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Patriot Power Cell Phone Charger

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Patriot Power Cell One Year Later – Solar Powered Battery Charger

This solar charger has in-built rechargeable battery, it is designed to provide power banking ability with portable USB charger which compatible with most of the electronic devices making an ideal choice for camping trips, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Solar charger has integrated LED indicators to show you the power status and LED flashlight that lightens surrounding environment when enjoying your outdoor activities at night.

In addition, fast charge technology is applied in this solar charger, it has dual USB ports that facilitate charging of two devices simultaneously with intelligent security protection for respective devices. Also, it is designed to be dustproof, portable and convenient for outdoor solar charging.

  • Features in-built battery of 15000mAH capacity
  • Enhanced with a solar charger for outdoor charging
  • Fitted with an LED flashlight
  • It has a dual USB port for charging
  • Equipped with carabiners for hanging
  • Highly waterproof and dustproof for outdoor activities
  • Lightweight and portable

Final Verdict On The Patriot Power Cell

Ive been using this battery pack since December 2019 and it still keeps on ticking. Although it takes a while to charge by solar. I really dont even notice it. When Im not using the Power Cell, I just leave it in my window sill and it keeps a good charge.

The 4Patriots team offer some of the best customer service Ive ever experienced. Plus they have a 365 day warranty, thats practically unheard of.

The unit is also pretty reasonably priced and the more you purchase the better the deal. The instructions can be a bit tricky, but 4Patriots provide some really helpful videos that guide you right through the process.

All in all, the Patriot Power Cell is a great product that I recommend.

Interested In Learning More About Solar Generators 4patriot’s Also Makes The Patriot Power Generator

The most popular and best patriot power generator alternative is by far the EcoFlow Delta 1800 Solar Generator Quad kit with 4 x 100 watt solar panels.

The Delta solar generator has twice as much battery capacity, same size inverter with a bigger surge and comes in 15 lbs lighter and charges up twice as quick!

Check out the comparison chart of the two solar generators below and you’ll quickly see why…

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Vitcoco 16w Solar Panel Charger

It is a portable solar charger, which you can use to charge most of the devices in your house which includes but not limited to smartphones, laptop, power bank, tablet, air pods, speakers etc. Besides, it is suitable for any occasion both indoor and outdoor activities like backpacking, camping, or hiking.

In addition, the solar charger is designed with fast charging TIR-C technology, which converts up to 22% of solar power to produce electricity and fully charge your electronic devices in the sun. Also, with the dual USB smart charging and screen display technology, USB ports can be charged simultaneously and support charging of both tablets and mobile phones simultaneously. This helps to reduce the charging time hence protecting the devices while the display screen is for monitoring the power used during charging. It is very durable up to 25 years.

  • Features 2 USB ports with wide compatibility
  • It is equipped with a DC port
  • Enhanced with high conversion rate of up to 22%
  • Highly waterproof for outdoor activities
  • It is very durable

Former Navy Seal Shows Off His Pocket

Genuine 4patriots Patriot Power Cell Solar Phone Charger ...

* Cade Courtley is a former Navy SEAL who served 9 years of active duty. He has been compensated by 4Patriots for his hard work in helping us test and endorse products.

* Real reviews from real customers. Sometimes customers receive a free product to test or receive a free product as a thank you for submitting honest feedback. For more information see footnote 1.

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Hiluckey Solar Phone Charger $4799

The Hiluckey charger with its four solar panels and a battery bank is one of the best low-cost solar phone chargers available. Image source:

Price: $47.99 Buy Now

Best: Budget charger

Pros: Hiluckys Solar Phone Charger comes equipped with four fold-out solar panels that charge its battery bank. The included rechargeable battery can fully charge an smartphone over 10 times. It comes with LED light settings, making it perfect for outdoor use. It has dual USB ports for charging two devices.

Cons: Having four solar panels makes it a little bulky, even if it does increase the surface area of the charger in order to collect sunlight. It will also add an extra 1.25 pounds to your backpack.

Compatibility: Almost all 5V devices such as iPhones, iPads, Samsung, Sony, Huawei, HTC, LG, Nexus, Tablet, GPS, and more.

Patriot Poweruv Disinfecting Power Bank

Now, this isnt a solar generator, but its a product thats definitely worth mentioning. With all thats going on with COVID-19 in the world. This device is a battery pack that also disinfects and kills viruses and bacteria using the power of UV-C light.

We all know that being able to kill viruses can mean the difference between life and death. So, this is a great device to have. It can also charge your phone, comes with a storage compartment and has a 6000 mAh capacity.

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Still Not Sure If The Patriot Power Cell Is Worth It

If you’re still unsure of wether the patriot power cell is worth it, we would highly recommend browsing some of our best selling emergency backup power gear here. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call today at 877-242-2792.

Lastly, 4Patriot’s is most well known for their Patriot Power Generator. To learn more about their back up solar powered generator, read our in-depth Patriot Power Generator review here.

Keep Your Phones On Even When The Powers Out

Power 4 Patriots Solar Powered Cell Phone Charger

The Patriot Power Cell could save your bacon in a crisis. But its so handysome customers use it every day!

Youll love having your Patriot Power Cell:

  • Traveling
  • On road trips & in RVs
  • During power outages
  • At sporting events
  • In an emergency

And thats why 9 out of 10 people buy more than one. Keep one with you, and one in your vehicle. Plus, the Patriot Power Cell makes a great gift for…

  • Seniors

You never know when theyll need it

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People Are Buying These In 4 Packs

Without power for your phone, how do you

  • Alert emergency responders?
  • Or call them to see if theyre safe?

These are the actual questions that many people have to answer when extreme weather hits their towns. Snow, ice, wind, earthquakes, fires, everyday accidents it doesn’t take much to knock out power. And it happens in an instant.

But when a freak ice storm knocked out Texas’ power grid this year… Pam had lifesaving power!

Because she and her family had their Patriot Power Cells ready.

Take a look…

No 4 Lit Wireless Solar Power Bank 20000 Mah Battery


Lit Solar PowerBank Powerful Battery 20,000 mAh Lithium-ion Battery Charge in a hurry 3 USB Link Outputs Quick Charging Micro-USB input to charge + Solar Panel Extreme Shell Silicone defensive spread Drove Light Hang on/off catch to turn on the powerful Driven light Battery


  • Output: 5V 1A/2.1A Input DC 5V/1A Cheat and Wise
  • Protection: Charging and releasing more than multiple times Following 72 hours of the maturing test execution is steady.
  • Incorporated into the crate: Solar PowerBank, Micro-USB string, Manual


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Blavor Qi Solar Power Bank

First, wed like to recommend a portable power bank that could be mistaken for the Patriot Power Cell at first glance. However, with the Qi Solar Power Bank you get a bit more for just a few extra dollars. And actually, with free shipping the Qi ends up being more affordable than Patriot.

In terms of upgrades, the Qi Solar Power Bank has a slightly larger battery bank at 10,000 mAh and it comes with a built in compass. Unfortunately, the built in solar panel is nearly just as slow as the Patriots.

Intro To The Best Patriot Solar Charger

Patriot Power Cell: Solar Phone Charger #Solar #Battery # ...

The best solar charger has enhanced a trend that followers of high-tech gadgets are following. According to the review, Patriot Solar Chargers can manage the power supply demands of the devices more autonomously. Different phones battery strength usually doesnt support 1 day. Its difficult to find an outlet when there is no power.

However, to hold your equipment on standby for as long as possible. The most reliable solution is to fill it with an external battery. But now there are more suitable options for the store: Patriot Power Generator!

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Who Is 4patriots For

After combing through its website, this 4Patriots review got a general sense of who its products are for. It seems that this online brand is suited for the older demographicmore specifically, parents. Since its merchandise is catered for individuals that love the great outdoors, people who find themselves camping and scouting may find its inventory useful.

Theres also the fact that 4Patriots specialize in survivalist equipment. With that in mind, people who live in disaster-prone areas are considered its prime customers. Its worth mentioning that this brand is very American-centric, meaning that it leans towards a more conservative, nationalist audience.

Patriot Power Cell Amazon Reviews

Once I headed over to Amazon, however, the reviews suddenly became noticeably less enthusiastic. With an average review score of 3.7 out of five stars, here are a few handpicked reviews of some of the products features.

As you can see, there are quite a few people who were left disappointed with the Power Cells performance. Each of these low star reviews cite the inefficient solar charging as one of the primary reasons they were not satisfied with the device.

Here, I have to agree. A 40-hour solar charging time is simply not fast enough for any real-world use. Sure, it can technically charge itself, but after a week of waiting, you may have even forgotten about it entirely.

The final review listed above also mentions the Patriots short shelf life. In the event of an emergency, the last thing that you will want to think is, Wait, did I remember to charge my Power Cell this month? Instead, there are many better solar chargers with extended battery lives. One other option to consider, is the Lit Power Bank, which you can learn more about here.

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Our Overall Impression Of The Patriot Power Cell

If you examine the Patriot power cell within the context that it is an inexpensive and fairly simple device, the Patriot Power Cell can be somewhat useful. It is small enough to fit in a glove box or backpack and can carry a large enough charge to keep your smartphone topped up throughout the day, but charging the internal battery through a wall outlet or computer can be very time-consuming.

In regards to its solar capabilities, the Patriot Power Cell is extremely limited. Charging the battery with the built-in solar panel would take multiple days, and that is assuming you live in an area that receives plenty of direct sunlight. Essentially, the solar panel is barely functional, and it is more of a gimmick than a practical feature.

What we did like about the Patriot Power Cell was some of the extras, like the fact that it has a water-resistance rating of IP67 and features a built-in LED flashlight. It also has a fairly rugged, rubberized exterior, which is great if you are clumsy.

Overall, we simply cannot recommend the Patriot Power Cell. In terms of performance and practicality, it lacks just about every department. With that said, it is inexpensive, so it is not an overly risky purchase however, we would always recommend going with a more capable solar power bank from a recognized solar company. Spending the extra on a higher quality unit will ensure you have power when you need it.

How Do You Charge A Patriot Power Cell

Patriot Power Cell | The Ultimate Solar Gadget
AC USB Adaptor

Included with your Patriot power cell is an AC cord. When you first get it out of the box, the best thing to do is give it a full charge using this cord. This will get you on your adventure straight away in the full knowledge that you have a solid power backup plan.

The AC cord provided will work with any USB adapter – this includes a computer. So providing you have access to power, charging this unit should be no problem.

Solar Power

There is always the option of charging this phone charger solar power bank using the sun. It naturally takes longer . Should you wish or need to charge it using sunlight, then if possible it is best to leave it on a window sill or in direct sunlight outside.

This will make sure that the solar panels receive the most amount of direct sunlight meaning that your little power generator will be charged in the best way.

Another great way to keep the battery topped up if you are out walking is to hang the unit from your backpack. This way the solar panels will capture the sunlight and keep the battery charged without you having to do anything special.

The unit has a 5 inches worth of solar panels. No electricity doesn’t have to mean that you won’t have any power!

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How Do I Use My Patriot Power Cell

When you purchase the power cell, it will come with a cord. Most likely this cord will not charge your phone or device. This cord is designed to charge to power cell itself.

When it comes to charging your phone or other devices, use the charging cable that it came with. There will be no issues when using these cables with this solar panel power cell. Providing the cable has a USB end, it will compatible with the Patriot.

The Patriot power cell is a simple device and as such using it as a charger for other devices is simple too. There are no different specs, it doesn’t matter if your phone is Apple or Android, or anything else for that matter. Whatever it is, the portable solar charger will give it some juice!

Any device that is USB compatible will work and receive Patriot power.

Power Output And Charging

We considered only USB solar chargers rated at 10 watts or higher because with anything less you may not get enough power throughout the day to charge a single phone, which just isnt practical. Although we preferred models that claimed to offer even more power, we didnt want that to come with a major increase in size that would limit the chargers portability.

We skipped any chargers that had only a single USB charging port. We preferred two output ports, a design that lets you charge a second device or share the power with someone else. Any extra ports were a bonus. Each port had to draw at least 1 amp, which is the minimum necessary to fully charge a phone like the iPhone X in three to four hours.

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What Can The Patriot Power Cell Actually Do

The 4 Patriot Power Cell is designed to provide a backup source of power for any USB powered device. This means that it can power cell phones, tablets, eReaders, cameras, laptops, and more.

It should be noted, however, that the patriot power cell only includes 2 standard USB Type A ports. If you have a newer smartphone or tablet, then that may require a USB Type C port. If that is the case, you will need to buy an additional adapter, or purchase a different power bank as the patriot power cell does NOT support this.

Patriot Ps5 Solar Energizer

Genuine 4Patriots Patriot Power Cell Solar Phone Charger ...

This solar charger has in-built rechargeable battery USB charger which is compatible with most of the electronic devices making it an ideal choice for camping trips, hiking, and other outdoor activities. It is enhanced with fast charge technology that facilitate charging of devices with intelligent security protection for respective devices. Also, it is designed to be dustproof, portable and convenient for outdoor solar charging.

  • Enhanced with a solar charger for outdoor charging
  • Equipped with carabiners for hanging
  • Highly waterproof and dustproof for outdoor activities
  • Lightweight and portable

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How Much Will The Patriot Power Cell Cost Me

Though the price does vary depending on sales and other things, you will be looking at paying less than £3o or $30 for one if you are in the United States.

4Patriots do offer to promote the option of purchasing 4 of these solar panels power cells at the same time. Due to the fact that most people opt to buy more than one, this can work out to be a good deal.

Shipping is free within the United States.

At this price point, it really does feel like the solar-powered charger is quite the steal. You get so many additional extras, it is more than just a charger with a large battery.

How Long Does 4patriots Food Last

Perhaps its time to ditch those stale grains and cans of salty Spam. According to its website, the brands meal packs can last for up to 25 years. This includes such bundles like the 4Patriots 72-hour survival food kit.

Its worth noting that all of the brands products are dependent on proper storage. This means stowing it away in cool and dry areas. Excess heat and moisture may decrease its shelf life in the future.

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