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Patriot Dual Purpose Fence Energizer

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PATRIOT Dual Purpose electric fence chargers from valley farm supply

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Common Uses
  • 0.42 joules in moist soils
  • 0.26 joules in dry soils


  • Requires 3 ft of ground rod.
  • Comes with a 110V plug-in adapter with a 6′ cord and a 12v battery adapter with 40″ cord.
  • Draws 4.5 watts per hour.
  • Draw from a 12v battery is 42 milliampere per hour. With this energizer a 12V 100 ampere hour, deep cycle battery will last approximately 59 days* on a clean or a weedy fence. *Assumes being drawn down to 40% between recharges.
  • 40 pulses per minute.
  • Use a 6-10 Watt solar panel with the Patriot P5.
  • Manufactured by Tru Test.
  • 1 mile of 3 strand cattle fence
  • 1/2 mile of a 5-7 strand sheep fence
  • 6 of the 164′ sheep/goat nets
  • 3 of the 164′ poultry nets.
  • All distances are dependent on amount of grass/weed load on the fence.

Can be used as a solar energizer

  • See options under accessories tab.

To use the energizer as a plug-in unit:

  • Connect an insulated cable to the fence terminal on energizer, run the cable to the fence line and connect, or use the positive part of the wiring harness.
  • Then run a second length of cable from the ground terminal on the energizer to the ground rod, or use the negative part of the wiring harness.
  • Secure to ground rod with a clamp.
  • Plug the energizer directly into an outlet and test fence. Do not use an extension cord as it may cause a decrease in voltage and expose the unit to the elements.
  • To use the energizer as a battery unit:

    Patriot P10 Dual Purpose Fence Energizer 30 Miles / 100 Acres


    Great choice for fencing a small number of livestock.

    In Stock

    Great choice for fencing a small number of livestock.

    Multiple power optionsDual-Purpose feature allows energizer to run on 110 V plug or 12 V battery.

    Solar compatibleSolar panel charges a 12 V battery* to power the Patriot Dual Purpose energizer and fence line. Ideal for remote areas where AC power is not available.

    Low impedance energizerDesigned to deliver power to the end of the fence even under heavy load e.g. foliage, undergrowth.

    LED indicator

    Patriot Dual P10 Fence Energizer


    Patriot Dual P10 Fence Energizer is a great choice for fencing a small number of livestock. Unique, industry-leading, dual-purpose feature allows chargers to run on 110v plug or 12v battery

    Powers up to 24 km / 100 acres / 30 miles / 24 hectares of fence1.0 J maximum output energy

    For product details see Description below

    Powers Up To


    NOTE: Range claims are a general guide and based on SINGLE-WIRE, weed free fences. Actual range claims depend on many factors including fence and farm conditions, livestock type and environment. All Patriot energizers are low-impedance.

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    Patriot P10 Dual Purpose Electric Fence Energizer 10 Joule

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    • A great choice for fencing a small number of livestock
    • No load voltage = 9,700
    • 500 ohm load voltage = 5,400
    • 2 year full replacement warranty
    • Main color is black

    Where Should You Install You Energizer


    If you plan to use a 110 V plug to power your energizer, it should be placed inside a barn or shed near the power source.

    Patriot Dual-Purpose energizers offer both a weather-resistant case and a builtin clipon-wire feature allowing them to be attached directly to the fence wire.

    If you are using the SolarGuard 155, SolarGuard 50 or Patriot PS5, these are most effective if placed along the middle of the fence with the panel facing towards the South.

    In all cases, refer to your energizers user manual for specific installation instructions and always mount out of reach of children and animals.

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