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Ariat Round Up Patriot Western Boot

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Ariat Women’s Round Up Patriot Cowgirl Boots

Ariat Circuit Patriot Western Boot EXTENDED TEST!
  • Ariat Women’s Round Up Patriot Cowgirl Boots – Square Toe
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Wear Your Boots For A Week

Wear your new boots with thick socks and walk around the house or garden for a week. You shouldnt wear them for long hours as the uncomfortable boots will cause your feet to ache. It is recommended you wear them for two or three hours a day for a whole week. The leather will become stretched by then, and the boots will be suitable to wear for work.

They Still Work Well For Riding

If riding is one of your cups of tea, you might be wondering if there are cowboy boots that are both comfortable and can slide into stirrups as easily as pointed toes.

Yes, square toes are what you need. Square receding toes almost keep the classic snug-fit against the feet design, but with roomier square toes for the toes. Thanks to that, it helps to be in and out of the stirrups frequently with comfort.

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Best For Ranch Job : Ariat Womens Anthem Waterproof Western Boot

These Ariat Women cowboy boots just happen to be an excellent option for ranch jobs. This is since they possess a highly functional outsole design as well as a great level of waterproofness.

First off, the boots have a broad square toe shape, which is perfect for adding extra insoles or thick winter socks on cold days. The wearers are allowed to feel super comfortable wriggling the top of their toes inside the boots.

However, the big toe shape can be a disadvantage for those who have super slim and small feet.

It ensures more than 10 hours of walking and standing without the high risk of getting plantar fasciitis and foot sores.

Besides, the outsoles and heel designs are out of traditional styles. The heels are low and squared-off while the outsoles come with unique, modern, and sporty patterns running across their sides.

They are all made from synthetic materials with special tread patterns that ensure higher levels of anti-slip and traction on wet and slippery surfaces, making them a great option for walking through muddy and wet leaves while on the ranch.

What else? They are really water-resistant due to the waterproof full-grain leather construction when stepping on large puddles or passing through heavy rain.

Im not sure if they can be waterproof from the inside out since theres no waterproof membrane in their construction.

But overall, these boots are appreciable in an attempt to keep your feet warm and dry with a considerable amount of water repellency.


All Good For Casual And Formal Wear

Ariat Women

Many people associate square toes with a casual or informal outfit because most of us wear dress shoes with slightly pointed toes.

Square shapes look too unique and special as a style preference rather than as part of business attire.

But times have changed as more and more work environments allow comfort, creativity, and politeness to be present at the same time. When worn with any office suit, square toes with glossy exotic vamps in dark tones will still make you look elegant, classy, and full of courtesy.

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Ariat Women’s Round Up Patriot 13 Inch Performance Western Boot 10023368

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The Ariat Women’s round Up Patriot 13 Inch Performance Western Boot 10023368 blends fast, vibrant designs with traditional leather outsoles and Ariats 4LR comfort and stability system. With this winning combination, Western performance never looked so good.


  • Full-grain leather foot w/ printed camo upper
  • Synthetic air mesh lining

Ariat Circuit Patriot Western Boots

The Ariat Circuit Patriot Western boots are designed to allow you to perform tasks while conveying your love for your country.

These boots are a bit different than the ones we have previously seen because they feature US flag embroidery that makes the boots stand out. Still, they are sturdy enough to withstand harsh conditions. Whether youre working on the farm or walking on the terrain, these boots will support your feet all day long.

Made of full-grain leather with Goodyear welt, the Circuit Patriot work boots ensure durability no matter how often you wear them. It also allows you to walk around comfortably because of the Four Layer Rebound footbed. If you ever feel the need of replacing the insole, you are free to do so!

These boots feature Ariats signature Duratread outsole, which is known to provide resistance against wear and promote flexibility. Plus, it helps keep you safe from slipping as you walk on slippery surfaces.


  • Tends to run slightly small

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Ariat Groundbreaker Square Toe Work Boot

This is another pair from the Groundbreaker series, which is similar to the one we have previously seen.

Instead of a round toe, this Ariat work boot has a square toe shape. This square design is perfect for accommodating wide feet without causing discomfort. When youre out for horse-riding, the square toe helps you slide into the stirrup. Besides, you can walk around the ranch or in the workplace for hours.

This boots foot area is made of full-grain leather, while the upper is made of suede. The combination of these two leather types ensures both comfort and durability as you keep walking or standing for long hours.

Just like the previous round toe boots, this one features Four Layer Rebound insole to keep your feet cushioned and stabilized for increased performance. Your feet also wont get sweaty during hot weather as the mesh lining allows air to reach inside.

Not to mention, the rubber outsole with a 90-degree heel doesnt discourage you from walking on slippery or rough surfaces.

When you choose a pair of the right size, these boots are said to fit snug around the arch, which is how it is supposed to fit for maximum performance.


  • Made of full-grain leather and suede
  • Fits snug around the arch of the foot
  • The cushioned insole stabilizes the feet
  • Can be used for riding and walking on different surfaces
  • Requires little or no break in period


  • Tends to run slightly large

Best For Wide Feet : Ariat Sport Patriot Western Boot

Ariat Round Up Remuda SKU:8851336

Since they feature broad square toes, these Ariat Sport Patriot cowboy boots are a great fit for wide and thick feet. If you dont have extra wide feet, you can feel comfortable wearing extra insoles or thick winter socks inside the boots.

These boot lines come with glossy and polishable vamps that can be a perfect and professional option for office attire as well. The full-grain leather vamps are pretty sturdy, and the well-decorated US flag shafts are far more soft and supple.

You dont need a long break in, but rather, the boots are comfortable right out of the box.

However, suede shafts and sleek rubber outsoles are not quite ideal for withstanding water and heavy rain.

The material can be deformed by moss marks or watermarks. The leather vamps are not waterproof either when soaking the boots in puddles.

Overall, these are excellent boots on a daily basis. I love the classic double stitching on the wedge.

They look vintage but masculine for either indoor or outdoor jobs. Yet, glossy vamps are not meant for heavy-duty, abusive outdoor jobs. If you are about to work outdoors with extreme damage, you should go for distressed tan or brown colors.

Overall, these boots are pretty well-made and have good workmanship in their design and quality materials.


These Durango womens cowboy boots are way too pretty for farm jobs. They are literally even better when it comes to comfortability.



  • Its not ideal for thick and muscular calves.

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Best For Daily Wear: Roper Womens Western Fashion Boot

These ROPER Women cowboy boots will brighten up your day whether at work or going outdoors.

You dont get tired of wearing them to hit the road because they are too pretty to resist.

The suede leather upper with some western-inspired cuts along the shaft from top to bottom, as well as heels and pulling straps, makes this a great option for indoor jobs.

They are the best option for any special occasion, such as anniversaries or day and night outings, to pair with a skirt, jeans, or an event dress.

On hot summer days, the inner lining and sleek manmade outsoles are super comfortable and breathable. You dont sweat much.

The 1.5-inch heels are just fine for most women.

Since the regular square toe is roomy and comfortable enough, I do have a little trick for you to raise your height with these boots by adding an extra heel extended insole. People wont notice the device, yet youll noticeably look taller than ever.

Keep in mind to stay away from wet and potentially slippery surfaces, as you may, unfortunately, catch a fall due to sleek manmade outsoles.

The height of the shaft is 13, which seems not ideal for thick and muscular calves. However, due to the deep scallop design, it can be extended to be worn by 14 calves just fine on a daily basis. Not only suede, but you also have another option with sleek leather. They both look vintage, pretty, and fit perfectly.



  • These boots are not ideal for heavy manual jobs like ranch, farm or riding.

Best Overall Square Toe Cowboy Boots: Lucchese Classics Mens Malcolm

  • Vamp Made Out Of Giant Gator
  • Horseman Style With Distressed Features

Made by one of the oldest cowboy boot brands in the world, these Lucchese classic alligator cowboy boots have won our hearts with how fit and comfortable they are. The boots are made from exotic alligator leather, which explains why they are so fantastic and exclusive.

The boots bring a great sense of western and classic vibes with their well-made construction. The classy exotic vamps make them worth their price.

First off, the boots are very lightweight and make you feel like you are walking on air. However, it doesnt mean the boots are not sturdy and rugged enough.

The Mexican makers use a Western-style accented quarter stitching method that ensures every corner of the boots fits well on the feet.

Besides, you can expect to fit your wide feet as well when the boots come with broad square toe shapes. Stockman heels are ideal for walking on them all day long without much foot fatigue.

However, when the boot circumference is just around 12, it may not be a great option for thick and muscular calves.

The leather outsoles are part of the classic appearance of the boots, yet I guess you may not want to try to walk on wet, mossy, greasy, or snowy surfaces if you dont want to catch a fall on the ground.

These boots are designed to assist with ease in and out of the stirrups. But it seems a bit pricey if you throw out these exotic leather vamps on a strong sunlight riding field.



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Ariat Sierra Wide Square Toe Work Boots

The Ariat Sierra work boots are a great pair you will want to have for your day-to-day activities.

These boots are made of full-grain leather that ensures utmost durability as well as flexibility. Unlike most Ariat boots, the Sierra work boots are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius. That means you dont have to worry about the boots giving up when youre working in an environment that involves the use of high temperatures.

Additionally, the steel toe construction keeps your feet safe from unwanted impact. You can walk with these boots on anywhere- in the terrain, barn, or a factory. It is one of the versatile Ariat boots you can find!

Apart from that, you will feel comfortable while wearing the boots for long hours. Ariats signature ATS technology provides adequate support and cushioning so that your feet dont ache. Also, the U-Turn Entry System allows you to wear the boots without struggling to fit your feet inside.

Lastly, the Duratread outsole allows you to walk on slippery or rough surfaces without worrying about injuries.


  • Steel toe protects your feet from impact


  • Tends to run slightly small

Best For Outdoor Activities: Ariat Mens Rambler Western Boot

Ariat Women

It is no wonder why these Ariat Mens Rambler Cowboy boots are a great option for hunting or farming they are exceptionally tough and solid.

I dont see the brand advertise the snake-proof feature, yet they are literally protecting your ankles and feet from venomous and non-venomous snakes on farms or while hunting.

The exceptional full-grain leather upper and vamps are super tough, sturdy, and well-made so that you can feel them when you touch them directly.

However, they are also supple enough to not take a long time to break in. You may also feel like putting your feet in slippers instead of the troublesome rigid cowboy boots you usually wear.

All I want to say is that the leather is heavenly soft but tough, excellent, and naturally waterproof.

Besides, most snakes you may often encounter in American jungles or farms wont be able to sink their fangs inside half of the material, making them a fine option for hunting.

Yet, the shaft is just about mid-calf, which is not very protective over your calves and higher from snake bites. You may need to add on another snake-proof gaiter for better safety.

The regular square toes are not too wide and fit perfectly with socks or without socks. These are real work boots and hunting boots.

They arent as flashy as other pairs of cowboy boots, yet they are extremely comfortable and give no sores or pains on your feet at the end of the day.

You can walk for miles and miles every day, up and down the hills, with no blisters at all.

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Round Up Patriot Western Boot

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A Culture Of Craftsmanship

Driven by world-class design, innovation and technology, Ariat delivers high-quality footwear and apparel. With authentic Western and English flavors, their styles are one of a kind. The brand creates the most advanced performance shoes, apparel and accessories for the whole family.

The Support you Need

The Duratread outsole is both oil and slip resistant and the 90-degree heel gives you added support. Built for the hard-working man, these work boots provide maximum support and traction on any terrain without sacrificing comfort.

Every Day Comfort

The combination of the lightweight, cushioning EVA midsole and Duratread outsole featured in Ariat boots provides the ultimate combination of comfort and durability.

A Different Breed of Company

We believe our values are what set us apart and have helped build Ariat into the one of the top Equestrian, Outdoor and Work brands in the world. Product quality is non-negotiable, and so is our collaborative culture and giving back to the communities we serve.

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Ariat Work Boots Review : Are Ariat Boots Good Work Boot

If youre someone whos interested in horse-riding, chances are that youve seen almost all equestrians wearing Ariat boots. It is that moment when a sense of positivity towards the brand grows in your mind.

And theres nothing wrong with it because the brand has to make great boots, or otherwise, why would it end up being on top of the list?

If you want to dig deeper to find out the exact answer, youre welcome to read our Ariat work boots review! Here, youll find more information regarding the brand, as well as some of our top choices that you might be interested in for outdoor activities.

So, lets get started!

What’s Inside?

Don’t Throw Away Those Leather Boots Or Shoes Let Us Repair Them

Ariat circuit patriot cowboy boot review

The Boot Connection offers full service shoe and boot repair services in Milwaukee. Whether your boots or shoes need new soles, heels, patches, or general reconditioning and repair, the Boot Connection can help.

Our staff has many years of experience, insuring that your leather repairs will be of the highest quality. Either stop in the store or call us at 414-325-7208, or Contact Us using our email form.

The Boot Connection

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Ariat Workhog Wide Square Toe Work Boot

If youre looking for the perfect pair not only for riding and walking but also for climbing, these Ariat Workhog work boots are a perfect choice!

This is a full-grain leather boot with an embellished eye-catching design to give you a Western vibe. You have the option of choosing these boots from three different colors and designs. Despite the aesthetics, these boots indeed serve you well for your daily tasks.

When you wear this pair, your feet wont be exhausted because it is equipped with Ariats ATS Max technology. This special technology ensures your feet dont twist when walking on rocky terrain, which would otherwise lead to injury. Plus, it also helps in maintaining your posture.

Not only that but these work boots are also equipped with EVA midsole. The purpose of this midsole is to provide adequate cushioning while absorbing shock. It is typically flexible and remains like that even during the winter, so you can always walk comfortably.

It is necessary that the work boots you choose should be able to provide traction in different environments. Luckily, the Duratread outsole keeps injuries at bay by resisting oil and wear.

Whats more, these boots have a hidden elastic panel, also known as the U-Turn Entry System on the back of the shaft to accommodate feet of different sizes.


  • Tends to run slightly large

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