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Jeep Patriot Throttle Body Recall

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Throttle Control Warning Light On Problem Of The 2013 Jeep Compass

Diagnosing a bad throttle body. Limp Mode Chrysler Jeep Patriot

“takata recall” my Jeep goes to the dealership for everything. I recently just got an inspection. My Jeep has 67,000 mile on it. I have had 2 recalls, in which have not been fixed due to lack of parts. When I got my Jeep back after my inspection, I notice the vehicle seemed to be lagging when I hit the gas pedal. This morning a light flickered on then off, so I looked in my user guide to see what it was. It was the electronic throttle control light. I was in the middle of accelerating onto an interstate, which could have been fatal. I am more than pissed right now. I had been a devoted chevy fan for years, and wanted top give Jeep a shot. But at this point, I’m ready to ditch this lemon, and go back to my chevy roots.

Throttle Control Warning Light On Problem Of The 2007 Jeep Patriot

The contact owns a 2007 Jeep Patriot. The contact stated that while driving approximately 70 mph, the vehicle suddenly decelerated. The vehicle was then stopped and shut off. Upon restart, the electronic throttle control light was illuminated. The failure had occurred on an intermittent basis. The vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic and the mechanic stated that the failure was due to the electrical system and the vehicle would have to be taken to a dealer. The vehicle had not been repaired. The manufacturer was notified and they offered no assistance. The failure and current mileages were approximately 74,000. The VIN was unavailable.

Jeep Patriot: Problems Fuel Economy Pros And Cons 4wd System Photos

Jeep Patriot Problems:YouTube videohow to check fuses in a carthreadvideosthreadvideosrepair options for Check Engine light problemsvideoEngine:Timing belt or chain:Fuel Economy:23 mpg30 mpg23/27 mpg22/26 mpg21/27 mpgMechanical:How capable is the Jeep Patriot 4WD system?Pros: Cons: Similar cars:Ford Escape 2013-2019 reviewOverall: Pros and cons of a CVT transmission

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Throttle Control Warning Light On Problem Of The 2007 Jeep Compass

My vehicle started losing power intermittently. It would remain running, but would not respond to acceleration and the electronic throttle control light would flash. At first, this was an intermittent problem, solved by pulling over to the side of the road, turning the car off and restarting it. Eventually, this became an everyday occurrence, until eventually, the car would not even start due to this problem. I had to have it towed to the dealership, and they replaced the throttle body assembly, which solved the problem. I have noticed several recalls for this exact problem for my year and make and model, but the database states that my VIN number was not included in the recall. This is a safety issue, as I have had to pull over on the side of the road several times in fast-moving traffic on narrow shoulders.

Throttle Control Warning Light On Problem Of The 2016 Jeep Patriot

Throttle Body For Dodge Chrysler Jeep Caliber Jeep Patriot ...

I was driving on a road into work at no more than 40/45 mph. My car was at a slight incline when the electronic throttle control light and electronic stability control light came on, and my car powered down to a low level and wouldn’t increase its speed. I pulled over to the side of the road, put the car in park and shut it off. I was able to start the car and drive the rest of the way, and the light didn’t come back on again.

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Throttle Control Warning Light On Problem

Sitting at a red light, vehicle engine light came on followed by the throttle warning light. Vehicle lost power and engine felt like it would stall. Vehicle would only drive at very low speed to get to safety. After restarting, engine light remained on, vehicle was drivable but soon failed again within a few miles and the throttle warning light came on again. Stability control light may come on as well. Was too concerned with getting to safety to know for sure.

Throttle Control Warning Light On Problem Of The 2012 Jeep Patriot

A few months ago my vehicle started to randomly stall and jerk. We thought nothing of it. Then a few weeks ago my engine light came on and a warning that something was wrong with the fuel cap. A few days later all of that stopped coming on. Yesterday as I was pulling out of my neighborhood several lights came on for the stability control and the electrical throttle light came on as well. I was going up a hill and my vehicle barely made it up the hill. I got back to my driveway turned it off and tried again and it was the same issue. I’ve made an appointment at the dealership to find out the problem, but this came out of no where. I haven’t tried to drive the vehicle for safety reasons.

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How Do Mechanics Replace The Throttle Body

  • The engine cover is removed, if necessary.
  • The flexible rubber snorkel from the air filter housing to the throttle body is disconnected. Typically, the connection is made with a large stainless steel hose clamp.
  • The electrical connections to the throttle body are removed.
  • If the throttle body is not a drive-by-wire system, the accelerator cable and cruise control cable are disconnected and set aside.
  • The bolts retaining the throttle body to the plenum, the gasket, and the throttle body are removed. If the throttle body is being cleaned and tested for re-use, approved chemicals are used in the cleaning process.
  • The new or serviced throttle body is re-attached to the plenum and the bolts torqued to factory specifications.
  • All cables and electrical connections are restored. The intake air snorkel is reconnected.
  • If applicable, the electronic throttle installation and idle re-learn procedures are performed using an appropriate scan tool.
  • Finally, the engine is started, brought to normal operating temperature, and idle speed is checked. The car is road tested to ensure normal operation and no illumination of warning or service lights.

How Many Miles Can A 2014 Jeep Patriot Be Driven

How To Replace a Throttle Body on a 2015 Jeep Patriot Throttle Body Limp mode No throttle response

Used car buyers are often very interested in the current mileage of the vehicle and how long it lasts this is no different for buyers looking to purchase a 2014 Jeep Patriot. Its also important to consider when deciding between repairing the vehicle or sending it to the junkyard.

Some cars are ready to depart for the junkyard before others due to numerous repairs or recalls. Sometimes, the owner simply does not want to invest in the repairs its much easier to give the problem to the junkyard than deal with it yourself.

If regular maintenance is done and all necessary recalls are repaired, a 2014 Jeep Patriot should last at least 200,000 miles.

While there is some risk in buying a 2014 Jeep Patriot, it is lower than other models, especially if the owner is upfront about how the car has been maintained.

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Jeep Patriot Recalls Problems By Years

Jeep Patriot Recalls Jeepcarus.Com Jeepcarus.Com Already know 2012 jeep patriot recalls? Or want know 2015 jeep patriot recalls?

The War Against Jeep Patriot Recalls

Roads are continuously changing which is precisely why our maps are too. In case the vehicle is recalled later for that particular problem, you could be able to receive reimbursed from the automaker. It would not start again. It stalled and I was unable to get to the right shoulder. Again, it began to lose power. You should also find easy insurance and fast financing.

Dealers will inspect the lines at no cost and replace them or put in a protective sleeve. While most registered car owners are going to get recall information by mail, this might not always be the circumstance. The organization states its still working with NHTSA to resolve the problem, but the issue could end up in court.

Throttle Control Warning Light On Problem Of The 2011 Jeep Patriot

While driving down our driveway to the main road the electronic stability indicator and the electronic throttle control lights came on. I turned the ignition off and back on then went to the bottom of the road to get on the freeway when the lights came back on and the car went to a limp mode. I had no throttle to get on the freeway and limped back home. Our mechanic could not get the scanner to duplicate the lights. . Since this happened once before, he recommended replacing the throttle body part #4891735ac due to high rate failure at a cost of $533 parts and labor to us. After reading of many complaints we feel this part should be recalled for the safety of occupants before someone gets seriously injured.

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What Is The Cost Of A Used 2014 Jeep Patriot

The cost of a used 2014 Jeep Patriot is dependent on many factors including how the car was maintained, what type of drive and engine it has, and any upgrades made to the vehicle. If the vehicle is lower in mileage and has is in pristine condition, be prepared to spend more.

When the 2014 Jeep Patriot first went on the market, buyers paid around $17,000 for the four-wheel-drive version.

Today, a used 2014 Jeep Patriot ranges from $8,000 to $12,000.

Jeep models are reliable and tend to last over 200,000 miles, so the better the condition and lower the mileage, the more the car will cost. Find yourself a reliable mechanic, and you wont go wrong.

Why Almost Everything Youve Learned About Jeep Patriot Recalls Is Wrong

Throttle Body To Suit Jeep MK Patriot 2ltr ECN 2012

5 weeks of attempting to work out what was incorrect. In any event, theres always something to relish and learn from on this given Sunday.

So whether youre looking get slightly more daylight below your rig for some offroading adventure, or merely wish to produce your Jeep into a head-turning mean machine, Rocky Road understands the task done. Hazard lights wont get the job done.

The replacement parts started making the exact noises the exact moment. Theres something analog and old school about it that is quite enjoyable, now that its basically the only alternative for people who dont adore the new, swoopy styling of nearly all crossovers today.

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Tsb And Recall Information: 2007

Includes all bulletins released through: Part 1: Jeep Patriot and Jeep Compass Technical Service Bulletins#18-009-11#08-001-11a#24-001-11#23-005-11#24-007-10#07-005-10#07-004-10#08-028-10#23-018-10#09-003-10#08-025-10#23-016-10a#08-024-10#08-014-10#02-001-10#08-004-10#18-005-10#26-001-09#05-002-09b#05-003-09#02-001-09#18-018-09#08-005-09#18-005-09a#05-001-09#08-003-09#08-036-08#05-004-08#08-033-08#23-028-08#18-019-08a#18-018-08a#18-017-08a#18-016-08a#18-011-08c#18-030-08#18-029-08#08-007-08a#18-011-08b#21-014-08#18-011-08a#21-011-08#08-007-08#23-008-08#05-005-07#06-005-07#23-046-07#21-013-06a#22-004-06#26-004-07#23-036-07#24-006-07#23-035-07#08-018-07#23-024-07#06-003-07#23-023-07#23-027-07#14-003-07#18-018-07#08-010-07#08-001-07b#18-032-07#18-031-07#08-017-06#26-003-07#23-009-07#18-006-07a#26-002-08#08-030-06a#23-014-06Part 2. Jeep Patriot and Jeep Compass RecallsRC-K11RC-H33RC-G42RC-G43RC-G31RC-G36RC-F50RC-G15RC-G19RC-G18RC-F03RC-F38Part 3. Jeep Patriot and Jeep Compass Rapid Response TransmittalsRRT-09057RRT-09044RRT-08070aChart notes:Important:Some bulletins may apply only to specific production dates, models and/or equipment. Not all affected vehicles will exhibit described problems, failure rates may vary widely. Not all bulletins involve repair issues, some are issued for informational purposes only.

What Is The Throttle Body And How Does It Work

The throttle body is an air metering device mounted between the air filter and snorkel, and the intake plenum. Within the throttle body is a movable throttle plate whose position controls the amount of air that enters the engine to determine engine speed. Throttle body designs vary. Some incorporate an idle air control valve, throttle position sensor, and other electronic throttle controls. The throttle plate in the throttle body can be controlled directly by an accelerator pedal cable or fully electronically in the newest drive-by-wire systems.

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When To Consider Replacing The Throttle Body:

  • Check engine light and/or reduced power warning light is on. Most modern throttle bodies have electrical components, such as a throttle position sensor. These components are monitored by the powertrain control module . If the check engine light or reduced power warning light comes on, a mechanic will determine if any of the stored trouble codes implicate a throttle body malfunction.
  • Wrong idle speed. Carbon deposits in the throttle body, particularly around the movable throttle plate or in the idle air control valve, can cause the engine idle speed to be too low or too high.
  • Poor transmission shifting. In some applications, transmission shift timing relies on signal outputs from the throttle body. If the throttle position sensor is defective, that might adversely affect shift timing and feel.

How Do I Check For A Recall On My Car

2012 Jeep Patriot Throttle Body Replacement

In most cases, the automaker will send you a notice in the mail to announce a recall. But if youre the proactive type or if you bought the car used you might want to check for a recall yourself.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration , over 100 million new and used vehicles were involved in some sort of safety-related recall in 2014-15. Recalls vary in severity, but they all relate to the safety of the vehicle, so theyre all worth paying attention to.

Start by looking up the year, make and model of your vehicle on a site like, but also be aware that a recall doesnt necessarily apply to every vehicle with the same year, make and model. Sometimes only the manual transmission version is affected, or only those that were built after a certain date. The best way to know for sure is to call the phone number that we provide on your vehicles recall page or go to the government NHTSA site and look up your specific car by its 17-character VIN number.

And if you REALLY want to stay on top of recalls, you could check back here periodically, or NHTSA offers downloadable Android Auto and Apple CarPlay apps with recall information, plus NHTSA maintains a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter to announce recalls.

For more about how to stay current on recalls, read full article.

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Jeep Patriot Reliability: Difficult To Say

The 2014 Jeep Patriot is a fairly safe and reliable car.

The Jeep Patriot is a compact SUV that comes in a variety of engine sizes with either front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive. It also has numerous transmission options. This made it attractive to smaller families or those driving in harsh environments.

People like it because it is a smaller SUV yet dependable as a daily driver. The upgrade options are endless, making it striking for mechanics or car hobbyists.

That being said, weve outlined a slew of moderate repairs that could run the driver a pretty penny and fast. If you dont have the time and money to play with fixing up this car, then look for a different ride.

Jeep Patriot Recalls 2011 2008 Jeep Patriot Recalls

As a result of their condition, it wasnt highly recommended to drive vehicle. The car is still being inspected, but the dealerships cant appear to recreate the issue, which is a huge problem because Ill be moving across country in two months and cant risk this happening again. At this point it would not start. You have to get guided properly to the car which suits the best as per your requirements, requirements and price range.

If youre looking around for a Jeep we wish to to provide you quick access to information which can help you make an educated buying choice.

Jeeps been the topic of prior complaints. It needs to address this problem immediately before someone gets hurt. Chrysler said it is unaware of any injuries regarding the transmission and restraint system troubles.

Not advised for installs with a challenging difficulty. All things considered, its a wonderful little jeep. Start by choosing the model of your car or truck from the list below!

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Jeep Compass: Bad Throttle Body Symptoms + Diagnosis

If your Jeep Compass has a bad throttle body, it can cause it to run terribly. Common symptoms of a bad throttle body include, dirt and grime, the check engine light, and an erratic idle.

Your Compasss throttle body controls the amount of air that enters the engine. You control the throttle body position with the gas pedal. So, the symptoms of a bad throttle body will all affect how the vehicle feels responding to your throttle input. A rough idle is also a very common symptom.

Jeep Patriot Recalls 2017 Jeep Patriot Recalls

Throttle Body Assembly For JEEP PATRIOT COMPASS/DODGE ...

2010 jeep patriot body diagram is one of the photos we discovered online from respectable sources.

The repair is currently complete. This equipment needs to be recalled, this is a critical safety issue. That means youd have to replace the whole audio system merely to correct the clock.

Get yours today and be certain your Jeep navigation system proceeds to execute the way it was engineered to. The fuel saver technology is particularly innovative, since it will detect when full power is essential or when it isnt. The tech found no issues and managed to begin the car free of incident.

The engine wouldnt restart. The automobile service manual ought to be consulted for more details on possible sources for the fault, along with required testing. The rest of the Patriot kits in the marketplace are created in China.

Jeep Patriot Recalls Conversely the majority of the accessories can be added and removed readily, so that you can alter it based on what youve planned for the day.

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