docks  Modular Marine Dock Systems

It is not recommended. Jack Docks are designed to be transported easily by hand. Each frame section is only 45lbs. Without the decking, moving these docks is easy to do. Longer rolling Jack Dock packages come with wheels at least every 40ft of dock to roll with one or two people. Trucks, ATVs, and tractors can damage the frame if not handled appropriately and voids the warranty.

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How Do I Winterize My Dock

In the event of freezing, all docks are recommended to be taken out of the water. Taking the dock out for the winter is easy!1. Remove the decking, starting with the lake end of the dock.2. Pull the frame out of the water.3. Store frame fully assembled or broken down on the shore.4. Store decking out of the elements for longest-lasting decking.

Top Features Of Patriot Docks

  • Ultra strong 12 dock frames that can be bolted together.
  • Modular design configure and reconfigure as needed or desired.
  • Strong and stable galvanized supports. No rust. No moving parts.
  • Tall rolling wheels for any terrain
  • Full height adjustment along the length of the entire pipe.
  • Safe dual set bolts on every connection and bracket
  • Most importantly, Rolling Pipe Docks are strong and mobile. They offer a lot to customers seeking to dump their burdensome heavy dock but dont want to sacrifice strength. In addition, when shorelines move throughout the season and water levels fluctuation dramatically, this Rolling Pipe Dock moves easily and raises with flexibility. Lastly, drop-in decking panels make these piers even more portable because docks can be moved without the decking, then later the decking panels nest into the frame effortlessly. Shop prices for Patriot Docks by selecting your ideal length, shape, and decking material to fit your customized needs.

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    Patriot Docks By Jack Docks

    Rolling Pipe Docks are ideal for most lakes and shorelines. These Patriot Docks feature a lightweight frame with galvanized pipes on wheels for the perfect mix of strength and mobility. Steel supports with full axles provide superior cross bracing and stability. As a result, conditions for Rolling Pipe Docks can be rougher and deeper waters. The wheels on our docks fill with water and operate well in all terrains, from sandy to rocky lake bottoms. If you are used to old docks with cumbersome and heavy installs, these rolling docks are super convenient.

    Need a dock with adjustable jacks? Check out our Jack Docks.

    Can I Add On To My Dock Or Change Shape In The Future

    Patriot Docks Shore Ramp Installation Video

    Yes. Our modular design allows you to add additional frame sections in the future. Most people have changing needs as time goes on, whether they want to moor another boat, go out deeper into the water, or add a larger patio section. Modular docks are the only way to go, since you would need to order a whole new dock in other circumstances!

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    How Do I Secure My Decking To My Frame

    Although decking does not need to be secured since it sits in the frame securely, you can fasten your decking for bodies of water with abnormally large waves. There are many ways to secure the decking to the frame. You can purchase Deck Lockers for aluminum decking, you can zip tie panels under the dock frame or pre-drill and bolt the decking through the frame. Lockers, zip ties, and bolts not included with dock packages, except poly dock packages include lockers.

    How Do The Jack Supports Work

    Jack supports are easy to adjust. A nut on top of the jack raises and lowers the unit. Simply use a cordless drill with a ¾ socket to change the height. There is a leg or an axle that can be adapted to the bottom of each jack, which has an additional point of adjustment. The total range on the jack mechanism is 18.

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    American Patriot Container Transport Llc

    • Reliability Liner Services on main river
    • Cost Efficiency LNG fuel, modern terminals
    • Speed unprecedented service speed and highly efficient port operations
    • Cargo Payload 2500 TEUs vs. 300
    • Safety and Environmentally Friendly- Marine vs truck/rail, emissions reduction
    • Cargo Flexibility dry, refrigerated, agricultural, chemical, manufactured
    • Rail: Hazardous materials through populated areas and derailments
    • Trucking: Traffic accidents, high emissions, road and bridge infrastructure repair

    Vessel Model Testing was completed in September 17

    • All vessel design specifications were validated or exceeded
    • Model was 28 long, 6 4 wide and weighed 2.5 tons
    • Propulsion drives via Voith Schnieder, secondary drive testing planned
    • Model tested performed in open water, model basin, and shallow water

    How Strong Are The Dock Frames

    Patriot Docks  Modular Marine Dock Systems

    Very strong. The truss frames are 4 taller than the industry average so supports are only needed every 16ft of linear dock! Angled aluminum, diagonal braces, transition plates, and serrated nuts also contribute to a very strong design. Jack Docks are commonly used in commercial settings and trees have fallen on Jack Docks with minimal damage. Strength should always be part of the discussion, but it is our number one positive feedback we get from returning customers. Jack Docks are so much stronger than customers anticipated!

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