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Patriot 555 Solar Fence Charger

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Electric Fence Chargers Electric Fencing For Sale In Massachusetts

The Patriot Solar powered electric fence charger SG155 from
  • Turn energizer ON/OFF from controller
  • RFI suppressed circuitry
  • Adaptive control will adjust energy levels to maintain 8.0kv output
  • Red indicator light flashes when energizer has detected a fence fault. Solid red when there is a sudden increase in fence load
  • Short circuit protection to ensure user safety and product reliability if the outputs are directly shorted together
  • Fully waterproof
  • Weight: 11.0000
  • Applications: Excellent for containing livestock and powering Powerfields 82ft and 50ft Electric Netting
  • Warranty: manufacturer 3 Year Warranty
  • Horizontal Spacing: Large easy-to-grip power terminal knobs
  • Product Material: Tough impact-resistance ABS plastic case with T-post mount
  • Model number: PF-150-S12
  • Clean Fence: 75 miles/400 acres / Typical Fence: 23 miles/130 acres: Yes
  • Adaptive voltage control technology increases voltage output when fence conditions change
  • Clean Fence: 110 miles/650 acres / Typical Fence: 36 miles/280 acres
  • Output Joules: 1
  • Check power at a glance with the power-on indicator
  • Robust and reliable – made to last with tough outer casing and built-in lightning diverter
  • Typical Fence: 6 miles / 30 acres
  • Easy to use and install with simple fence terminals and hassle-free mounting
  • Clean Fence: 250 miles / 1,500 acres – Typical Fence: 50 miles / 1,000 acres
  • 3-Year warranty
  • Uses 12 volt battery or 110 volt AC and features built-in lightning protection

Electric Fence Chargers Electric Fencing For Sale In Moncton Dieppe

  • 500 ohm load: 6,100 V
  • Stored Joule rating: 12.53
  • Bright power level indicator light
  • Power Source: 110-Volt
  • 2-year exchange for new manufacturer return policy
  • Power source: 2 D-cell batteries
  • Acres controlled: up to 1/2
  • Contains domestic livestock
  • Size: 1312 ft. of 15 or 16 gauge aluminum wire
  • Quick and easy to install
  • 0.40 Joules

Patriot Solar Electric Fence Charger Guide

  • Solarguard 150 in line with Patriotglobal.Patriot sg150 portable solar energizer, simple more powerful than energizers. Suitable types, s150 larger farms, lifestyle properties. Acre mile fences.

  • Troubleshooting to the degree that Patriotglobal.Check the energizer grounding system. Cutoff switch, idle closing voltage reading. Should normal. Along the fence turning off each switch. Take the reading with the switch closed with the cutoff open.

  • Patriot solar energizer patriot 04 joule le pursuant to Lowes.Patriot solar energizer that controls miles of small this ideal for keeping pests pests small animals contained a 7, 400 voltage charge.

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