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Patriot Lighting Flexible Tape Light

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Option #: The Corner Fold

How to Use an LED Tape Light Connector

You can put a 90-degree fold in a strip light using the following steps:

  • Lay the strip on a flat service and find the point where youll be making the fold.
  • Fold the strip light at a 45-degree angle in the opposite direction of the corner.
  • Bend the fold back on itself.
  • Crease the fold and use super glue to secure it.
  • This corner fold has a more finished look for situations where the strip lights will clearly be visible.

    Our Led Tape Lights Are Safe Indoors & Outdoors

    LED tape light is safe for indoor and outdoor installations when left uncut and kept protected from direct contact with water. 12 Volt and 24 Volt options minimize the risk of electrical shorts and safety hazards frequently encountered with line voltage outdoor lighting. You can install it under eaves, on gazebos and decks, and even under stair lighting for walkway visibility at night. Channel guides can be used to diffuse the light for a more even glow, making it so that you don’t see the individual LEDs and should also be used for under-railing applications to secure the tape light for a longer-lasting installation.

    What Would Cause My Led Tape To Flash When Plugged In

    I just removed our new tape lighting and plugged it in. The brand name is Patriot Lighting 12 volt 16.4′ flexible LED tape light.

    All it does is flash on and off. Any suggestions?

    • Are you attempting to use a dimmer? HerrBagSep 19 ’13 at 20:08
    • Need more details. Is it the same on several outlets in the house? Does the unit have a flashing mode? Have you measured voltages? BryceOct 19 ’13 at 21:37
    • Sounds like a bad power supply. Do you have all of the lights connected or have you cut and rewired the strip?May 19 ’14 at 14:44
    • Do you mean that the lights just flash on briefly then go off and away off?

    CFLs and LEDs can be very sensitive to leakage currents, especially when ‘turned off’. It doesn’t take much leakage to make them flash. Lutron has a line of dimmers that are adjustable that should help.

    • +1. I can cause my LEDs to flash by turning the dimmer down but not completely off. Basically, what’s happening is that the power supply is trying to charge itself up far enough to light the LED, reaches that point, turns the LED on and promptly drains the capacitor, and repeats the process — a low-voltage equivalent of how xenon strobes work.

    If once you plug the LED Tape into the transformer and you turn it on and it flashes on and off in a consistent motion. By this I mean a kind of slow strobe then the reason for this would be one of 2 reasons.

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    How To Turn A Corner With Led Strip Lights

    LED strip lights are becoming the go-to solution for many lighting projects. Strip lights are versatile, easy to install, put out a lot of light, are inexpensive to purchase and operate and have a long life expectancy. Furthermore, strip lighting is available in 120-volt line voltage or 12-volt low-voltage, meaning you can use them in almost any setting. If you havent used LED strip lights before, you can find out more information here: What Are LED Strip Lights?

    Strip lights work great for many projects, but a recent LED strip light installation utilized them above and below my kitchen cabinets. Installing under the cabinets was pretty easy since I was just doing straight runs. However, because I wanted the strip lights to follow the contours of my crown molding on the top, I had to figure out an easy way to bend them around each corner of my various depths of cabinets. Strip lights bend great on a single plane but not side to side. Therefore, to install an LED strip in a corner, I needed to get tricky.

    Outdoor Rated Strip Lights: Ip65 & Ip68

    Patriot Lighting® 39"  RGB LED Flexible Tape Light ...

    Q: What does IP stand for?

    This is a rating system that defines the ability of a product to be able to work in different environments. IP is an acronym “Ingress Protection”. It is a measurement of the protection an item will have against solid objects and liquids.

    An IP rating is comprised of 2 numbers. The first number refers to the protection against solid objects and the second number refers to protection against liquids. Here is a complete article about IP ratings.

    Q: Can LED lights be used outdoors?

    Yes, LED lights can be used outdoors. Please make sure you order the protection suitable for your geographical location. to see our article on protection levels.

    Q: What is the max depth that an IP68 LED strip can be submersed?

    32 feet .

    Q: Are the connectors on the IP68 LED strips also submersible?

    No, the factory connectors are rated to IP65 only. If you need us to custom manufacture longer wires on each end of the strip so the connections can be made outside the water, please contact us.

    Q: Is there any difference in brightness between the indoor and outdoor versions LED strip lights?

    The indoor and outdoor versions have similar brightness outputs. They run off exactly the same specifications and the outdoor versions have a clear silicon sleeve protecting them. The outdoor version may be 5% less bright than the indoor version, but this is not typically noticeable to the human eye.

    Q: How does the IP65 covering affect the color temperature of the LED strip?

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    Easy Installation Of Led Tape Lights

    Also known as LED strip light or ribbon lights, LED tape lights are easy to install. Each of the standard tape light sections or spools one comes with a “peel-and-stick” 3M adhesive backing. Channel guides and mounting accessories are available for more complex installations, such as cove lighting, under stair lighting, and under cabinet lighting. Tape light makes DIY installation of accent lighting and mood lighting a cinch! Connectors allow you to change the direction of the tape light around a corner or create more complex runs using a T-connector or plus-shape connector. LED tape lights can be cut at custom lengths along cut lines marked on the sleeve.

    How To Install Solderless Connectors For Led Strip Lighting:

    Solderless connectors make it very easy to install LED strip lighting. While soldering provides the most stable connection for the LEDs, our solderless connectors provide a strong connection without the extra work.

    Quick Installation Guide

    Although soldering is the best way to maintain a long lasting connection, the solderless connectors are a great way to get your project going quickly. When installed correctly, the connectors should not be loose and should provide a secure connection.

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    How To Fix Your Led Strip Remote Dimmer

    Remote control dimmers are one of the most common methods of controlling low voltage LED strip lights. RF dimmers are the top dimming solution for our 12V LED strip lights. Their growing popularity is due to two factors: Affordability under $10, and Ease-of-use.

    The remote controller comes with a small receiver cable, pictured below, that plugs in between your DC power source and your LED Strips. The Remote then works by communicating with this device depending on what buttons you push on the remote. You can change brightness, change to flashing modes or even change colors .

    For under $10, these dimmers are a steal. They are handy to use and super easy to set up, however, once in a while your remote might not work when you press the button. Thats why we wanted to help you with this troubleshooting post on the topic. The below procedure works for both the single color dimmer and RGB dimmer.

    Flexible Rope Light 36 Bright Led Patriot Lighting Indoor/outdoor

    LED Tape Lighting

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    Website And Led Terminology

    Q: What are lumens ?

    Lumen is the measurement of brightness as perceived to the human eye. Because of incandescent lighting, we are all accustomed to using watts to measure the brightness of light. Today, we use lumen. Lumen is the most important variable when choosing which LED strip light you need to look at. Make sure you compare lumen output between LED strip lights before determining which one is best for your project.

    Q: What is AC?

    This is Alternating Current. This is the electricity that is used in most homes and commercial spaces. Its often referred to as line voltage and number differs from country to country. US line voltage is typically 90V-220V, whereas it often averages higher in Europe.

    Q: What is DC?

    This is Direct Current. Most LED strips on the market use low-voltage DC. A transformer or low-voltage battery is often required to step-down the AC voltage to a suitable level for the LED strips, which is normally 12V or 24V DC.

    Q: Are your LED strips constant current or constant voltage?

    All of our strip lights require constant voltage. A constant voltage power supply is an electrical power source that regulates voltage to a constant level. In the case of Flexfire LED strip lights, a constant 12V or 24V, depending on the LED strip being used, would be required.

    Q: What is CRI and why is it important?

    Q: What is LED pitch and how does it affect the type of lighting I wish to achieve?

    Q: What is the difference between 3528 LEDs v 5050 LEDs?

    Q: What is a Watt?

    Two: Measuring How Many Feet Of Led Strip You Need

    You may have your LED strip light sent to you in a reel or by the foot, depending on the quantity ordered. Decide how much flexible LED strip lighting you will need for your project. Since the LED strip can only be cut every third LED, you may have to go slightly over or under your desired specification.

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    Seven: Securing The Tray To The Led Light

    In the example below, if we were to attach the Solderless Connector to the other side of the flexible strip light, the red would be negative and the black positive.

    Next, GENTLY secure the locking tray back in place, connecting the terminals of the LED flexible strip light to the connector. Be gentle and make sure the mounting tray is securely closed, or the lights will not work.

    If Your Strip Lights Do Not Light Up:

    Patriot Lighting® 39"  RGB LED Flexible Tape No Light ...
  • Wire color does not always matter! Make sure you follow the positive side of the flex strip down through the solderless connector wire to the power supply. Red/black can either mean or depending on what side of the LED flex strip you have hooked the connector to.
  • Another common problem is that the solderless connector may be installed upside down repeat steps above and try again.
  • Also, MAKE SURE the tray is closed all the way. Be gentle!
  • Check your power supply and make sure it is hooked up properly, with correct and as well.
  • Are you using 12v LED strips with a 24v Power supply? This will not work. Make sure the power unit.
  • How many feet of LED strip are you using vs how large your power unit is? If you are using 1 reel of 24v Ultra bright with e 2.5amp power unit, it will not work because the power unit is too small.
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    Specific Use Case Questions

    Q: Can I create a photography / video panel with your LED strips?

    Yes. The UltraBright strips have been used in many photography and video lighting projects. The slim nature of the strip and the adhesive backing make it very easy to create your own custom light panel. Check out this video review of the UltraBright High CRI strip being used in a light panel.

    Q. Do your LED strips attract insects if I install them on my porch?

    Most of our LED strip lights do not produce UV light, which insects are attracted to. This is not to say that all bugs aren’t attracted to LED lights, but most can’t see the light that LEDs produce. We also sell UV led strip lights, if you indeed like insects.

    Q: Does Flexfire LEDs have any products that produce Infra-Red or Ultraviolet light?

    We produce an UV-A LED strip with a peaks at 399nm or 365nm. We can also produce UV-C light bars and other special application lighting products depending on your needs.

    An IR strip can be produced via special order. All special orders are subject to longer lead times for manufacturing and shipping purposes.

    Q: How can I install LED lights strips in my motorhome

    There are variety of ways to design your RV or motorhome with our LED strip lights. Generally speaking, most automobiles have a 12V DC output so a transformer is rarely needed. Read this article to learn about the benefits of RV LED lighting and to see some examples of motorhomes that have used our lighting solutions.

    How To Fix Your Led Strip Controller

    If your remote control suddenly stops working or your lights start blinking, you may need to reset the controller and pair it back to the receiver unit. The controller sometimes un-pairs itself from the receiver due to a loose connection, radio interference from an external source or a low battery in your remote. If you are having this problem, reset and fix the controller by following this procedure:

  • First make sure that the indicator light on the top of the remote is lighting up when you press a button. If it does not light up, your remote battery is likely the issue and you will need a new CR2025 battery to replace it.
  • Disconnect your power source.
  • Unplug the dimming wire from both the power supply and LED strip light .
  • Remove battery from controller and then reinstall.
  • Plug power supply and LED strip back into the receiver unit
  • Reconnect power supply to power.
  • With the remote, hold the SPEED + and SPEED – buttons down simultaneously for 3 seconds . The indicator light should blink once to show you have done this correctly.
  • The remote and receiver should now be paired and the light strip should be controlled by the remote.
  • Please feel free to contact our customer support team if this does not fix the issue for you.

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    Patriot Lighting 36 Flexable Led Light Tape Connector

    $6.12eBay Money Back Guarantee

    Seller:serzinsm050%, Location:Avon Lake, Ohio, Ships to: US & many other countries, Item:233493442054Patriot lighting 36 Flexable LED Light tape Connector. Patriot lighting 36 Flexable LED Light tape Connector. Condition is New. Shipped with USPS First Class Package.Condition:New, All returns accepted:ReturnsNotAccepted, Brand:Patriot Lighting, Installation Area:Indoor, Energy Star:Compliant, Type:led, Lighting Technology:LED, Style:Modern, Color:White See More

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    Led Tape Lights At 1000bulbscom

    Flex Tape LED Lighting: Best Practices

    LED tape lights are a versatile solution for bias lighting, under stair lighting, railing lighting, under cabinet lighting, pathway lighting, cove lighting, and so much more. It’s available in a variety of solid colors or RGB color changing kits when paired with an RGB controller. LED tape light can be used to reduce the energy consumed to light display cases or closets while also reducing the heat put off by puck lights or traditional overhead lighting. It comes in 12 Volt and 24 Volt strips which need to be paired with the correct voltage LED driver. If you have any questions or concerns about which driver or accessories you need for your installation, give one of our customer service team members a call at .

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    Ufo High Bay Light For Conventional Warehouse Light

    Patriot UFO High Bay Lights are efficient and powerful lights for wide open areas that have ceilings higher than 12ft. These LED High Bay lights, therefore help you save thousands of dollars on the maintenance cost. Furthermore, it is the LED part of the product that ensures energy efficiency. UFO LED High Bay makes for ideal lighting fixtures, both in terms of cost-effectiveness and illumination levels, when it comes to any industrial or commercial work settings.

    People who want first-rate LED lights no longer have to worry. We are a reputable Ohio-based company that specializes in dependable and top-tier LED lighting options for customers. If you want to spend your hard-earned money on reliable assembled in USA lighting offerings, no business can assist you better than we can. Our choices in wholesale LED lights are abundant. If youre looking to explore a vast selection of American made fixtures, tubes and LED lights galore, we have exactly what you need waiting right here.

    Patriot LED is a prominent company thats known for exceptional panel and LED tube manufacturing. If you want to buy any of our products, our staff members will be more than happy to talk to you. We can give you invaluable insight that can help you determine exactly which Patriot LED choices are optimal for your specific requirements. Our company representatives always go above and beyond to provide all customers with the highest levels of care and attention.

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