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Jeep Patriot Roof Rack Basket

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Jeep Patriot Roof Rails


This incredibly strong Adeventure rack system does require the Rocky Road steel roof rails. These steel rails bolt to the factory mounting points in the tracks on your roof. All bolton, no cutting, drilling, or other modification needed. Mounts tight and secure for the most rugged on and offroad use. Perfect for the ultimate world safari expedition, or for just traveling around town. Rocky Road steel rails will also work for other rack systems which may come to market in coming years. The rails are required for our rack system and shown in each photo. They are the side rails to which the rack attaches. The Rail kit is sold separate. The Jeep Patriot Roof Rack system is built around a super sturdy 1.25″ tube frame. All components easily bolt into place. Anyone in possession of a wrench can mount this kit up. All components come in a very durable black powdercoat finish and look excellent next to the factory roof rails. The whole system is UPSable to anywhere in the world.

Yakima Load Warrior Roof Rack Cargo Carrier

Yakima LoadWarrior Roof Rack Cargo Basket – Steel – 44″ Long x 39″ Wide – Y07070

Average Customer Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars

Ordered Yakima Load Warrior Roof Rack Cargo Carrier and Cargo Net for my 2021 Telluride. Both products received as described. Roof rack instructions were clear and assembly straightforward. Had to slightly adjust recommended spacing between OEM crossbars to accommodate Yakima requirements – 30″ vs 33″. Thinness of OEM crossbars result in the threaded ends of the bolts that hold on support brackets sitting a little too high, potentially presenting a cargo scratching hazard. All in all, however, very pleased with product.1104532

Jeep Patriot Roof Rack Low Profile Stealth Style Rack

If you’ve been looking for a rack system built for the adventure enthusiast, Rocky Road has what you need, look no further….

Showing off the base Adventure rack system on a Jeep Patriot.

The Rocky Road Adventure rack can service not only as a mounting system for important offroad accessories, but also for everyday use such as hauling lumber, plywood, or other oversized items too large for the interior cargo area.

The Jeep Patriot rack provides a great carrying system at the lowest of low profiles for excellent advantage to wind resistance and maximum fuel economy. All of our accessory mounts pop on and off in a minute so you can customize your rack however you want, by yourself, in a moment’s notice to again maximize fuel economy and flexibility of use.

Patriot owners who have installed a lift and/or are running larger than stock tires, you may have discovered your spare tire sits inside of the vehicle in a small pocket. If you want a full size spare, you are S.O.L. , because a larger tire ain’t gonna fit in there. Our Adventure rack offers the perfect tire carrying solution. Notice in all our pictures the spare tire mounted securely to the rack. We use a steel pre-runner style clamp for a safe secure tire mount, but also a pretty cool look.

Shows the axle mount, can carrier, 4light mount.

HiLift mount, can carrier, 4 light mount.

Picture shows the base rack & light mount only.

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Jeep Patriot Roof Rack With Standard Thule Roof Bars

JEEP Patriot 5-dr SUV 2006 – 2017 with Roof Rails Roof Rack with Thule Standardbars.

Includes: 2 x Thule Standard bars and 4 x feet designed and tested for the JEEP Patriot

Parts: 7104, 7122

Maximum Load: This JEEP Patriot roof rack system has an overall load capacity of 100kg. Please also check the maximum roof load capacity of your vehicle.

The Thule Standard Square Bars are probably the most common roof bars used throughout the world. These bars are constructed from a high load bearing galvanised steel with a black plastic coated finish. The square bars offer excellent quality, strength and functionality at an affordable price.

  • Galvanized high load bearing steel box section
  • Black plastic coated protection
  • Compatible with wide range of accessories

Jeep Patriot Roof Rack Accessories

2016 Jeep Patriot Yakima LoadWarrior Roof Rack Cargo ...

While we were at designing the best tire rack and tire carrier on the planet for your Jeep, we added some additional optional features as well.

The spare tire mount. Our kit uses a cool prerunner style mount with an easy to use T-handle for tightening and securing> this is a great option if you’ve lifted your Patriot and are running larger tires than stock since the compartment for the spare tire, only fits a teeny-tiny stock spare.

You can pack along extra items such as an axe, shovel, axe and shovel, or anything else with a similar handle using our accessory mount.

The HiLift jack mount gives you a nice secure place to store this essential offroad tool. We use an official HiLift jack mount kit which allows you to lock your jack into place if you wish. Holds jacks up to 60″ if you wish.

Our forward light mount gives you a great place to mount auxiliary offroad lights such as the IPF kit shown in our pictures. Our mount puts them up high to get rid of that hood glare you often get from lower mounted overhead lights. Our light bars come with 3 or 4 light positions. You can use the center mount for other items such as a CB antenna. Can also be mounted on the rear of the rack as well.

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Extension For Yakima Megawarrior Roof Rack Cargo Basket

Yakima MegaWarrior Extra Large Roof Rack Cargo Basket – Steel – 74″ Long x 48″ Wide – Y07080-82

Average Customer Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars

Initial quality was excellent and assembly a snap. Finding a roof basket that wouldn’t look like a tiny hat on a Jeep Commander was difficult, but the MegaWarrior is perfect! Assembly and mounting took less than an hour and it looks great. Now it just needs to be outfitted with a set of off-road lights. -)503041

The package was a little roughed up when it arrived. When I opened it, I found that the extension section for my Yakima MegaWarrior XL basket was a little bent. I was concerned, but everything seemed to fit together okay with a little elbow grease, so I’ll just chalk it up to ordering by mail. I would not be surprised if the damage occurred during shipping rather than on the etrailer end. I was also missing one little screw/washer combination for the installation. I contacted etrailer and they have promised to send me some replacement hardware, so that’s fine too Overall I’m very pleased with my rack. I think it looks great, and I’m going to use it soon on a road trip to Colorado. My plan is to put all my luggage up top so I can have some space for my dog in back of my SUV. The folks at etrailer have been responsive and helpful, so I’m pleased with them too and happy to submit this review. 1025155

Jeep Patriot Cross Bar And Mounting Kit

ALSO AVAILABLE: For those who do not want the full rack kit, but just a set of crossbars on which to mount items like Yakima style bike mounts, Kayak mounts, or other Yakima accessories which may be mounted to round crossbars… the Rocky Road CROSSBAR KIT. This kit consists of crossbars which span from one side rail to the other .

This kit is an excellent alternative to the flimsy thin stock crossbars Jeep is selling direct from dealerships.

Did we mention those stock ones are flimsy? Ya… flimsy.

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Jeep Patriot Roof Top Tent

Rocky Road rail and crossbar kits are perfect for use with nearly all Roof Top Tent kits!!

We are happy to carry the two best RTT tent kits on the market at this time in kits which will perfectly mount to your Patriot if using the Rocky Road Rails and Crossbar kits… no fishing around for additional mounting pieces or scrambling to whip up your own DIY mounting setup.

Rocky Road is very pleased to offer these tent kits, the racks to support them, and also pleased that TEPUI used our rack kits on their own vehicles to display their tents in various sales literature and online. If you go to the Tepui website, many of the photos showing the tents mounted are using Rocky Road rack systems!

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