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Us Patriot Tactical Fort Drum

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American Heroes: Ty Michael Carter Cav Scout

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On October 3, 2009, 300 members of the Taliban attacked one of our Combat Outposts . The COP was located near the town of Kamdesh which is part of Nuristan province in eastern Afghanistan. During the battle, the COP was nearly overrun and was utterly destroyed. At the exact same time, nearby OP Fritsche was also attacked, which meant there was no chance of support from them. This was the bloodiest battle for the U.S. since the Battle of Wanat when the fight ended, eight Americans had been killed and 27 were horribly wounded. Among the survivors were two men whose stunning heroism resulted in their each being awarded the Medal of Honor. One of those men was U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Ty Michael Carter, and today we tell his story.

Customer Service At Zero

Customer service at Zero!Ordered a uniform from them and an hour later realized I selected the enlisted specialty badge instead of the officer one. I contacted them then and they didn’t answer there phones, but left a contact number to which they never replied. I also emailed them and told them that to which I also haven’t received a reply. I have tried calling multiple times since I ordered last Thursday. I finally get ahold of someone today who said oh order is locked now and it’s custom so there is nothing I can do….hey man that’s why I contacted you literally an hour after the order was placed along with an email. He also said we are normally pretty good at answering our phones. OBVIOUSLY NOT. What is the point of customer service when a. you aren’t available and b. your only response is nothing I can do when you were negligent it responding. As someone in the customer service business, I am appalled. Horrible experience and will never order from them again. I suggest you don’t either.

Have Never Left A Review For A Company

Have never left a review for a company in my life… the service was so awful I had to. 4 1/2 months I waited for a pair of boots only to get the wrong pair. Then was forced to go out of my way to ship them back and couldn’t receive ANY updates on refund status after 6 emails to a Margret. They didn’t even refund the shipping I paid for. 7$ is nothing but you would think after such bad service and the error being on their part they could at least refund the whole amount…

So far not so great. Ordered a vest and can’t get an update on shipping. They definitely took my money though. No call back or email back. Have attempted 3 times each way and no response.

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Hanscom helps with disaster response

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Bravery In The Face Of Danger

Without a single thought for his own life, Carter sprinted from the Humvee towards the fallen soldier. He miraculously reached his side without being shot, despite the constant rain of gunfire, and quickly moved to staunch the other mans bleeding. His leg had been horribly shattered, and Carter applied a tourniquet. And then, even as the barrage of bullets intensified as insurgents sought to kill both soldiers, Carter who was wounded himself lifted the other man and carried him back up the hill to the first Humvee. He placed the man on the seat of the Humvee, and, unable to do more, returned to the firefight.

Carter was nearly out of ammunition and took care with each shot he fired, working to make them count. He and the other soldier who was fighting with him were beginning to think the COP had been overrun their radios were inoperable and theyd received no word in hours. And in the Humvee, the critically wounded man was clearly in need of immediate medical attention. Carter had another choice to make.

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I Believe This Is A Total Scam Website

I believe this is a total scam website out to steal from folks. I placed an order for an item that showed available and in stock. My credit card was instantly charged for the order and I never received any shipping information. Typically retailers will not charge until a shipment goes out. I tried following up on their website two times and never received a response. I then called the 800 “customer service” number on the site which goes directly into a robot controlled voicemail where you have to request a call back. I have done that twice and still not heard back. Now I have to file a claim with my credit card company for the $98 I was robbed of. Regarding the company reply:

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Patriot Day Remembered at the National Training Center

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Don’t But From These Guys

Don’t but from these guys! I ordered a Crye JPC on the 23rd of sept, 2021 and heard nothing, no confirmation email, no order #, nothing. It’s now October 5th and because of the silence I’ve cancelled the order, and placed it with another company. I wont say which, but they sent shipping data, conformation emails, everything within nanoseconds of hitting “place order” I’m not convinced this site isn’t a scam. Saying it’s because of riots and covid in the automated response email they send. That’s all you get in response. The other site didn’t have that problem, so what gives?

In stock – Super fast shipping – fair prices – thats all Im looking for – I’ll always check here first.

I’ve ordered a few times and spoken to staff at US Patriot Tactical and I’ve always had a good experience. They are knowledgeable, courteous, and shipped everything quickly.

Us Patriot Tactical Fort Drum

We supply active duty military with the clothing and gear they need to do their jobs. Tactical Supplies and Apparel

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Us Patriot Tactical Salary Faqs

The average US Patriot Tactical salary ranges from approximately $42,709 per year for a General Manager to $42,709 per year for a General Manager. US Patriot Tactical employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 3.5/5 stars.

US Patriot Tactical employees attributed a compensation and benefits rating of 3.5/5 stars to their company. Read what they think about their salaries on our Compensation FAQ page for .

Training At Fort Knox

US Patriot Tactical Store Brick and Mortar Locations

After going through training at Fort Knox, Kentucky, Carter was assigned to Bravo Troop, 3rd Squadron, 61st Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division. He was then deployed to Afghanistan from May of 2009 to May of 2010, and thats when the Battle of Kamdesh took place at COP Keating.

COP Keating was located at the base of a bowl-shaped valley known to be of tactical importance. In that area three major valleys intersected. It was well known al-Qaeda ran weapons through the area, and by placing COP Keating and OP Fritsche in that spot, there was some hope our forces could do something to stem the flow of arms and ammunition into Afghanistan. However, the troops were unable to make headway with the locals and were met with open hostility. On October 1, 2009, the decision was made to close both the COP and the OP. Just two days later, as luck, irony, or a sick twist of fate would have it, both came under attack.

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I Was Charged For A Long List Of

I was charged for a long list of merchandise that was on their website. I was only ordering one $14.95 item and was charged over $100.00 on my credit card. My credit card company looked up their phone number for me. When trying to call them about their mistake I got a recorded message and cut off. No receipt by email with other information. I received the package today and the customer service person argued with me about the order and only offered a discount if I returned the merchandise. They are using deceptive practices on thei website and if you dont read everything to the bottom of the page you wont see all the boxes that are automatically checked. Dont do business with this company.

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