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Miken Patriot Senior Softball Bat

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Miken Freak Kp 23 Limited Edition 12 Usssa Slowpitch Softball Bat: Mkp22ub

Senior Softball Bat Reviews (Miken Patriot 12″)


Welcome the new 2022 Miken Freak KP 23 Limited Edition 240 USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat. This model can only be found here at Headbanger Sports! Adding our twist onto the top selling Miken Slowpitch Softball Bat, we’re offering Mikens latest C-4 Proprietary Carbon Fiber which maximizes the angle layup in the design process for unmatched perfor…

Slowpitch Softball Bats

Miken Freak Primo 14 Maxload Usssa Slowpitch Softball Bat: Mp22mu


Welcome back the 2022 Miken Freak Primo that everyone has grown so fond of. Offering Mikens latest C-4 Proprietary Carbon Fiber maximizes the angle layup in the design process for unmatched performance and consistency. Developed and produced in the United States by Mikens World Class Engineers. The new E-Flex 360 Barrel is designed with Miken’s…

Slowpitch Softball Bats

Miken Ultra Ii Ssusa 1

Miken Ultra II SSUSA 1-Piece Slowpitch Softball BarCheck Latest Price

This next bat for seniors is one very rare bat. It is rare in a sense that its quality and its make is one of a kind. The bat comes with a wide array of features that would make it a top performer on the plate.

First of all, this is solidly built and is a great choice for power hitters. And to make things a bit better than it already is, this 13.5-inch barrel is engineered with an E-Flex Ultra. Its carbon X-Shell technology protects the E-Flex and makes sure that the bat remains durable over the years.

The E-Flex Ultra that adds to the flex of the barrel, combined with the Caron X-Shell Technology, allows power hitters to hit the ball farther as compared to other bats. The bat is also equipped with a revolutionary 100 COMP built. It is made with composite fibers, allowing you to give the best performance in the field.

And to top it all off, the bat comes with a super-duper soft grip. The soft grip would ensure you get the comfort that you need while maintaining a firm grip on the handle. This would be very useful when you are swinging the bat at great speeds.

Overall, this is a great bat. We even think this could be the best slowpitch senior softball bat in the market today. It is durable, solidly-built, and gives you the best performance to win any softball game. It is also approved for use in SSUSA Leagues.

Highlighted Features

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Adidas 12 Inch Melee 2 Loaded

Adidas 12 Inch Melee 2 LoadedCheck Latest Price

When this brand’s name is mentioned, you can only think of one thing – sports. The brand has been producing the best products for sports for many years. And with the company taking care of its image and its brand, it is no surprise to find their bats to be of top-quality.

Over the years, the brand never dared enter the world of softball. Little did we know that they were actually researching on this gear. They were getting ready to make their grand entrance, and this bat is that grand entrance.

Designed for great performance and durability, this bat is enhanced with a very advanced composite molding.

Aside from the molding feature, it is also built with a layering technology to ensure that the bat stays with you for years to come.

This bat also comes with an end-loaded construction, which gives you more power on your swings. The bat is better constructed than its predecessors. Also, it is available in a balanced version. Aside from that, a 26, 27, 28, and 30-ounce model is also out in the market.

And this is the result of years of research by the brand. It is therefore expected that the brand would be able to produce a bat that is nothing but the best. And it is also approved for play by USSSA, SPA, and 1.21 BPF leagues.

With this bat, all you need to do is to unwrap and play. There is absolutely no need for you to break this bat in. Just go out and play. It will pop on your first swing.

Highlighted Features

Miken Freak Primo Usa/asa Maxload 14 Slowpitch Softball Bat: Mp21ma

2018 Miken Freak Patriot Senior Slowpitch Softball Bat Maxload SSUSA MPTRSS


The new 2021 Freak Primo Maxload is back and fully loaded with all the new bells and whistles. The MIken ASA/USA Slowpitch Bat is built for power hitters who love having a huge 14″ barrel to hit off. The awesome new Black and Orange Paint Scheme makes this a must have for 2021! Miken ASA Bats use breakthrough Tetra-Core technology which opti…

Slowpitch Softball Bats

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A Great Bat Makes Playing Senior League Softball More Fun

Softball is a great game that is not as demanding on your body as baseball so there is no reason you cant be playing it and enjoying it as a senior. You just have to make sure you give yourself an advantage when playing and a part of that is having the right slow-pitch softball bat to hit with. We hope our best senior softball bat reviews will help you find a bat that is perfect for you.

Dudley Lightning Legend Lift

Dudley Lightning Legend LiftCheck Latest Price

Perhaps one of the top senior softball bats around is this bat from Dudley. The bat is built using a 100% composite design. This makes it an ideal one for high-end hitters. The construction is 100% of high-quality carbon fiber materials. Such quality of materials would be able to give you the maximum swing control.

Aside from that, it also provides you with the needed help to maximize your hitting prowess. The barrel is 12 inches long. It packs with it an extra-large spot. This allows you to easily hit an incoming softball. It offers not just the ease of hitting the ball, but it also adds precision to your swings.

The bat is sizzling hot right off the wrap. What this means is that you no longer need any break-in period. You can start hitting balls right off the bat. What we like the most about this bat is its special grip spin technology.

It is constructed with such a feature to allow you to get the maximum advantage at times when you are hitting the ball. Also, it is able to add a lot of backspin to the ball right after you hit it. This allows the ball to be thrown into an unusual height and distance.

Finally, the bat is constructed with durability in mind. What you have right there will last you for years to come. In a nutshell, this is a brand you should not ignore. From quality to durability to functionality, you can rest easy you got yourself the perfect bat for your games.

Highlighted Features

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Softball Bats For Seniors Are One Size Up

Softball bats for seniors are one size up from the adult version of a bat–that is, it’s for people who are at least 50 years or older. They are allowed to have metal or non-metal composite material. Since many softball players are getting older and still want to play, this version of a bat is more prevalent at batting cages, competitions, and leagues for adults. This is also the best choice if you are someone who wants to be on their high school or adult softball team but can’t swing an adult-sized bat due to their age or physical stature.

Some companies that make senior softball bats will sometimes give options for senior players that are looking to play co-ed softball. This is often done by offering a lighter version of the bat which also has lower compression levels, if compared to those who are playing exclusively with people their age and at their skill level.

Miken Freak 9r Josh Riley 12 Supermax Usssa Slowpitch Softball Bat: Mjr21u

Senior Softball Bat Reviews (Miken Patriot Senior Softball Bat)


The new era of USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bats begins here at HeadbangerSports.Com with the new 240 USSSA NTS Compression Miken Slowpitch Bats. Mikens latest C-4 Proprietary Carbon Fiber maximizes the angle layup in the design process for unmatched performance and consistency. Developed and produced in the United States by Mikens World Class Engi…

Slowpitch Softball Bats

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Closeout 2017 Miken Freak Patriot Senior Slowpitch Softball Bat Ssusa Maxload Fpatss

This Freak Patriot SSUSA Senior bat is made for those who love a shorter barrel. The 12″ Barrel Length design with a huge sweetspot and optimized flex delivers a brand new feel and optimal performance. A portion of the proceeds for the Freak Patriot will be donated to the Heroes Fund. Get yourMiken Freak Patriot today, right here at! No Hassle Returns, Batisfaction Guaranteed!

2017 Freak Patriot Senior Maxload Softball Bat Features:

  • 2-Piece Bat Construction
  • Stamps of Approval: 1.21 BPF SSUSA, ISA
  • Made in the USA
  • Review by: mike v.Verified Purchaser
  • Pros: I have 2 bats I ordered from you . put 20 swing on first one all ready broken love the bat.Second bat witch I got a month later as a back up has 35 swings on it still not broken in so I put them awayfor spring.Warmer weather good product. Mike V.
  • Cons: Nothing to say bad about the bats
  • 15 of 57 found this review helpful.
  • Was this review helpful?
  • No questions were submitted for this product.
Product Specs

Miken Le Psycho Balanced 14 Usssa Slowpitch Softball Bat: Mpy21u


Limited Edition 2021 Miken Psycho offers a huge 14″ Balanced Barrel. This model features a 2 1/4 inch barrel diameter, and is approved with the new 240 USSSA standards. Product Features: Psycho is a Limited Edition of only 500 Units. 14 Inch Barrel Length2 1/4 Inch Barrel DiameterTwo-Piece, Composite Softball BatBalanced Swing Weighting…

Slowpitch Softball Bats

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Miken Freak Gold 12 Usa/asa Slowpitch Softball Bat: Mgd21a


Say hello to the 2022 Miken Limited Edition Freak Gold 12″ USA Slowpitch Softball Bat. This model is a limited edition of only 1500 total bats made. Offering Miken’s 12″ Tetra Core Technology which optimizes performance by utilizing an inner core tube. Thus increasing compression for unmatched responsiveness. The outer core layering provides …

Slowpitch Softball Bats

Miken Freak Patriot Maxload Senior Slow Pitch Softball Bat: Mptrss

2018 Miken Freak Patriot MPTRSS SSUSA Senior Softball Bat
  • * With Each Patriot Sold, A Portion Of the Proceeds Will Be Donated To The Heroes Mission *

  • Free Shipping!

  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter

  • Approved For Play in SSUSA, ISA, & Other Senior Softball Organizations

  • Triple Matrix Core + Technology Increases Composite Volume By 15%, Eliminating Seams To Maximize Durability

  • Two-Piece, Composite Softball Bat

  • Revolutionary 100 COMP Utilizes 100% Premium Aerospace Grade Fibers To Deliver Legendary Performance & Durability

  • Maxload 0.5 Ounce End Load Provides Maximum Performance

  • Proudly Made In The USA

  • Flex 2 Power Technology Optimizes Flex & Barrel Loading To Maximize Speed Through The Zone

  • Colorway: Red / White / Blue

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Questions and Answers

Have a question about the Miken Freak Patriot Maxload Senior Slow Pitch Softball Bat: MPTRSS? Ask our team of experts and they will respond within 24 hours.

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Miken Freak Primo 14 Maxload Usssa Slowpitch Softball Bat: Mp21mu


The new era of USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bats begins here at HeadbangerSports.Com with the new 240 USSSA NTS Compression Miken Slowpitch Bats. Mikens latest C-4 Proprietary Carbon Fiber maximizes the angle layup in the design process for unmatched performance and consistency. Developed and produced in the United States by Mikens World Class Engi…

Slowpitch Softball Bats

Adidas Melee 2 Loaded

Adidas Melee 2 LoadedCheck Latest Price

Our next entry is from a brand most famous for its sportswear and sports equipment. It is but natural for the company to produce some of the top senior slowpitch softball bats in the market today.

This next entry is built with an end-loaded model. Such a model would enable you to gain more power with your every shot. You have to remember that the company spent a couple of years in research on softball and its gears. This is what they have come up with: a detailed and almost perfect bat for suited for seniors.

The materials that they used to make the bat is of the highest quality possible. You can only expect nothing but the best in terms of performance and quality when it comes to these bats. There is one thing we need to tell you about this bat, though. This would weigh more than the other bats in the market.

If you are just starting out with playing, this may be a bit harder for you. You may need to make some adjustments. But if you are a professional player, or if you have been playing for quite some time now, this is not going to be an issue at all. Or just to be safe, before you purchase the bat, try to take a few swings with it.

And this would give you an idea of how well you can manage its weight. Going back to the bats, each manufacturer would gladly tell the world they have the best bats in the market. It is advisable that you carefully select a bat from a company you trust. This is one of those companies you should trust.

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Don’t Overuse Your Bat

Second, make sure that you don’t overuse your bat. Even the best bats can only swing so much before they need to rest and recharge their energy. If you hit too many balls in a row without giving your bat the chance it needs to rebuild its energy, then your bat will begin to have trouble making it around the bases, or worse, will break.

To The Plate Confidently Swinging A Miken Slowpitch Softball Bat

Miken Freak Patriot Maxload Senior Slow Pitch Softball Bat: MPTRSS

Because of the way softball bats are made, over time they gradually lose some power and responsiveness. Many players elect to add a new Miken softball bat every season to up their confidence when they step to the plate. With a fresh line of Miken bats ready for the new season, now is the time to browse eBay for great savings.

Important specifications of a legal slowpitch softball bat

There are hundreds of different models of slowpitch softball bats. Miken is an industry leader. You can choose among different materials, but every legal softball bat must meet these general specifications:

  • Bat length Few associations permit players to use bats that are any length other than 34 inches.
  • Bat weight All major associations specify the weight of a softball bat as 26 to 35 ounces. Some associations restrict bat weight to no more than 34 ounces.
  • Barrel size All softball bats must be 2 1/4 inches in diameter at the barrel. The barrel length must be between 12 and 14 inches total.
  • Handle size The bat handle must be at least 10 inches from the knob of the bat but no farther than 15 inches. The knob must be half an inch larger in diameter than the diameter of the handle.

Picking the right slow pitch softball bat for youAre all softball bats legal in every association?

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Best Senior Softball Bats

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Softball is a game that is enjoyed by many all over the world. The number of new youth leagues that are springing up all over is too numerous to count. Not to mention that softball has long been a sport that is favored by both adult men and teenaged women. It is even played in tournament form by many too.

What is not so well-known is that there are many senior leagues all over the world too. Just like younger players do, senior softball players need good equipment too. One of the most important pieces of equipment for them is the bats they use to play the game. If you are a senior player we hope we can help you with your bat selection because we have taken the time to do several

One of the most important pieces of equipment for them is the bats they use to play the game. If you are a senior player we hope we can help you with your bat selection because we have taken the time to do several senior softball bat reviews here.

Here are some reviews on what we feel are some of the best senior softball bats in the marketplace:

  • 4.3 Customer Rating

Certifications/approved For Play With The Following Associations:

This bat is only approved for play in the ASA.

Want to see this bat in action? Watch this great review of the Miken Freak Patriot by The BP Hero!

Want to take a look at some other great bats? Check out our guide of the best slowpitch softball bats on the market!

This limited edition bat is designed with 100% premium aerospace grade, composite fibres for ultimate performance and season-after-season durability. With only 1,000 of these bats in existence, youre almost guaranteed to be the only person on the field with this unique bat. A portion of the proceeds from each Miken Freak Patriot purchased goes to the K9s For Warriors and The Heroes Mission foundations.

  • Two-Piece Composite Design with Sensi-Flex Technology
  • Tetra-Core Technology

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Louisville Slugger Sbhz16s Slow

Louisville Slugger is a big name when it comes to baseball and softball bats and this is another fine bat product of theirs. It is a bat that will not break your budget but will still help improve your game when batting.

It is a three piece composite bat which is pretty amazing considering its reasonable price. The bat also has a better than average sweet spot and is end loaded so you can drive a softball deep on a regular basis.

  • What we like about it For one, you cant beat the inexpensive price of this bat. With that being said this bat is still a nice end loaded model. Even the weakest of us who tested it was hitting the softball a long way.
  • Potential drawbacks There are three things that concern many of us with this bat. One is the fact that it will take you a while before breaking it in to use in a game. The other is that there may be some durability issues with this model. It also is a bat that does not come with any sort of warranty from the manufacturer.

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