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Who Said Democrats Want To Exterminate Republicans

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Georgia Democrat Slams Biden’s Leadership: All Talk And No Action

Fox News Hosts Repeat Lie That Democrats Want To Kill Newborn Babies

Vernon Jones, a Democratic politician from the state of Georgia, slammed Joe Biden’s leadership and praised President Donald Trump’s commitment to the Black community.

“As you can see, I am a man of;color and I am a lifelong Democrat,;too.;You may be wondering, why is a;lifelong Democrat speaking at the;Republican National Convention?;And that is a fair question. And here’s your answer, the Democratic Party does not want Black;people to lead their mental;plantation. We’ve been forced to be there;for decades and generations,” Jones said in his remarks.

“But I have news for Joe Biden,;we are free, we are free people;with free minds.;And I am part of a large and;growing segment of the Black;community who are independent;thinkers and we believe that Donald Trump is;the president that America;needs to lead us forward,” Jones continued. ;

Jones said Biden has had “47 years to;produce results,” but has been “all talk and no action.”

“Just like so many of the;Democrats who have been making;promises to the Black voters;for decades.;We have been there captive;audience,” Jones said.

Jones went on to tout Trump’s measures with regard to the economy and funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

“The President also built the;most inclusive economy ever;with record low unemployment;for African Americans and record;high participation in the;workforce,” Jones said.

Kimberly Guilfoyle: Trump Will Put America First

Kimberly Guilfoyle, the girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr. and a top fundraiser for the Trump campaign, praised President Trump in her speech tonight, saying he “is the leader who will rebuild the promise of America and ensure that every citizen can realize their American dream.”

Guilfoyle, whose mother is from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, spoke about the importance of the American dream and how she felt it was her “duty to fight to protect that dream.”

She went on to claim that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris “will fundamentally change this nation.”

“They want to destroy this country, and everything that we have fought for and hold dear. They want to steal your liberty, your freedom. They want to control what you see and think, and believe, so they can control how you live,” Guilfoyle said.

She said Trump has put America first and will continue do so if reelected.

Guilfoyle urged Americans to stand for a “President who is fearless, who believes in you, and who loves this country and will fight for her.”


Trump Makes Second Rnc Appearance Of The Night With Americans Who Were Hostages Abroad

President Trump has made a second surprise appearance on night one of the Republican National Convention, this time appearing from the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House with former hostages and detainees who were freed during his administration.

“We have six incredible people;who were held hostage by;various countries and I’m very;pleased to let everyone know;that we brought back over 50;hostages from 22 different;countries,” Trump said.

Trump;spoke with Pastor Andrew Brunson who was held in Turkey, Sam Goodwin who was held hostage in Syria, Michael White who was held hostage in Iran, Josh Holt who was held in Venezuela and Brian Nerran who was arrested and held in India.;

Brunson said “Trump took unprecedented steps to;secure my release and your;administration really fought;for me.”;

Holt also thanked the President for his help.

“You helped us get out, and it was;a great honor to be able to;meet you when we got back,” Holt said.;

Trump concluded the appearance by saying we have a few more people we want to get back and we will get them back and theyll be back very soon.”;

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When They Fantasize About Killing You Believe Them

The hyperbolic posturing of Trumpist extremists, repeated often enough, will have deadly consequences.

About the author: Hussein Ibish is a Senior Resident Scholar at the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington.

For sheer pornographic sadism, its tough to beat Jesse Kellys encomium to murder and torture published by the right-wing website The Federalist. Kelly doesnt make any real arguments, other than declaring liberals terrible authoritarians. Instead, in language that the Islamic State would envy, he describes the visceral, almost orgasmic, joy of scalping a dying enemy:

Close your eyes and imagine holding someones scalp in your hands. I dont mean cradling his skull as you thousand-yard-stare at his lifeless face. I mean a real scalp, Indian-style, of some enemy you just killed on the battlefield; somebody you hated and who hated you back.

You killed him, won the day, carved off the top of his skull, and now youre standing over him victorious on the now-quiet field of battle, with a quiet breeze blowing through your hair. Your adrenaline is still pumping with that primal feeling of victory and the elation of having survived when others didnt.

Kelly hastens to add that he is discussing not a real scalping, but a metaphorical one. But he concludes the essay by warning readers that when they are stuck in a liberal utopian nightmare, they will want to know that before the leftists prevailed, they rode out onto the plains and made them feel pain.

Opinion: Democrats Don’t Want Unity They Want To Destroy Gop

Texas Democrats Need to Throw Out the Political Rulebook ...

During Joe Biden’s; inaugural address he tried to emphasize Unity.; But the Dems after their victory want to destroy the opposition.; Rather than look for any unity, they spent all of their time calling conservatives or anyone than voted for Trump names like racists, bigots, white supremacists, and domestic terrorists.;;

They have also started a mass censorship campaign, where they want to end any opposing thought or;opposition with their tech giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter. To remove anyone from their platforms that disagrees with with their far left Socialists positions.;They are accusing any conservative program of spreading disinformation on any topic without any fact checking.

The worst might be CNN with their many opinionated programs all negative to Republicans.

Joe has already signed over 45 executive orders all having to do with special interest group except for a few Covid directed orders.;Our biggest concerns are the economy and stopping the virus.;Joe is more concerned with appeasing his special interest groups and reversing any Trump order or idea he can find.

This is all about social justice and appeasement just like Obama. Looks like a majority of his appointments have a relationship with Obama or Clinton.

Don’t worry his side kick in energy John Kerry will provide jobs in solar panels. That was a total disaster for Obama in the shovel ready jobs program.;They counted 483,000 jobs in sanitation as renewable energy jobs.;

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House Republicans’ 2022 Strategy To Beat Democrats: Target Socialist Agenda And Job Killing Policies

House Republicans have laid out their path to winning back the chamber they came close to flipping in 2020. They plan to rely on a similar playbook: slamming the Democrats as socialists who will implement “job killing policies,” while at the same time downplaying any divisions within the GOP.

Since President Biden has taken office, the National Republican Congressional Committee has honed in on the impacts of closing the Keystone XL pipeline and delays in reopening schools.

“It’s going to come down to two different agendas: one is about freedom one is about having the right to self-determine your economic freedom, your individual liberties. The other one is about big government,” National Republican Congressional Committee chair Tom Emmer said in a call with reporters on Wednesday.;

“Every voter is going to have a clear understanding of the Democrats’ socialist agenda and the damaging impact it’s going to have on their daily lives.”

The party is;targeting 47 Democrats and needs a net gain of five seats to flip the chamber. The committee has split its targets into three categories: battleground districts where Mr. Biden lost or won by less than 5%; districts where House Democrats trailed his margins or where they won by less than 10%; and districts in states expected to add or lose congressional districts.

“Liz Cheney not losing her position really showed, ‘Okay we’re going to move on,'” she said.

Would Ending The Filibuster Really Work

Ending the filibuster in 2021 may not net Democrats the legislative victories they dream of. Because they hold only very slight majorities in both houses, Democrats would need to maintain a unified caucus to take advantage of a Senate sans filibuster. And that would mean only passing legislation that the most centrist senators agree with. So, its complicated.

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Republican Rep Meijer: My Decision To Support Impeachment Was A ‘vote Of Conscience’

Two lawmakers, Rep. Jason Crow, D-Colo., and freshman Rep. Peter Meijer, R-Mich., both claim that some GOP colleagues voted to overturn the election results or against impeaching Trump out of fear that their families’ lives may be put in danger. Other Republicans urged against impeachment in part to avoid inciting further violence, effectively conceding that pro-Trump extremists pose a continuing threat.

Meijer said in an appearance on MSNBC that he and other members were buying body armor.

“It’s sad that we have to get to that point, but our expectation is that someone may try to kill us,” he said.

Kim Lane Scheppele, a professor of sociology and international affairs at Princeton University who studies how democracies slide into authoritarianism, said the atmosphere was disturbingly similar to those in governments in which dissident politicians live in fear of death threats, including fears that pro-regime extremists might target them with tacit support from government leaders or state security.

“In the atmosphere of threat, a lot of people quit,” she said. “By the time you’re at the endgame, you only have the people who say they refuse to be bullied and will risk their lives and those that are so bullied they can’t even open their mouths.”

Benjy Sarlin is policy editor for NBC News.

Isans Dont Just Disagree They Hate One Another

Lindsey Graham says democrats want total control, would kill businesses with $15/hour minimum wage

Many Republicans do not accept Democratic governance as a legitimate outcome of elections, said Thomas Zimmer, a history professor at Georgetown University who is writing a book about political divides in America. America is nearing a crisis of democratic legitimacy because one side is trying to erect one-party minority rule.

Gretchen Helmke, a political scientist at the University of Rochester who studies the state of democratic governments around the world, said, There is a marked asymmetry between the two parties, with Republicans more engaged in playing constitutional hardball and taking actions that are still within the letter of the law but may violate the spirit of the law or common-sense ideas about fairness and political equality.

And, of course, Democrats did not embrace an anti-democratic figure like Trump as their standard-bearer. There are no Democratic politicians in Congress implying that conservative politicians are such dangers to the country that they should be killed.

The GOP has radicalized on its willingness to break democratic norms and subvert or eliminate political institutions. Dont expect restraint where youve seen it in the past, said Charlotte Hill, a Ph.D. candidate at the Goldman School of Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley, who conducts research on election and voting laws.

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Reality Check #: The Electoral College And The Senate Are Profoundly Undemocraticand Were Stuck With Them

Because the Constitution set up a state-by-state system for picking presidents, the massive Democratic majorities we now see in California and New York often mislead us about the partys national electoral prospects. In 2016, Hillary Clintons 3-million-vote plurality came entirely from California. In 2020, Bidens 7-million-vote edge came entirely from California and New York. These are largely what election experts call wasted votesDemocratic votes that dont, ultimately, help the Democrat to win. That imbalance explains why Trump won the Electoral College in 2016 and came within a handful of votes in three states from doing the same last November, despite his decisive popular-vote losses.

The response from aggrieved Democrats? Abolish the Electoral College! In practice, theyd need to get two-thirds of the House and Senate, and three-fourths of the state legislatures, to ditch the process that gives Republicans their only plausible chance these days to win the White House. Shortly after the 2016 election, Gallup found that Republican support for abolishing the electoral college had dropped to 19 percent. The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, a state-by-state scheme to effectively abolish the Electoral College without changing the Constitution, hasnt seen support from a single red or purple state.

But Couldnt Republicans Just Block Any Effort To End The Filibuster With A Filibuster

No. In a paradox best left alone, the power of the filibuster may be exorcised by a straight majority vote. Note that as of January 2021, the Democrats might not even be able to muster such a majority, despite controlling the Senate, with some centrists wanting to keep the filibuster. So maybe Democrats would not be able abolish the filibuster even if they tried. For now. But that could change.

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The Plausible Solution: Just Win More

Whether the public sees Democratic demands for these structural changes as overdue or overreaching, the key point is that they are currently exercises in futility. The only plausible road to winning their major policy goals is to win by winning. This means politics, not re-engineering. They need to find ways to take down their opponents, and then be smarter about using that power while they have it.

They certainly have issues to campaign on. In the few weeks, we have learned that some of Americas wealthiest people have paid only minimal or no federal income tax at all. Even as the Wall Street Journal editorial writers were responding to a Code Red emergency , the jaw-dropping nature of the reportfollowed by a New York Times piece about the impotence of the IRS to deal with the tax evasions of private equity royaltyconfirmed the folk wisdom of countless bars, diners, and union halls: the wealthy get away with murder.

Of course this is a whole lot easier said than done. A political climate where inflation, crime and immigration are dominant issues has the potential to override good economic news. And 2020 already showed what can happen when a relative handful of voices calling for defunding the police can drown out the broader usage of economic fairness.

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Reality Check : Biden Cant Be Fdr

Here Are The Seven Republicans Who Could Kill The Tax Bill

Theres no question that Biden is swinging for the fences. Beyond the emerging bipartisan infrastructure bill, he has proposed a far-reaching series of programs that would collectively move the United States several steps closer to the kind of social democracy prevalent in most industrialized nations: free community college, big support for childcare and homebound seniors, a sharp increase in Medicaid, more people eligible for Medicare, a reinvigorated labor movement. It is why 100 days into the administration, NPR was asking a commonly heard question: Can Biden Join FDR and LBJ In The Democratic Party’s Pantheon?

But the FDR and LBJ examples show conclusively why visions of a transformational Biden agenda are so hard to turn into reality. In 1933, FDR had won a huge popular and electoral landslide, after which he had a three-to-one Democratic majority in the House and a 59-vote majority in the Senate. Similarly, LBJ in 1964 had won a massive popular and electoral vote landslide, along with a Senate with 69 Democrats and a House with 295. Last November, on the other hand, only 42,000 votes in three key states kept Trump from winning re-election. Democrats losses in the House whittled their margin down to mid-single digits. The Senate is 50-50.

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What We Covered Here

  • RNC day one: The first night of the Republican National Convention kicked off tonight, with a theme focused around the “Land of Promise.”
  • Tonight’s notable speakers: President Trumps son Donald Trump Jr., Sen. Tim Scott, former United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley, and others delivered primetime remarks from the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, DC.
  • Earlier today: Trump and Vice President Mike Pence;were formally renominated as the 2020 Republican presidential and vice presidential nominees during a roll call vote that took place in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Our live coverage has ended. Read and watch below to see how it all unfolded.

Wouldnt Scrapping The Filibuster Violate Hallowed History

On the contrary. The filibuster has a generally ignominious history, with some moments of glory. Its not in the constitution and it emerged in its current form only through the exigencies of wartime a century ago. Since then, the filibuster has prominently been used to prop up racially discriminatory Jim Crow laws.

Two of the most famous uses of the movie-version filibuster mentioned above were by the segregationist senator Strom Thurmond, who in 1957 held the Senate floor for more than 24 hours in an attempt to block civil rights legislation and who mounted a sequel filibuster to sequel legislation in 1964.

For generations, the filibuster was used as a tool to block progress on racial justice, Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is eager to bin the filibuster, told the National Action Network in 2019. And in recent years, its been used by the far right as a tool to block progress on everything.

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Joe Scarborough Blasts Fox News After Gingrich Claims Democrats Want To Exterminate Republicans: Beyond Grotesque

Joe Scarborough went off on Fox News after former House Speaker Newt Gingrich claimed on;Hannity Thursday night that Democrats want to exterminate Republicans.

Fox News had someone I know, a former leader of the Republican party, saying that Democrats wanted, and Im using his words here, Democrats wanted to, quote, exterminate, exterminate all Republicans, the Morning Joe host said on Friday morning.

Let me say that again for Fox News sponsors, he continued. For Fox News sponsors to let you know whats happening now on Fox News. That they are getting people who are Fox News contributors, who are saying that Democrats, Joe Biden, and Democrats, want to, quote, exterminate all Republicans.

He then pivoted to Tucker Carlson, without citing him by name, who recently condemned the 25,000 National Guard troops that secured the nations capital to ensure the peaceful transfer of power after a deadly insurrection on the Capitol was led by Trump supporters. Carlson derided that as a show of force designed by Democratic leadership to signal control.

You also have Fox News hosts that are talking about how Democrats are using troops to make American people submissive, Scarborough noted. That they are not American troops. They are Democratic troops that are just there to show that they are in complete power.

Video: Newt Gingrich: This is a very dangerous time for the country

Watch above via MSNBC.

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