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Patriot Powered Products And Gear

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Keep Your Phones On Even When The Powers Out

Law Enforcement Product Review | Patriot Power Cell

Your Patriot Power Cells could save your bacon in a crisis. But they’re so handy some customers use them every day!

Youll love having your Patriot Power Cells:

  • Traveling
  • On road trips & in RVs
  • During power outages

Cleveland, Tenn.May 2020

*Real reviews from real customers. Sometimes customers receive a free product to test or receive a free product as a thank you for submitting honest feedback. For more information see footnote 1.

Blavor Qi Solar Power Bank

If you are after a small, portable solar bank to charge a couple of cell phones, then we highly suggest the Blavor Qi Solar Power Bank. Like the Patriot Power Cell, this device can fit in your pocket and is designed to be both lightweight and durable.

Unfortunately, it also has a very low-powered solar panel and takes days on end to recharge. However, functionally, the Qi Solar Power Bank does everything that the Patriot Power Cell does, but slightly better. The Qi comes with a built in flashlight, larger battery capacity, durable body, and a compass. To learn more, you can see the

In the event of an emergency, the Lion Cub Go Solo Kit is by far the best option!

Patriot Power Generator 1500 Customers Laud Product

Buyers of the Patriot Power Generator 1500 are Extolling the Product’s Virtues on the Customer Review Website

NASHVILLE, TN / ACCESSWIRE / July 12, 2016 / Interested in learning how customers feel about its Patriot Power Generator 1500, Nashville, Tenn.-based 4Patriots LLC established a review site. A vast majority of the reviews that have been posted so far have featured positive comments.

“It’s one thing for a company to talk about how wonderful their products are, but those kinds of remarks are more legitimate when they come from people who have purchased and used those products,” said Allen Baler, Partner at 4Patriots.

“The comments on our Patriot Power Generator review site are helpful in terms of learning which particular components of the product are most appreciated, such as functionality and durability. And on occasion when a negative remark is made, that’s helpful too because it allows companies to make needed improvements.”

Patriot Power Generator reviews include:

“A great piece of survival gear. Was looking for a small generator to run my CPAP machine at night because I quit breathing sometimes when I sleep, and lose power a lot where we live. Got a lot more with the solar generator. Quiet and lightweight.” – Mike

“The product and service follow-up has been great. I’d recommend this over all other similar generators out there.” – Mark

“I have tested it with solar power and also wall electric power. Seems to be working fine. Thanks for a great product.” – Jack S.

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Final Verdict On The Patriot Power Cell

Ive been using this battery pack since December 2019 and it still keeps on ticking. Although it takes a while to charge by solar. I really dont even notice it. When Im not using the Power Cell, I just leave it in my window sill and it keeps a good charge.

The 4Patriots team offer some of the best customer service Ive ever experienced. Plus they have a 365 day warranty, thats practically unheard of.

The unit is also pretty reasonably priced and the more you purchase the better the deal. The instructions can be a bit tricky, but 4Patriots provide some really helpful videos that guide you right through the process.

All in all, the Patriot Power Cell is a great product that I recommend.

Cub Go Mini Solar Generator

Patriotic American Watch with Red Band  Patriot Powered ...

The Cub Go is the next level up from the Patriot Power Cell, but offers way more functionality. This unit is actually the smallest portable generator to come with a wall outlet.

So you can plug in your laptop or , blender, or even a television. It also comes with a 20 watt solar panel that enables it to be charged much quicker than the power cell.


  • Compact and Lightweight: Weighs only 3 lbs and easily fits in most purses, backpacks and can easily be carried by hand.
  • Powerful: It has a 150 watt inverter, so it has an output rating of 150 watts. Powerful enough to run ham radios, GPS devices, walkie talkies and enough power to watch a whole movie on your television.
  • Multiple Outlets: The Cub Go has 3 USB ports: Two regular type A USB ports plus a Type C USB port for newer devices. It also comes with a full sized wall outlet. You can charge your cell phone, and tablet while surfing the net on your laptop.
  • Dual Charging: Can be charged using the included a/c plug or solar panel.

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It Doesnt Power Your Fridge For That Long

One of the main selling points of this power station is that it will power your fridge or freezer if the power goes out in your home. They go on and on and on about it. The people at Patriot are really into powering the hell outta fridges.They claim that this generator can power your fridge for 16.3 hours, but in practice its much less than that. For the size of the average US fridge or freezer, youd be lucky to get 6-10 hours at best.

Is Patriot Power Cell Legit

Now, Ive been seeing some Patriot Power Cell reviews out there, that are painting a negative picture. So, let me start off by saying that the Patriot Power Cell is 100% legitimate.

The folks at 4Patriots are some of the most honest and caring people I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Plus they are a 100% all American company that donates to veterans. So they definitely get my seal of approval.

When I first ordered my power cell, it arrived a few days late. I called up their customer service team to get some information on the status. The young lady that answered was courteous, and super helpful. Not only did she give me the tracking information, and give me a genuine apology, but she also gave me a $10.00 refund.

Now if that isnt legit, I dont know what is!

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My Kids Were So Grateful For These Solar Chargers In The Storm

“I bought 4 of the Patriot Power Cells at Christmas time. And the kids were like, ‘Oh, thanks, mom… yeah.’

And then, you know what? We lost power. We had nothing. And do you know what kids do when they don’t have their cell phone? Well, these Power Cells worked better than their charger when they did have power. They were SO grateful.

It was a blessing!”

San Antonio, Texas

*Real reviews from real customers. Sometimes customers receive a free product to test or receive a free product as a thank you for submitting honest feedback. For more information see footnote 1.

Top 2 Alternatives To The Patriot Power Cell

Patriot Power Cell | The Ultimate Solar Gadget

If you, like many people, are unsatisfied with your Patriot Power Cell, then there are many alternatives that you can explore. Truthfully, $40 is not the end of the world, but in the case of an emergency you will want to make sure you have a high quality source of backup power. Below, we will outline two of our favorite options that can be considered upgrades to the Patriot Power Cell.

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How To Charge A Device With The Patriot Power Cell

To use the Patriot Power Cell to charge a device, you will need to use the charging cord that came with the device that you want to charge. So, if you want to charge your cell phone, youll need to use the charging cord that came with your phone.

  • Plug the USB end of the charging cord into one of the USB ports indicated by the orange arrows above.
  • Next plug the other end into your cellphone, tablet or other USB device.
  • The device should start charging immediately. If not press the power button to turn on the unit.
  • If you want to charge another device at the same time. Simply, plug in another charging cable into the other USB port of the Power Cell and repeat the process.

Patriot Powered Products Rewards Program

When it comes to Rewards Program, you will think of a very large discount or a free trade after a certain amount of purchasing. The Patriot Powered Products rewards program will be issued soon, you can choose many good deals and Patriot Powered ProductsDiscount Codes on the page. Select products at and apply the Coupon Codes for savings. gathers together the info of Discount Codes, discounts and good deals of Patriot Powered Products. Check it out twice a day to keep up.

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Full Review Of Onesoci Agency Software

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Patriot Powered Products Printable Coupons

Patriotic American Watch with Blue Band  Patriot Powered ...

Printable coupons or what called in store coupons, always help customer save big as same as digital Patriot Powered Products Discount Codes. Really help you saving your limited budget. Patriot Powered Products printable coupons come out at Patriot Powered Products Coupons page for your next shopping probably. Well, you can find out 100% active offers at Patriot Powered Products Coupon Codes listing. It is the best way to save money and buy more your desirable products. Especially, some big event eve, huge Patriot Powered Products Coupon Codes will come out. It is a good opportunity to purchase items with cheap. New coupons are added almost every day, so keep checking back!

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Patriot Power Cell Solar Power Bank: What You Need To Know

While all of this sounds straightforward, the truth is, solar power banks are now available in different styles from a wide variety of brands, which makes choosing the right solar power bank a fairly complicated decision.

To help you choose the right option for your needs, we are going to take an in-depth look at one of the best-selling options on the market today the Patriot Power Cell from 4Patriots. Once we have determined whether or not it is worth the hype, we will also examine some of the best alternatives.

Patriot Poweruv Disinfecting Power Bank

Now, this isnt a solar generator, but its a product thats definitely worth mentioning. With all thats going on with COVID-19 in the world. This device is a battery pack that also disinfects and kills viruses and bacteria using the power of UV-C light.

We all know that being able to kill viruses can mean the difference between life and death. So, this is a great device to have. It can also charge your phone, comes with a storage compartment and has a 6000 mAh capacity.

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Patriot Power Generator 1800

The Patriot Power Generator 1800 is 4Patriots flagship solar generator. It was originally introduced as the Patriot Power Generator 1500 back in 2015. But, was recently upgraded to the 1800, which is 52% more peak power and 28% more output capacity than its older counterpart.

If youre looking for a high quality solar power generator. Then the Patriot Generator is a no brainer. It has a 3048 watt peak output, can hold a charge for up to a year, and can power important appliances like your freezer, fridge or space heater.


  • Safe for Use Indoors: Unlike regular generators that are noisy can give off dangerous carbon monoxide. The Patriot Power Generator 1800 is barely audible and fume free. So its safe to keep in your house.
  • Easy to set up: Doesnt require any technicians. You simply unpack, power it up and plug in your appliance or critical device.
  • Ability to Daisy Chain Solar Panels: The unit comes with one solar panel, but can accommodate up to 4 solar panels to minimize charge time.
  • Comes with a lot of extras: The Patriot Power Generator comes with lots of extras:


Paul D Thinks The Patriot Power Generator Is Worth Every Penny

REVIEW: Patriot Power Generator – Watch BEFORE You BUY! Best Patriot Power Generator Alternatives

We were in the eye of Hurricane IRMA. My wife became really, really happy with our purchase. We could keep cell phones, radio batteries and several rechargeable multi-purpose batteries charged. And had reading lights for reading. A small string of LED lights on our porch light gave us needed security.

It seemed expensive when we bought it but believe me, we now realize it was worth every penny. It recharged as advertised. Five stars. – Paul D.

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Phillip Thinks The Patriot Power Generator Is Well Worth The Money And Has An Awesome Warranty

I was thinking about a solar generator because the noise and fumes from my gas generator was getting on my nerves, then I got the email from 4Patriots.

What sold me was the fact that I could charge and discharge this generator once a day every day for more than five years.

The warranty — who in the world gives a warranty like that? No one else. The compactness, weight and all those features, outstanding! And finally, the portability factor even including the solar panels.

Now I have used the system to run most of my hand tools, a small refrigerator, a desktop computer, a laptop and cell phones. I had no problems with over or under power/load. The best part is that most of the tests I did at night and inside. Very quiet.

Hooking up the solar panels was a breeze and the unit began charging with no problems. This unit is well worth the money, a great piece of gear to have and an awesome warranty to go with it. I very highly recommend the Patriot Generator. – Phillip R.

Patriot Power Cell Amazon Reviews

Once I headed over to Amazon, however, the reviews suddenly became noticeably less enthusiastic. With an average review score of 3.7 out of five stars, here are a few handpicked reviews of some of the products features.

As you can see, there are quite a few people who were left disappointed with the Power Cells performance. Each of these low star reviews cite the inefficient solar charging as one of the primary reasons they were not satisfied with the device.

Here, I have to agree. A 40-hour solar charging time is simply not fast enough for any real-world use. Sure, it can technically charge itself, but after a week of waiting, you may have even forgotten about it entirely.

The final review listed above also mentions the Patriots short shelf life. In the event of an emergency, the last thing that you will want to think is, Wait, did I remember to charge my Power Cell this month? Instead, there are many better solar chargers with extended battery lives. One other option to consider, is the Lit Power Bank, which you can learn more about here.

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Is The Patriot Power Generator Worth The Price

The Patriot Power Generator is the most expensive survival tool we carry. So naturally, the question comes up Is it worth the price?

I thought Id share what some of our customers have to say about this:

Ken H. shares how hes saved more on his electric bill using his Patriot Power Generator than it cost him!

Watch his video here:

Heres what Ken had to say:

I looked at the Patriot Power Generator for about a year before I decided to get it. And after I purchased it — I wanted to test it to see how long it would last.

This thing is actually pretty amazing! Even in the winter our solar generator collects energy like crazy. Ive even powered up this little travel trailer for about 6 hours on it.

I can charge up anything I need my laptop, cellphones, backup battery packs, electric chainsaw and my 4Patriots HaloXT Flashlight. Just about everything that comes with a USB port.

Its definitely worth the price. Ive probably saved more on electric bills than what it cost easy. And I havent even had it a year yet. – Ken H.

Patriot Powered Products Cyber Monday Sale

Patriotic American Watch with Red Band  Patriot Powered ...

Cyber Monday is another e-commerce celebration in which many amazing discounts are released by those online retailers. Currently, it has become one of the busiest online shopping days together with Black Friday in many countries. The shopping event usually begins at 0:00 and ends at 24:00 on the first Monday after the Black Friday. On that day, you can find a lot of products like flight tickets, event tickets, clothes keeping discounted to a large extent like Black Friday sales. As one of the stores joining in the event, Patriot Powered Products provides their customers with a large number of fantastic Cyber Monday promotions. And there is another good news that you don’t need to find those deals for yourself as has collected all Patriot Powered Products Cyber Monday Discount Codes for you. What’s more, all coupons have been verified and are updated daily. What you only need to do is browsing those coupons on, choosing your favorite Patriot Powered Products Discount Codes & Coupons, and redeeming them when you pay your bill. It’s the greatest time to purchase gifts or decorations at unbeatable prices for your upcoming Christmas holiday. The earlier you place an order, the earlier your parcel being received.!

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