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Why The Media Hates Trump

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Expunged From Our Society

People Outside A Trump Rally Told Us Why They Hate The Media (HBO)

Our interviewees described mainstream media operations like The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN and network news as liberal. What liberal meant to them was mostly a contempt for what they viewed as traditional American culture generally and conservatives specifically.

One college student, who joined our Zoom wearing a MAGA hat, said that in mainstream media, conservatives are basically seen now as the outcasts, the savages. Another interviewee, who worked as a manager at a retail store, offered as an example of the medias attitude toward conservatives what he described as after Jan. 6, 2021. Our interviewee characterized this as a message that all Trump supporters and those around him need to be expunged from our society.

The people we spoke with said this ostracism was happening right now. The college student said he couldnt express his views in his workplace or his classes for fear of retribution or shaming.

A real estate agent who described herself as a millennial conservative said political disagreement had caused old friends to unfollow her on Facebook.

When I get going, politically, on my Facebook, Im like, Here I go, Im calculating 10 by the end of the day.

She said the level of tolerance she felt from the liberals in her life has definitely dwindled Im just seeing, Okay, Im just done with dealing with people like you.

Do The Media Hate Trump Yes And From The Very Start Of His Presidency New Survey Shows

  • 05:44 PM ET 10/03/2017

Media Bias: The mainstream media don’t like Trump, but it’s not really anything he did as president, a new survey by the Pew Research Center shows. The evidence: Among recent presidents, coverage of Trump’s initial weeks in office has been the most skewed and biased, by far.

Pew, with impeccable centrist credentials, decided to look at how the print, broadcast, cable and online media covered the first 60 days of each recent presidency including Bill Clinton’s, George W. Bush’s, Barack Obama’s, and Donald Trump’s. As far as the media are concerned, Trump never had a chance.

Some 62% of the media coverage of Trump was negative, Pew found. For Obama it, was just 20% for Bush, 28% for Clinton, also 28%. In other words, the media from the get-go had decided Trump was a bad president before any of his policies had a chance to take hold.

Put another way, only 5% of the coverage Trump got in his first two months was positive, compared with 42% for Obama, 22% for Bush and 27% for Clinton. On no issue did Trump get anywhere near what could be called a high positive coverage. Highest was for political skills, with 15% of stories giving him positive coverage. But on immigration, just 9% of the stories were positive for his appointments and nominations, just 11% U.S.-Russia ties, 4% health care, 9%.

Or, as Pew put it, “Compared with past administrations, coverage of Trump’s early days focused less on policy and was more negative overall.”

Why I Hate President Trump

For the record, I dont hate Donald Trump the person. I hate Donald Trump the president.

I wish I didnt. But I do. Heres why:

He convinced 81 percent of white evangelical Christian voters to throw Jesus under the bus to vote for a man who bragged about

He fired the acting Attorney General in a Monday Night Massacre because she determined that the presidents executive order on immigration was constitutionally indefensible.

Hes created an environment in which a southern white man can shut down a northeastern white woman while shes reading from the floor of the Senate the cautionary words of a heroic southern black woman about a southern white man, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, who was deemed too racist to be a federal judge in 1986.

He disrespects duly-appointed, Senate-confirmed federal magistrates: so-called judges.

Hes offended our friends and allies, treating the Mexican and Australian governments in much the same way hes treated John McCain and Megyn Kelly and a disabled reporter and Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz and the Gold Star Khan Family and Jeb Bush and and Rosie ODonnell.

He hasnt, as far as we know, paid federal income taxes in years, bragging that its smart on his part meaning its dumb on our part to do so, thereby undermining citizen investment in shared governance. Nor has he released federal tax returns, as other presidential candidates have for the last 40 years.

Hes sloppy with national security. Proof: Michael Flynn.


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Letter To The Editor: I Finally Figured Out Why Democrats Hate Trump

I finally figured out why Democrats hate Trump

I kept wondering just why Democrats and liberal media hated President Donald Trump so much. Even before his inauguration, they wanted to impeach him. Then I realized that to them, he cheated to steal the election.

Look at all they did to get Hillary Clinton in office. She basically bought the Democratic National Committee because it was broke. She got them to give her all the super delegates and cheated Bernie Sanders out of the nomination. The media whitewashed her record and never reported anything negative about her. At one of the debates, Donna Brazile, the DNC chairwoman, gave Clinton the questions she would be asked so she could be ready.

Still, Trump won. So, he must have cheated, right? No, Trump believed in the people and the people believe in him. He won and America won.

For over three years, the Democratic House of Representatives has tried everything it can to get rid of Trump. The lies and half-truths have been numerous. To them, he is guilty they just need a reason.

Enough is enough. It is time to stop this bull and for all of Congress go to work for America. Trump will continue to succeed for America because he loves America, not the power.

Therein lays the difference between Trump and the Democrats. They love the power, not America.

America is the greatest nation on Earth lets keep it that way.

Michael P. Ayo,

Sharp Attacks On Trump From Rupert Murdochs News Outlets

Hate trumps history: How the American media reacted to Donald Trumps ...

NEW YORK Former President Donald Trump has taken some hits in the aftermath of the midterm elections, but the unkindest cuts may have come from a source that was once among his biggest backers the media empire of magnate Rupert Murdoch.

The New York Posts front cover on Thursday put Trumps face over the drawing of a boy from a well-known nursery rhyme. The headline: Trumpty Dumpty.

Don had a great fall can all of the GOPs men put the party back together again? the newspaper wrote.

The Wall Street Journals opinion section ran a sharp editorial headlined, Trump is the Republican Partys Biggest Loser. While Fox News biggest stars were relatively quiet, the former president heard enough discouraging words to attack the network on social media.

Trump was blamed for supporting losing or underperforming candidates like Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania, Don Bolduc in New Hampshire and Blake Masters in Arizona that cost Republicans a chance to make big gains in the House and Senate, as many had predicted.

The Journals editorial mentioned each of those names and more, saying that Trump had a perfect record of electoral defeat since his victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

Democrats succeeded again in making Trump a central campaign issue, and Mr. Trump helped them do it, the Journal said.

  • New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand launches reelection bid

  • Donald Trump, move on, he said.

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    Trump Attacks On Press Effective New Study Finds


    President Donald Trump’s attacks on the press have been effective at eroding the credibility of the press and undercutting consensus even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to kill hundreds of Americans each day, a newly released study by the Committee to Protect Journalists said.

    The New York-based press freedom group documented increased prosecutions of news sources, libel suits and harassment of journalists in the field and at U.S. border crossings, and cited more than 40 journalists, media law experts, academics and administration officials.

    “Some expert observers fear an existential threat to American freedom of the press,” says the study, which examines how the attacks “have empowered autocratic foreign leaders to discredit and restrict the press in their own countries.”

    “You can see the pattern, you can see how many authoritarian leaders around the world are going beyond what Trump has done, imposing restrictions on the press, arresting reporters, et cetera,” Leonard Downie Jr., the study’s author and a former executive editor of The Washington Post, told VOA.

    “In many cases, they have actually used the same language as Trump,” he said. “They talk about ‘fake news.

    The White House did not respond to VOAs request for comment.

    Death threats and pipe bombs

    Former White House communications director Michael Dubke is cited in the report, saying the president lashes out at the press because the coverage is too often negative.


    Hes The Average American In Exaggerated Formblunt Simple Willing To Fight Mistrustful Of Intellectuals

    Listen to article

    Every big U.S. election is interesting, but the coming midterms are fascinating for a reason most commentators forget to mention: The Democrats have no issues. The economy is booming and Americas international position is strong. In foreign affairs, the U.S. has remembered in the nick of time what Machiavelli advised princes five centuries ago: Dont seek to be loved, seek to be feared.

    The contrast with the Obama years must be painful for any honest leftist. For future generations, the Kavanaugh fight will stand as a marker of the Democratic Partys intellectual bankruptcy, the flashing red light on the dashboard that says Empty. The left is beaten.

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    A Dearth Of Shared Facts And Information

    One of the few things that Republicans and Democrats could agree on during Trumps tenure is that they didnt share the same set of facts. In a 2019 survey, around three-quarters of Americans said most Republican and Democratic voters disagreed not just over political plans and policies, but over basic facts.

    Much of the disconnect between the parties involved the news media, which Trump routinely disparaged as fake news and the enemy of the people. Republicans, in particular, expressed widespread and growing distrust of the press. In a 2019 survey, Republicans voiced more distrust than trust in 2o of the 30 specific news outlets they were asked about, even as Democrats expressed more trust than distrust in 22 of those same outlets. Republicans overwhelmingly turned to and trusted one outlet included in the study Fox News even as Democrats used and expressed trust in a wider range of sources. The study concluded that the two sides placed their trust in two nearly inverse media environments.

    Some of the media organizations Trump criticized most vocally saw the biggest increases in GOP distrust over time. The share of Republicans who said they distrusted CNN rose from 33% in a 2014 survey to 58% by 2019. The proportion of Republicans who said they distrusted The Washington Post and The New York Times rose 17 and 12 percentage points, respectively, during that span.3

    This Story Is Part Of A Group Of Stories Called

    The media is âdemented with Trump hatredâ

    Uncovering and explaining how our digital world is changing and changing us.

    Donald Trump made Sarah Cooper famous.

    She cant wait for him to leave.

    Im very excited about him being gone, says the comedian, who went from unknown to omnipresent this spring with a brilliant series of Trump lip-sync videos. I want my career to do other things, and I dont want to talk about him anymore.

    Cooper doesnt have a love-hate relationship with Trump. She hates him. Which puts her in the same boat as other media personalities and companies that have turned the Trump era to their advantage by focusing their ire into opportunities.

    And now that it looks as though Trump might be leaving, they need to figure out what to do next. Even if some of them arent ready to say that out loud quite yet.

    To be clear: A post-Trump world doesnt mean the political and cultural divisions that brought us Trump and that Trump has exploited get closed up. But if your reason for being is defeating Donald Trump, and that happens, then what?

    The Lincoln Project, a group of Never Trump Republicans who came together less than a year ago to deploy ads against Trump in the 2020 election, now wants to become a media company, according to Axios. The Lincoln Project says thats not exactly true. But it could be, per a statement from the company:

    How to regret

    Sarah Cooper

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    Bolton Takes Aim At Trump Ahead Of Book Release

    “Sometimes you ask yourself: Is that malfeasance, or is that just something so dumb that you know it’s not going to happen?” the former official said.

    The American system of government “has developed to give the president tremendous leeway to set policy,” said John Gans, author of a book about the White House National Security Council. “Those in the executive branch are expected to kind of nod their heads and say, ‘OK.’ There really isn’t a whistleblower system at the White House.”

    Officials senior enough to be in meetings with the president don’t tend to use formal whistleblower channels anyway. Such people have long deployed anonymous leaks to the news media to flag decisions or behavior they deemed problematic.

    During the Trump administration, many current and former government officials have anonymously recounted startling episodes to journalists and authors, such as Trump providing classified information to Russian officials in the Oval Office or his calling military leaders “losers” in reference to the war in Afghanistan. Once-senior officials, including former chief of staff John Kelly and former Defense Secretary James Mattis, have recently publicly questioned the president’s fitness for office, though their decisions to do so came long after they departed.

    Trump hasn’t spoken to the specifics, but he has denied exploiting his office for personal gain.

    Trump: Why The Media Loves To Hate

    I learned something new this weekendand it has nothing to do with Donald Trump figuring out ways to legally game the tax code.

    Continue Reading Below

    Its that this story resonates well beyond its import, which means to me, the real news here is about the medias obsessive and compulsive attempt to block the possibility of a Trump presidency.

    Reporters generally hate anyone the GOP puts up, but Trump is a particularly inviting target for their left-wing animus, and it goes beyond his attacks on liberal shibboleths like immigration. Its a jealousy-rooted hate that envelopes Trumps whole persona his ostentatious use of his wealth, his beautiful wives , and of course, that hes television famous.

    Most reporters, particularly those on the print side of the profession, yearn for more TV time to hump their stories, books and possibly provide a little side income to supplement their crummy salaries. Trump has manipulated the tube while making news and money controlling the medium, and in some cases, the executives that run it.

    Because of all that, most reporters, would rather elect a near felon than someone they loathe because his wealth, wives and orange skin, which is why not a day goes by that some news story is written much less to inform but to put another nail in the Trump presidential coffin.

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    Why The Media Is Worse For Biden Than Trump

    Over the last week, the media has hammered Joe Biden with relentlessly critical coverage of his pullout from Afghanistan, resulting in noticeable drops in his approval ratings. Put aside for a moment whether this reflects failures by Biden or biases by the media. One conclusion we can draw is that this sort of dynamic is a regular feature of Democratic presidencies, and as the Trump administration showed a near impossibility during Republican ones.

    But wait, youre thinking. Didnt the media hound Donald Trump for four straight years at least as hard as its hounded Biden over the last week?

    Well, sort of. The mainstream media certainly gave Trump harsh and even overtly hostile coverage. But the mainstream media only describes roughly half the media landscape. The other half of the media is a right-wing messaging apparatus that makes no effort to follow traditional journalistic norms. Republicans communicate to their base through a media that functionally operates as part of their party, while Democrats communicate to their base through a media that still exerts substantial independence. If you want to understand the strange difficulty that Joe Bidens sane, competent administration has in yielding measurably higher approval than Trumps insane, incompetent presidency, the asymmetrical relationship between the two parties and their respective media environments is the most important place to start.

    Reasons The Left’s Hatred Of Trump Is So Deep

    Donald Trump

    Terry PaulsonThe opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Trumps Accomplishments as President, Part Two AP Photo/Evan Vucci

    President Trumps popularity is higher than before the Democrats’ impeachment debacle began, and that continues to frustrate and outrage the leftists in our midst.

    Like Wile E. Coyote learns over-and-over again, no matter what he does, the Roadrunner just keeps tweeting on down the road at record speed. Theyve worked to impeach Trump since he took office and finally achieved it, only to have him exonerated by the Senate. Theyve mocked him, his tweets, and his priorities. Theyve drowned him in negative media coverage. Theyve called him a narcissist, a tyrant, and an uncaring fraud. But nothing is working, and the rage in the social media just grows by the day as there are growing signs that no Democrat is in a position to stop his march to a second term.

    Why such deep hatred?

    1. Nothing works in derailing this president, and its driving leftists crazy. From accusation after accusation spread by an anti-Trump media to flimsy articles of impeachment, their attacks miss the mark. Now, just months before an election, Trumps supporters, like mad hornets, are ready to rush to the polls to give their verdict to the Democrats impeachment fiasco.


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