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American Coach Patriot Class B Motorhome

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Who Owns The American Coach Company

American Coach Patriot Class B Motorhome | 144 FD2 | EASY TO DRIVE RV

American Coach is currently under the REV Group Inc. company umbrella.

It shares a spot in this group with other RV manufacturers and companies like Fleetwood RV, Monaco Coach, Renegade RV, Fleetwood RV, Lance, and more.

This gives it an edge in the RV industry as it is operated and helped by a major corporation and leader in the motor vehicle industry.

However, it no longer works autonomously from REV Group Inc.

American Coach 2020 American Patriot

American Coach 2020 American Patriot is built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van chassis as well. However, this motorhome is about $50 thousand cheaper than Airstream Tommy Bahama Interstate RVs.

Just like Tommy Bahama motorhome, the American Patriot runs on diesel. So it has the same pros and cons: namely, higher durability at higher costs.

American Coach offers 6 floorplans in this model line, which are essentially the same.


What differs between the floorplans is their layout.

The first difference is the number of seats. MD4 floorplans come with 4 seats 1 drivers and 3 passengers seats while MD2s come with just 2.

What also differs between the floorplans is how things are laid out in the rear. In Lounge floorplans, there is a lounge-like area in the back. In Dinette floorplans, there are two dinette sofas opposite each other with a removable table in between.

All the floorplans expect for SD Dinette and Lounge have 2 table pedestal mounts one in the rear and one behind the driver cabin. Those mounts take in the included removable table, allowing you to set up a little dining area. SD floorplans dont have this feature.

Aside from these differences, the floorplans are essentially the same, including the amenities. Speaking of which, the American Patriot comes with basic things like a 2KW power inverter, a 2.5KW generator, a 100W solar charging system, basic kitchen amenities, as well as a bathroom with a stool and a shower.

American Eagle Class A 2021 Rv:

The American Eagle RV is 44 feet in exterior length and comes in five different exterior paint colors, including accents of bright orange, royal blue, teal, red, and black on white and grey backgrounds.

It has an impressive assortment of interior color palette options as well as two different cabinetry options, in a dark American Black Walnut and a light painted grey.

Not only does this RV come with two different bathrooms, but it also has ample seating and sleeping space, as well as top-of-the-line entertainment units like a 50 inch Samsung LED TV, JBL® Audio System, and Winegard In-Motion Satellite Dish.

This RV has an incredible amount of features all of them quite luxurious.

You wont go wanting for anything in this model!

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How Are American Coach Rvs Made

Like most RV Manufacturers, the American Coach RV comes with its own custom chassis.

The American Coach lineup partners with Freightliner® for their chassis and ensure a smooth ride and a unique design. Their chassis design also allows for really heavy Class A RVs.

This is a good thing, too, because their Class A models are incredibly large. Their gross vehicle weight rating is roughly 51,000 lbs!

The American Coach site doesnt give a step-by-step explanation of how the RVs are made, but it seems that their outer shells are made from only the strongest materials and most meticulous attention to detail.

They mention that their steel beams are molded in one piece, which creates a strong structure, and their bolts have fatigue lies that live up to 20% longer than other fasteners.

Have American Coach Had Any Recalls Over The Years

2022 American Coach Patriot 170EXT MD4 Class B Motorhome

According to Consumeraffairs.com, REV Group Inc. had to recall the American Coach Eagle and Heritage models due to the rear air deflector potentially detaching from the vehicle.

This was cause for some concern at the time and resulted in the recall of 163 of those models listed above.

The recall was expected to begin on September 10th of 2019, and users were advised to keep an eye out for loose screws and an air deflector detaching from the vehicle.

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Are American Coach Rvs For All Four Seasons

American Coach RVs are outfitted with impressive air conditioning and heating systems built into their RV.

For example, according to their site, the American Eagle model comes with an Aqua-Hot® 600D Heating System and Three 15K BTU Roof Air Conditioner Units.

These are sure to keep you cooled down and warmed up no matter the season.

However, keep in mind that just because an RV has heating and cooling systems, that doesnt mean they are necessarily perfect for incredibly hot or cold environments.

RVs are difficult to maneuver on icy roads and can collect a lot of heat or cold in desert regions.

It is, therefore, necessary that you take added precautions to check with your dealer about how to keep yourself warm or cold, depending on your camping preferences.


What Types And Sizes Of Rvs Do American Coach Produce

American Coach currently manufactures both Class A and B RVs.

Their Class A Lineup 2021:

  • American Eagle

Their Class B Lineup 2021:

  • American Patriot
  • American Patriot Cruiser

Their class A lineup in 2020 included the Revolution luxury RV, but it is no longer listed in the 2021 lineup.

It is unclear if they no longer manufacture it at all or have put it on hiatus at this time.

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American Coach American Patriot Motorhome Rv Covers

  • Better UV/Dust/Weather Protection


For the ultimate in weather protection, this RV cover features triple-ply, weatherproof fabric to keep out rain and snow. Wicking technology eliminates interior moisture buildup – perfect for wet climates.

  • Better UV/Dust/Weather Protection


For the ultimate in weather protection, this RV cover features triple-ply, weatherproof fabric to keep out rain and snow. Wicking technology eliminates interior moisture buildup – perfect for wet climates.

  • Better UV/Dust/Weather Protection


For the ultimate in weather protection, this RV cover features triple-ply, weatherproof fabric to keep out rain and snow. Wicking technology eliminates interior moisture buildup – perfect for wet climates.

  • Better UV/Dust/Weather Protection


For the ultimate in weather protection, this RV cover features triple-ply, weatherproof fabric to keep out rain and snow. Wicking technology eliminates interior moisture buildup – perfect for wet climates.

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American Coach American Patriot Class B Rv

The SMALLEST American Coach Patriot Class B Motorhome!

If you’re looking for a unique, luxurious Class B offering, then American Coach has exactly what you want.

Image Caption:

American Coach is generally associated with luxurious Class A diesel-pusher motorhomes, but the Decatur, Indiana-based manufacturer also makes a Class B lineupand its an impressive one at that.

Based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500XD chassis, the American Patriot features all the luxury synonymous with American Coach in a more compact footprint thats easy to maneuver at most any campground.

There are six total configurations of the Patriot, but the decision basically comes down to either a lounge or loft-style bed in the rear. All include valances with wood inlay and indirect lighting, custom dash and door handle wood grain upgrade, custom Maybach seating with seat belts, side and rear screen doors, and a coordinated front panel 12-volt refrigerator.

A removable Lagun table/dinette ups the versatility factor, and American Coach has paid attention to detail with solid-surface countertops, a recessed induction cooktop with backsplash, molded sink with flush-mount cover, and even a porcelain toilet in the dry bathroom.

  • GAWR, F/R: 4,410 lbs/7,720 lbs

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American Coach American Patriot Motor Home Class B

The American Patriot Class B diesel motorhomes offer luxury appointments and amenities, elegant style and the craftsmanship you are accustom to having in an American Coach!

Each is built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis to allow you to travel all over the countryside in style. You will also enjoy having elegant interior details, such as solid surface countertops, custom Maybach style seating, a comfortable lounge bed, and a large shower in the wet bath. Each includes a rear backup camera system, a power awning with LED light, an exterior shower, plus many more conveniences to make every trip enjoyable.

Tour the countryside in unmatched elegance and style in a luxury American Patriot Class B diesel by American Coach!

The American Coach Patriots Other Benefits

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One of the greatest things about the American Coach Patriot is there are many ways to customize it. It offers six floor plans, giving you plenty of options for how you want your living quarters to look. Some come with loft beds, so you can take a snooze when you park.

The exterior is available in jet black, arctic white, or metallic silver. You can also choose your sofas color and the cabinets and countertops design.

And though its not the biggest on the block, the Patriot boasts plenty of room for a camper van. According to American Coach, the exterior dimensions are 290 inches long, 95.5 inches wide, and 118 inches tall. The interior height is 74 inches.

Youll also find extra goodies to make life on the road more comfortable, like an HDMI input to the main TV, multiple 110-volt outlets and USB 12-volt chargers, a 230-watt rooftop solar charging system, and a rear backup camera system.

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The 5 Best Class B Rvs: Our Top Picks

Class A and C motorhomes are fine pieces of machinery. They are not only comfortable to live in but also easy to drive. Class B motorhomes can essentially do the same, but they have a smaller scale of things.

And for some people, that smaller scale is exactly what they need!

Class B motorhomes cant boast the same benefits as Class A and C motorhomes. Class B RVs often lack full bathrooms. They dont have as much room. And overall, they are more suitable for traveling than for living in a remote spot for a long time.

However, this does not mean that Class B RVs are bad. They just have their own purpose.

And to demonstrate how good they can be, weve compiled a top 5 of what we think are best class B RVs out there at the moment.

The American Coach Patriot Is Easy To Drive

American Patriot, a luxury Class B motorhome, joins American Coach

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The American Coach Patriot is a Class B camper van. Because of its smaller size, its much easier to drive and park than a giant motorhome. Plus, Class Bs are safer because they have stability control and front airbags, along with seat belts for multiple passengers,Consumer Reports says.

If youre not ready for van life, you might want to look elsewhere. But dont be hasty in overlooking the Patriot. Its the perfect vehicle if youve never driven a full-sized motorhome. If you find you like the American Coach Patriot and want something larger, you can always trade up later.

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What Are The Most Popular Rvs By American Coach

According to RV Insider, the more popular brands of the lineup are the American Eagle and American tradition RVs.

These are both in the Class A category of luxury RVs on American Coachs site.

As weve mentioned above, the American Eagle model is filled with incredible amenities and plenty of customizable options, making it very popular among RV-goers.

While there are a few complaints that the owners manual and service center are difficult to navigate, most RVs in the lineup has an average total of four stars or more.

Furthermore, the American Coach brand under the REV Group is considered one of their more luxurious lineups and is quite popular as an RV manufacturer in the United States.

Airstream Tommy Bahama Interstate

Airstream Tommy Bahama Interstate is yet another pricey Class B motorhome on our list. This one was priced about $170 thousand as of February 2019! Being such a pricey RV, Tommy Bahama Interstate RV boasts plenty of comforts.

However, the main feature of this Class B motorhome is that it runs on a diesel engine. Only one other motorhome on the list also runs on diesel. The rest operate on gas.

Diesel has both good and bad sides, as youd probably suspect.

The main advantage of diesel engines is that they are built more rugged and durable than gas engines. Thanks to this, they tend to have longer lifespans. However, diesel engines require regular use, so if you leave a diesel motorhome parked for a long time, its engine will probably go bad.

As for the downsides, the main con of diesel engines is that they are more expensive to run. Besides, diesel motorhomes tend to cost more than comparable gas models.

With all that being said, a motorhome like this would only be suitable for those who can take care of the engine and can afford to maintain it.

Now, lets move onto the floorplans of this Class B motorhome line. Airstream offers 2 floorplans for this RV, which are very similar to each other at the basics:


The main difference between the floorplans is that the Lounge has 9 seats in it, while Grand Tour has 7.

And the last thing that we should mention in this model line is the luxurious interior. At such a price, one would expect nothing else, right?

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