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Jeep Patriot Tune Up Cost

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Common Jeep Patriot Transmission Problems

Jeep Patriot Tune-up (2)

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The Jeep Patriot has always been highly regarded for its brand prestige and affordable price. However, one thing seems to be consistently associated with it Jeep Patriot transmission problems. Because these failures are so extensive and happen so frequently, it has almost become an expectation that undermines the cars reliability and overall performance. This guide aims to counter that perception by discussing the vehicles most common issues and how to fix them.

Common Jeep Patriot transmission problems include shuddering and whining noises. Generally, issues originate from a defective transmission but may also come from damaged brakes and tie rods or corroded sway arms. Inspecting transmission fluid levels is usually the first step to addressing them.

Here are the 7 most common Jeep Patriot transmission problems:

  • Loss of acceleration power
  • Grinding sounds
  • Transmission gear slippage
  • Unresolved transmission failures are an accident waiting to happen hence, they should be treated with the utmost urgency. That said, if transmission and differential fluid levels are up to spec, then it is time to look into other components that may require a more laborious troubleshooting process. Dont worry if you are new to all this, as this article has got you covered.

    Questions About 2016 Jeep Patriot Engine Tune

    • When should Jeep Patriot spark plugs be replaced? Replace spark plugs on time or about every 30,000 miles or so. Without the spark of electricity created by spark plugs, your engine doesnât have the combustion it needs to start â which could leave you stranded on the road. Always replace your spark plugs on time based on Jeepâs recommendations.
    • What do I do if I see a pool of liquid under my Jeep Patriot? Don’t ignore puddles of fluid under your Jeep Patriot. It could signal a coolant leak, brake fluid leak, or an oil leak. Let any one of these leaks linger and it could cause engine damage.
    • What do hard starts and stops do to my Patriot engine? You can make your driving habits more engine-friendly. Hard starts and stops can increase the stress on engine parts, especially over many years. Boost your fuel economy and care for your engine by using gradual, smooth starts and stops instead.

    How Does Driving Record Impact The Car Insurance Cost For A Jeep Patriot

    Another factor that car insurance companies look at when deciding how much to charge in premiums is the applicants driving record.

    A person who has a clean record will pay less for car insurance coverage than someone who has a history that includes one or more accidents or multiple traffic tickets.

    Choosing to get behind the wheel of a car that is likely to cause a lot of damage to the other drivers vehicle will also end up costing you more in premiums.

    While you buy collision coverage to protect your own ride, the property damage portion of your third-party liability coverage is used to pay for repairs to the other drivers vehicle when an accident occurs.

    Insurance companies keep records of the average cost of repairs to different types of vehicles, and these figures are used to help them determine how risky a particular model is to insure.

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    Ways To Save On Jeep Patriot Insurance

    There are several ways you can save even more on your Jeep Patriot car insurance rates. Take a look at the following five tips:

    • Park Your Jeep Patriot Somewhere Safe like a Garage or Private Driveway
    • Remove Young Drivers from Your Jeep Patriot Insurance Plan
    • Avoid the Temptation to File a Claim for Minor Incidents
    • Ask About Retiree Discounts

    Notice how the greater the claim frequency per 100 vehicles, the greater the overall loss. The insurance company takes this increased loss into account and raises rates on liability coverage accordingly.

    Liability coverage is used to cover the cost of the other drivers bodily injuries and property if you are found to be at fault for the accident.

    Your insurance provider will pay for the damage to the other drivers car minus your deductible, and up to the covered limit outlined in your plan.

    Severity Of Repair And How It Impacts Overall Reliability For The Jeep Patriot

    2017 Used Jeep Patriot High Altitude FWD 4D Sport Utility for sale in ...

    Some repairs can be outliers as they cost way more than the average repair cost. To identify these big deal repairs where an engine, transmission, or major component needs replacing, RepairPal uses a severity score for their consumer reports and reliability rating.

    You can use a vehicles severity score to determine how likely that specific make and model will have a major issue. Severity scores are given as percents, with a score closer to 100% showing the vehicle is very likely to need major repairs.

    These scores are especially important for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration , who enforces the safety standards to reduce vehicle-related accidents vehicles in need of repair are a hazard to the driver and everyone else.

    Specifically for the Jeep Patriot, this vehicle has a severity score of 12%% compared to an average of 12% for all vehicle models.

    Please note – severity score is a very good indicator of whether or not you might want to purchase an extended warranty. Extended warranties dont make economic sense most of the time, but they do help avoid high-cost catastrophic events.

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    How Long Is The Toyota Rav4 Manufacturers Warranty

    When you drive your new Toyota RAV4 off the dealership lot, youll be covered by Toyotas factory warranty of 36,000 miles / 3 years basic coverage and 60,000 miles / 5 years powertrain coverage.

    This length of protection is actually quite common among car manufacturers however it is on the shorter side of warranties

    You can check your vehicle warranty status, track your service history, view your Owners Manual and more on the Toyota website. If you cannot find the VIN number, the only real way to check your vehicles factory warranty is to call or visit your local dealership.

    You may also be interested in our article: How Long Do Toyota RAV4 Hybrids Last?

    Oil Spots Under Your Vehicle

    Oil puddles under your vehicle could be a sign of leaking oil due to a cracked oil pan, seal, or gasket.

    Oil leakage can result in friction between your engine components, causing severe engine damage.

    So, if your vehicle is leaking oil, you should take it to an automotive repair shop and have your engine oil pan and the gasket checked out.

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    Changing The Oil And Oil Filter

    The oil is the lifeblood of your engine which keeps it lubricated and running smoothly and oil changes are standard routine maintenance. Oil coats all of the metal components, such as the pistons, allowing them to work efficiently without any friction or restriction. The oil filter will make sure that any foreign particles do not enter the pistons. It will begin to break down over time and become dirty. Once this happens, it will begin to cause wear on the parts and clog the filter which restricts the flow.

    You can easily complete this tune up task by yourself through draining the oil from your engine through a plug underneath your 2015 Jeep Patriot along with removing the filter. This may not save you that much money though as standard oil changes are relatively inexpensive. This may cost between $ 30 to $ 50 depending on the type and amount of oil that your 2015 Jeep Patriot requires. Just follow a professional recommendation for which choice is best for your 2015 Jeep Patriot . Synthetic and high mileage blends may be more expensive, but worth the increased price if that is the recommendation.

    What Are The Safety Ratings Of The Jeep Patriot

    Jeep Patriot – History, Major Flaws, & Why It Got Cancelled! (2007-2017)

    The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tests vehicles based on two criteria: crashworthiness and crash avoidance and mitigation.

    Crashworthiness is how well a vehicle protects its occupants during a crash. Crash avoidance and mitigation tests technology that can prevent a crash or lessen the severity if a crash occurs.

    The following video shows a test on a 2016 Jeep Patriot for side crashes.

    Safety ratings are determined after one of these test crashes is initiated. Several factors are studied:

  • Measurements from the dummies post-impact
  • Survival space
  • Airbag effectiveness
  • Seat belt effectiveness
  • The following table shows the results of a test on the 2012 Jeep Patriot in relation to what is called driver-side small overlap front, one of six types of tests.

    2012 Jeep Patriot Safety Ratings

    Test Type

    When the 2012 model was tested, the front of the vehicle did not perform very well. According to IIHS, the dummys head barely contacted the front airbag and was vulnerable to contact with the forward side structure.

    Furthermore, the seat belt allowed the dummys head and torso to move farther far more than it should have, and the drivers seat tipped forward, increasing the likelihood of impact to the skull.

    The side airbag did not deploy at all, further allowing the skull to be vulnerable to the side structure as well.

    2008 Jeep Patriot Crash Test Ratings

    Test Type

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    Is Jeep A Good Car

    Jeeps are certainly great cars to buy, although whether or not its suitable for you, depends on your use case. If youre thinking about off-roading, then few could ever beat a Jeep, and even the base-tier and cheapest Jeeps can handily tackle tough terrain. Moreover, Jeeps are also perfect if youre looking for a decent daily runabout, with just as much real-world performance and practicality as youll ever need. With a mix of rugged capability, easy-going nature, and immense practicality, Jeeps are a good pairing with a lot of people. However, Jeeps also have their downsides. Certain models, especially their off-road-focused ones like the Wrangler, arent the most comfortable or refined cars to drive. Plus, Jeep has long had a questionable reputation for reliability.

    How Much Does An Engine Oil Pan Replacement Cost

    The overall cost for an engine oil pan replacement ranges between $100 to $400. This varies based on your location, manufacturer, and vehicle model.

    Depending on the severity of the damage, you may also have to replace the dipstick, drain plug, or windage tray, along with the engine oil pan, which can increase the repair costs. In some cases, you may also require an oil change, a new gasket, and an oil filter.

    Moreover, the oil pan comes stashed in inaccessible locations in some vehicles, resulting in increased labor costs.

    Therefore, to help avoid an unnecessarily high replacement cost, its always best to have your engine regularly serviced.

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    Does The Jeep Patriots Suv Classification Affect Its Car Insurance Cost

    As a rule, buying and owning an SUV is not cheap. Customers who want to buy this type of vehicle are prepared to pay a higher sticker price, and they will definitely be paying more at the pump to keep their vehicle filled up with gas.Jeep Patriots are also not one of the cheapest cars to insure.

    Car insurance companies also charge higher rates to cover a vehicle in this class as well.

    For one thing, when an SUV collides with a smaller vehicle, it has the potential to cause a significant amount of damage to the other vehicle.

    When insurance companies are looking at paying out higher costs for repairs after an at-fault accident, they pass them on to their policyholders.

    Another issue for SUV buyers is that these vehicles also tend to be top-heavy, and they have a higher potential for flipping over in an accident.

    They are also more likely to flip over when the driver is performing a high-speed turn or trying to avoid an accident. These lower safety ratings mean higher insurance costs.

    Which Jeep Patriot Years Are Safe To Buy Used

    2011 JEEP PATRIOT Sport

    Now that weve wrapped up the Jeep Patriot years to avoid, lets make a quick list of the ones that should be safe to buy as used.

    2007 Jeep Patriot

    The 2007 Jeep Patriot has successfully carved a little niche for itself. With a low base price and decent off-road capabilities, the 2007 Patriot is a solid choice if youre looking for an older used model. It does have several reliability problems like control arm failure and stalling. Still, theyre not significant compared to the problematic years listed above.


    Car buying can occasionally be frustrating, especially if youre purchasing your vehicle through a dealership. Were here to tell you how to navigate a situation in which a dealer refuses to cancel your extended warranty.

    2017 Jeep Patriot

    Perhaps the best year for the Jeep Patriot is the 2017 version – the last Patriot model before its unfortunate discontinuation. The 2017 is the model year where Jeep has got a lot of things right with this lineup, such as a robust set of features, good reliability scores , and decent safety ratings.

    The 2017 model year does have some familiar reliability woes like the leaky sunroof, but theyre not as severe and few and far between.

    Get a Curated List of the Best Used Cars Near You

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    Do Jeep Patriots Have A Lot Of Problems

    The Jeep Patriot is one of those cars that arent generally plagued with any major or catastrophic issues that would make owning it a living nightmare. Albeit, it has many smaller issues thatll bug you every now and then. The most serious problem with the Jeep Patriot is its CVT transmission, which is prone to premature failure. Other than that, the Patriots lackluster build quality means that rainwater might sometimes leak into the cabin. As with most other Jeeps, it also suffers from common issues such as TIPM malfunctions, fuel tank problems, as well as suspension and steering woes. Otherwise, the Patriot is generally a somewhat dependable car, and repairs are usually fairly cheap, too.

    How Do Theft Rates Of The Jeep Patriot Affect Comprehensive Car Insurance Rates

    According to the National Criminal Justice Reference Service , rural areas have lower crime rates than urban areas. Insurance companies take note of whether ones ZIP code is within an urban or rural area and adjusts your rates accordingly.

    Insurance companies operate through statistics. If they see that a persons residence is within an urban ZIP code with a high crime rate, chances are their rates will increase.

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    Every 3000 To 10000 Miles

    Mass Air Flow Sensor Replacement Every 100,000 miles $150 $250

    The tables above provide information about suggested vehicle tune up costs. The suggested interval will vary, so please refer to your owners manual for exact information. These costs are based on the average costs from national service providers and feedback from users. Some of these repairs and replacements can be completed DIY, which will save a significant amount of money.

    Can’t Find What You’re Looking For

    2011 Jeep Patriot. Is it reliable?

    Just because we don’t have the vehicle you want in our inventory currently doesn’t mean that you can’t get exactly what you want. Click the button below to submit an order for the vehicle you are interested in to ensure you get everything you are looking for in a new vehicle!

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    Not All Jeep Patriot Years Are Created Equal

    CoPilot Compare breaks down pricing and feature differences between Jeep Patriot years so you can find the sweet spot between value AND reliability.

    Jeep Patriot by TuRbO_J CC-BY-SA-4.0

    Jeep is a highly recognizable brand that produced some of the most iconic American vehicles like the classic Wrangler. However, not every model in Jeeps stable was a roaring success – take, for example, the discontinued Jeep Patriot.

    While many people liked the Patriot SUV, it wasnt the best-seller Jeep wanted it to be. Therefore, Jeep had to cease the production of the Patriot. If youre looking to buy a Jeep Patriot, youll have to buy it used.

    Today, we rounded up some of the worst Jeep Patriot years to avoid, along with the models you can safely buy.

    What Is The Size And Class Of The Jeep Patriot

    The size and class of the Jeep Patriot is a small SUV. The following table shows all of the other vehicles in the small SUV class available during the Jeep Patriots final model year, 2017.

    2017 Model Year Small SUVs

    Small SUV Make and Model
    Chevrolet Trax 4dr

    There are many options. In fact, there are options even among Jeep Patriots, with the Jeep Patriot four-door, four-wheel drive. If you are interested in other makes or other Jeep models, use the search tool located at the upper right-hand corner of the table.

    In larger vehicles such as these SUVs, there is a longer distance than sedans from the front of the vehicle to the occupants, which provides extra protection.

    In a collision, vehicle weight is a substantial factor in regard to occupant safety. The larger of the two vehicles will push the smaller one during the crash, and less force is exerted on the occupants of the larger vehicle.

    The following table shows the weights for the different SUV sizes.

    SUV Size Classifications

    Next to the curb weight for very large SUVs, there is a term called shadow. For vehicles, the shadow is the overall length multiplied by the width in square feet. Essentially, the larger the shadow, the less force will be exerted on its occupants.

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    The Exact Trim Levels Configuration And Options And Packages On The Vehicle

    While we treated all the same in this article – sometimes maintenance costs vary quite highly depending on the exact trim level , engine configured , standard features , as well as additional options and packages the vehicle has .

    Although it’s not a steadfast rule – the more moving parts, options and packages your vehicle has the more likely these items are to need repair. E.g. a vehicle equipped with Bluetooth, climate control, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, touch screen infotainment system, and NHTSA/IIHS approved active safety features has more items to break than a base-level Nissan Sentra with just a steering wheel and AM/FM radio. If you opt for the four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive , rather than front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive models this too is likely to cause additional complications.

    In addition, for styling, trim levels for the higher horsepower sport models are more likely to be pushing the limits of their mechanical components than lower priced based models. The 2006-2010 BMW M5 as an example had notorious engine and transmission issues for a very advanced, highly complex V10 powertrain. The base model 5 series was far more reliable.

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