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Patriot Health Alliance Protein Powder

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Is Patriot Power Greens Worth It Our Patriot Power Greens Review Conclusion

Patriot Power Greens Superfood Review –

All things considered, Patriot Power Greens is an extremely average, if not below average, greens powder. Youre only getting 2,500 MG of superfoods per serving, which is very weak, and theres not much else to the formula. Sure, you get some digestive enzymes and probiotics, but it is still severely lacking in terms of overall nutrition.

We have reviewed multiple greens powders that are up to 5 times as potent as this one, which is why we do NOT recommend Patriot Power Greens. However, if you go to our Greens Powder home page, you can find a list of our top 10 most highly recommended green drinks!

Patriot Health Alliance: A Dependable Brand Of Powerful Dietary Supplements

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With so many ineffective, dangerous, and overpriced supplements on the market, it is important to know which brands have good reputations. Patriot Health Alliance is one such brand. Its line of all-natural products and its loyalty to valued customers make this health company a safe choice for effective dietary supplements.

Background On Patriot Health Alliance

Patriot Power Greens are manufactured by Patriot Health Alliance who are based in Texas, USA. Their brands are mostly aimed at senior citizens in the US and although they are most famous for their Power Greens supplement, Patriot Health Alliance also produces a fair number of other health and nutritional brands.

Patriot Power Reds, Patriot Power Proteins, Patriot Vital4, Patriot Renewal, American DreamZzz, Patriot Ultra-Biotics, and Sinus Complete.

The company is very patriotic and they support the US Armed forces by making donations from every 3 or 5 canister orders placed. I couldnt see anywhere how much they donate or how much so far has been donated though.

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How Much Does Patriot Power Greens Cost

A month’s supply of Patriot Power Greens is averagely priced. Other brands of greens powders are more or less in the same price range.

You can buy Patriot Power Greens from the companys official website, and they do offer free shipping on bulk orders that would require ordering a three-month supply. It may seem a lot, but you get two tubs free and a whole range of other freebies.

I’d recommend going in on that deal if you’re serious about trying the product.

It’s important to note again when discussing the cost that a portion of all profits from this product is donated to the US military.

% Money Back Guarantee

Patriot Power Protein Berry Flavor 30 Servings Brand New ...

Give people what you promise, and theyll trust you for life. And thats why youll be glad to know Patriot Power Protein will work for you, or youll get 200% of your money back.

Simply check with your doctor and make sure they “okay” you to take Patriot Power Protein.

If after using it for at least two weeks, you don’t see dramatic improvements in energy, strength and overall health, then simply send back the unused canisters along with a simple 1-page note with your honest feedback of the product. We will give you 200% of your money back in return.

That’s correct, you will get DOUBLE your money back.

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Should You Buy Patriot Power Greens

n our Patriot Power Greens review, I’ve grown quite fond of the product. It focuses on an older market and formulation for health, as well as its backstory and dedication to supporting the US military is commendable.

But is the product itself as good as its competitors?

No Patriot Power Greens review would be complete without answering whether these power greens are really that powerful. In my experience and from the testimony of their customers, there is a marked and significant boost to energy levels while using Patriot Power Greens.

There is a significant amount of nutritional worth to the power greens, the health benefits, and the easing of joint pain, in particular, set this product apart.

Like all green drinks and powders, this review has proven the product to be a highly convenient, tasty way to get your day off to a great start. But for me, their focus on catering to an older crowd makes me wonder if the product is that suited for me and the high energy needs of my exercise routine.

I’ll be sticking with Organifi Greens, which has proven itself to be without equal over many years.

It gives me all the energy I need in one convenient and delicious serving. You can read our full Organifi review here to find out why this is what I consider to be the best product.

Maybe I’ll try Patriot Power again when I’m a little older.


Patriot Power Greens Travel Packs

Patriot Power Greens is a delicious green drink that gives you the healing power of 40 fruits & vegetables, 10 probiotics and 6 digestive enzymes in a single serving. Simply mix one package of Patriot Power Greens with water, juice or a smoothie.

Money Back Guarantee: You are backed by our 100% money back guarantee.

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Bonus Free Gifts With Patriot Power Greens

There are 7 free gifts associated with the Patriot power greens. The List of the free gifts is as follows.

#1 2 FREE Canisters of Patriot Power Greens $100.00#2 FREE Patriot Power Greens Shaker Cup -$5.95#3 FREE No More Pills Report $19.95#4 FREE 9 Powerful Food Cures For Pain Report $19.95#5 FREE Shipping $8.95

Patriot Power Greens Customer Reviews

How to Use Patriot Health Alliance Shaker Cup

Checking out online reviews for Patriot Power Greens its clear that the feedback is very mixed.

Some customers are sold on the benefits of this supplement whilst a number feel no difference and complain about the poor customer support!

This by far is the best tasting greens formula ever. No grassy earthy taste like most. I think that for the price its the best out there. Richard.

My husband and I love this product. Im 50 and he is 52 and we have been drinking it daily for 6 months. We both experience higher energy, and faster hair and nail growth. Teresa.

DO NOT ORDER. The only reason I gave it one star was because I couldnt proceed without a rating. They dont deserve any stars. Customer service is non-existent. Tried calling 10 times, each time placed on hold then call is dropped. E-mailed 7 times, no response until I threatened with an attorney. Hali M.

Of course, please bear in mind these are just a few reviews, I have tried to keep a fair balance in selecting a few of the Patriot Power Green customer reviews.

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Why Patriot Power Greens Is Unique And Powerful

  • This Green Drink Improves Our Digestion- The Patriot Power Greens consists of 21 natural fruit and vegetables, 10 probiotics and 6 digestive enzymes which helps us in fighting from intestinal inflammation digestion.
  • It Reduces The Chances Of Cardiovascular Disease- Patriot Power Greens reduces the chances of cardiovascular disease because the different fruits and vegetables are added in it are rich in alkalis and it helps in neutralizing inflammation which is bad for heart health
  • The Patriot Power Greens Increases Our Memory Power- The Patriot Power Greens consists of a key ingredient like spirulina which is beneficial in reducing the inflammation which the main cause of declining memory
  • It Increases Your Energy Level- the different types of ingredients are added in a Patriot Power Greens are so much nutritious and healthy it naturally increases our energy level

Patriot Power Greens Complaints & Praise

Its important to take a look at consumer feedback before investing in a supplement just to make sure theres not an overwhelming amount of negative feedback. It also can obviously be helpful to see a lot of positive feedback, so we always examine customer reviews before ending our own review.

Unfortunately in the case of Patriot Power Greens, it is not sold anywhere that customer reviews would typically be found such as Amazon or GNC. They typically have only sold it via their own website. It was actually just recently listed on Amazon, but it hasnt been on there for long enough to generate a lot of reviews.

However, out of the 7 Patriot Power Greens reviews that are on Amazon, the product received an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5. This is obviously a very impressive statistic at first glimpse, but if you take into account exactly how small this sample size really is, this data doesnt really say much.

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Ingredients To Be Avoided

The high amount of fruits As we all know fruits are high in sugar. It can increase the blood sugar level in the body. Its better to avoid fruits in a greens powder. It is a waste product if high numbers of fruits are added.

Greens powder with too many ingredients A greens powder requires only a good composition of ingredients and not a high list of ingredients. Many companies fill their products with a high number of ingredients to lure customers. They add many ingredients just to increase the number count. This should be avoided. You should always look for quality ingredients.

Whey protein and Enzymes Whey and enzymes are helpful in building muscles, but its difficult to digest them and may cause bloating. Further, it is often mixed with artificial ingredients. You should avoid any green juice powders that boast having whey in their mix, it enables companies to increase the price while giving you sub-par ingredients.

Verified Buyers Reviews & Ratings

Patriot Power Protein Berry Flavor 30 Servings

The First Green Drink That Seems to be Working!

K Lauri

Ratings – , 5 Canister Purchase

Best Green Juice I have found

I almost didnt buy because it seemed too good to be true. Im 72 and after about 3 weeks I saw a noticeable burst of energy, overcoming all fatigue and lasting all day. Also, my shoulder pain in 90% better I am almost pain-free.

J. Andrewson

Ratings – , 5 Canister Purchase

Best Green Juice Powder On The Market!

My husband has suffered from numerous ailments along with joint issues throughout his whole body. He started the green drink about two weeks ago and can already see an improvement in how he feels. Just wanted to say thanks. Cant tell you how many things I have bought that did not work so it is great to find one that does.

William Petersan

Ratings – , 1 Canister Purchase

Better for Energy than Other Supplements Ive Tried!

I am a Registered Nurse also prior military . I ordered the Patriot Power Greens and am surprised to see positive results in my energy and better workouts. I shared a canister with a friend and he has noticed a similar improvement after only a week.

A Rose

Ratings – , 5 Canister Purchase

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What Does It Do

The Patriot Power Protein drink formula mainly provides bioavailable collagen and protein to the body. These are responsible for healthy skin, hair, and nails. In addition to that, proteins help to develop lean muscles. On the other hand, collagen prevents early aging. It gets rid of wrinkles and also improves the skins elasticity while making it smooth and firm. It also prevents it from sagging.

Hence, this product from Patriot Health Alliance helps with the following:

  • Increases ones energy levels
  • Supports good heart health
  • Maintains ones youthful look
  • Encourages good skin, hair, and nails
  • Boosts overall health well-being

What Is The Patriot Power Blender

The Patriot Power Blender is a cordless, rechargeable blender designed to hold smoothies, shakes, blended coffee beverages, and more.

The blender is compact for travel and storage. Patriot Health Alliance, the Nashville-based company behind the blender, claims the blender is powerful enough to crush ice, frozen fruit, and more.

Because the Patriot Power Blender is portable, you can put ingredients in it before you leave the house, then blend them on-the-go. You can keep your ingredients fresh until youre ready to blend and drink.

You recharge the Patriot Power Blender via the USB port. The 14 oz blender has a pulp strainer attachment, making it ideal for juices and other beverages.

Patriot Power Blender recommends using the blender to make shakes or smoothies, homemade salad dressings, custom baby food, hummus, salsa, blended coffee drinks, and more. You can also use it to grind seeds, nuts, spices, or coffee beans.

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Is Patriot Power Greens A Scam What You Need To Know

Patriot Power Greens is said to be able to cure a bunch of different problems that come with aging and supposedly helps you feel young again, but is this just a bunch of hyped up crap or does this product really do what it says it does? Is Patriot Power Greens a scam?

Im guessing you landed on my page here because you are skeptical of the claims made about this product. It seems a little bit too good to be true doesnt it?

Well I was skeptical to when I first came across that, which is why I decided to look into it more and is why I am writing this review now. The truth is that this product is in the miracle that it is claimed to be and there are definitely some things that you should know before buying. If you buy in based on the absolutely ridiculous sales pitch, youre probably going to be disappointed and think it is a scam.

Best Protein Powder Most Adults 50+ Are Woefully Deficient In Protein

Patriot Power Greens Scam – Patriot Health Alliance A Look Inside

Patriot Power Protein Review

Getting Optimal health is not easy to come by, because to maintain a good health requires regular exercise, healthy eating and many more.

And have you ever heard of a miracle green drink? Well, the reaction of many would be pretty standard a scam product that doesnt give a good cut for the money.

However, Patriot Power Protein is a just way far from that, its a special new patriot superfood drink like ensure protein powder.

And its a drink that delivers as promised. So, this patriot power greens reviews is a detailed below is a comprehensive account of everything you need to know about this miracle drink.

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Where To Buy Patriot Power Greens

It seems that you can only really buy Patriot Power Greens directly from the manufacturer via a somewhat long web page.

Searching on and online in general I only came across simple affiliate sites promoting the product. Interestingly when clicking on these I often came to a blank page, or web page displaying an error.

This is most likely due to the product ONLY being available in the US and at the time was at home in Malaysia! As I mentioned at the start of this review, I had to order this via a friend and have them post to me in order to give it a try.

Organifi Green Juice Customers Testomonials

Robin S Welch

Ratings , 5 Bottle Purchase

I love this stuff, wont be without it. It started out with just wanting to be healthier tried other greens drinkssome were just OK & some really expensive fresh stuff, yuuuukkkk! Anyway, once I tried this one, never went elsewhere. It tastes fine & minty, & its easy to have a glass in the morning. Feel fine, more energetic, plus it fits in just about any diet. Now, later on, some days it goes into a chocolate Keto shake chocolate mint, really good!

Lindsey Godlove

Ratings , 5 Bottle Purchase

Bought this thinking it would be like doing my healthy due diligence, like a vitamin. However, over time I noticed I stopped losing so much hair daily, my nails grew significantly more and my dry skin improved. I ran out and after a month I noticed my nails starting to break again and my skin becoming more dry, especially on my face. So, I now use this as a part of my daily health routine. This taste took only a couple of tries before I started just loving the flavor! Try mixing it with almond milk.

Kristin Dsouza

Ratings , 5 Bottle Purchase

R Schenney

Ratings , 3 Bottle Purchase


Ratings , 5 Bottle Purchase


Ratings , 5 Bottle Purchase

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Does Patriot Power Greens Really Work

On the positive side: the products website cites a lot of studies that show probiotics can improve digestion, heart health, and possibly some influencers of mental health, which is true enough, but again it doesnt state how many probiotics youre getting in a serving. This is really important competitor Green Vibrance contains 25 billion per serving while Sun Warriors contains 2 billion. A dedicated probiotic supplement usually contains between one and ten billion. How effective is Patriot Power Greens compared to anything else that contains at least one probiotic bacterium? We dont know.

Im really emphasizing this factor because the digestive benefits are the only claims this product makes that resonated with me. The company doesnt disclose how much of each ingredient it contains, and it also doesnt provide information as to what vitamins and minerals this health supplement actually contains. It only says that it contains 30 percent of your daily Vitamin A and 6 percent of your daily iron, which isnt that high for a greens a powder. That would be more acceptable if it was just marketed as a probiotic supplement, except it also doesnt say how many probiotics it has.

Who Makes Patriot Power Greens

Patriot Power Greens: Green Drink

Patriot Power Greens is the product of the all-American Patriot Health Alliance based out of Nashville, Tennesse.

It was the brainchild of American Air Force veteran Dr. Lane Sebring and, as mentioned above, initially intended for use within the military.

Patriot Health Alliance has since been repackaged and repurposed and is available to the public.

The Patriot Health Alliance is not just patriot by name, a share of all sales are donated to the US Armed Forces.

There was a doctor who did autopsies on people that lived to be 100 or over, and his observations were very astute because he said that these people have all the problems of aging but that everything got old evenly. It seems, therefore, to make sense that we should discover if we have any weak systems and support them, so everything gets old evenly,

– Dr. Sebring, MD

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