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Is Donald Trump The Antichrist

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Donald Trump: ‘I am the chosen oneâ

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On Monday, 1 June, surrounded by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, in his military fatigues, Attorney General William Barr, and other representative symbols of Americas immense military and judicial power, Trump used the police to suppress a peaceful, law-abiding protest so that he could take an awkward photo of himself with a Bible standing before a church. In what has become known as the battle for Lafayette Square, Trump, the military, and the police used overwhelming force against people armed only with signs and bottles. Declaring victory, Trump trumpets his courageous stance while the brutal men of his cabinet look on approvingly.

For those who are not Trumpian court ministers, the image invokes an obvious biblical symbol, and one in stark contrast to their misuse of Romans 13. Here is the beast of Revelation 13 arising out of the sea of smoke and violence, making war on the saints and conquering them while people of violence follow the beast and chant, Who is like the beast, and who can fight against it? MAGA, MAGA, MAGA! The more the beast uses haughty and blasphemous words, the more authority his devoted followers give to him.

D. Stephen Long is the Cary M. Maguire University Professor of Ethics at Southern Methodist University. His most recent book is Truth Telling in a Post-Truth World.

Donald Trump Is The ‘antichrist’ And Is ‘going To Hell’ Immigrant From Caravan Says

A Central American migrant has blasted President Donald Trump in angry comments to CNN’s Bill Weir at the border between Mexico and Guatemala.

“Donald Trump is the antichrist,” the unidentified man can bee seen saying in Spanish during a CNN report aired this weekend on the immigrant caravan that has traveled to the Mexican border from Honduras. “If he doesn’t repent, he’s going to hell,” the man adds.

Thousands of Central American migrants have joined a caravan that originally formed more than a week ago in Honduras. Trump has repeatedly threatened Central American leaders with complete aid cuts if the group’s progress is not stopped. On Thursday, the president also called on Mexican authorities to stop the caravan’s progress once it reached Mexico’s southern border.

Mexico stationed hundreds of additional federal agents along the border to block the group from passing. But the Associated Press reported on Sunday that some 2,000 of the migrants had managed to swim or boat across a river separating Guatemala and Mexico, entering the country illegally and vowing to continue toward the U.S.

Another man speaking to CNN pushed back against Trump’s repeated claims that the migrant caravan is filled with criminals.

“Our message is, we are not criminals,” he told Weir, speaking in fluent English.

“There are risks that we must take for the good of our children,” she said.

Donald Trump’s 15 Trumpiest Faces

  • The “Sourball”

    Iowa City, Iowa – Jan. 26

    Getty Images

  • The “Do you feel lucky?”

  • Grand Rapids, Mich. – Dec. 21

    Getty Images

  • The “Seriously what are you doing”

    Las Vegas – Dec. 14

  • Las Vegas, Nev. – Dec. 14

    Getty Images

  • The “Wait, what kind of hat is that?”

    Aiken, S.C. – Dec. 12

  • Des Moines, Iowa – Dec. 11

    Getty Images

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Letter: Is Donald Trump The Antichrist

Is the US empire crumbling through decadence? How can an intelligent nation put their faith in a leader who epitomises greed, intrigue, corruption, indifference, pride and vindictive and licentious behaviour? Is Donald Trump the antichrist, as his values are so diametrically opposed to good human values?The buffoonery that festers in his administration is more suited to soap opera than responsible government. Rex Tillerson gave the US a semblance of reason in a putrid sea, but that was a threat to Trump, so he was fired. A week later hardliner John Bolton becomes national security adviser. Scary stuff. The Trump administration is out of control, which will have consequences.The US has a leadership crisis and its penchant for maverick leaders elected by roulette every four years is part of the problem.Rather, parties should have leaders who work in politics on a continuous basis so the public can make discerning decisions based on performance rather than …

Heres How Wed Really Know That Trump Is The Antichrist

Donald Trump ANTICHRIST Poster

I am the chosen one, Donald Trump told reporters on Wednesday. He looked up to the heavens as he said this, CNBC reports, so perhaps he truly believes that God anointed him to win a trade war with China, which he also started. This analysis is supported by two uniquely cursed presidential tweets, which he unleashed before he spoke to reporters. In them, he quoted remarks by conservative commentator Wayne Allyn Root, who has assigned Trump a lofty and troubling designation.

Thank you to Wayne Allyn Root for the very nice words. President Trump is the greatest President for Jews and for Israel in the history of the world, not just America, he is the best President for Israel in the history of the world…and the Jewish people in Israel love him….

CHOAM Nomsky

So could Trump be the Antichrist? Look, anything is possible. I will tell you what my father once told me. Satan walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. The point is that Satan is devious, and his works can be found anywhere. Trump could indeed be his agent, and that would make him an antichrist, if not the Antichrist.

But I digress. Real Revelations heads know that the Antichrist doesnt just appear by surprise. There are signs. So lets go through the checklist:

The Rapture

Does Trump meet the Rapture criterion? No.

The Antichrist Is a Charismatic, Attractive, and Widely Popular Diplomat


Donald J. Trump

Does Trump meet the diplomat criteria? No.

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Top Five Donald Trump Eerie 666 Connections:

1. Trump Tower is on 666 Fifth Avenue, New York City2. The Tower also happens to measure 666 feet tall3. Trump inherited his grandmother’s real estate empire when she died on June 6, 1966 = 6-6-64. The billionaire tycoon announced his candidacy for president on June 16, 2015 = 6 + + = 6-6-65. And the year 2016 when he won the US election = 666+666+666+6+6+6

The bizarre 666 theory that Trump is associated was backed by another anonymous writer on Quora.

“The number 666 denotes arrogance, pride, egotism, the love of money and power, and militarism – all things Donald Trump is associated with,” the post read.

After Trump snatched the presidency in a surprise victory on Tuesday, a number of people flocked on social media to make the astonishing “Antichrist” claim and even started a hashtag #Trump666.

“ALL HAIL TRUMP”#trump666

It comes after Nostradamus who many believe to be a prophet – predicted Donald Trump’s victory.

The 16th Century oracle predicted the election will lead to the end of the world.

He wrote: The great shameless, audacious bawler. He will be elected governor of the army: The boldness of his contention.

The bridge broken, the city faint from fear.

The theorists believe that the shameless, audacious bawler is a direct reference to Mr Trump and his outspoken, unapologetic style of campaigning.

Governor of the army is being interpreted as the leader of the most powerful military country in the world, the United States.

[email protected]

Depends Which Evangelical Christian You Ask

Character apparently mattered back in the 1990s, when Bill Clinton was a candidate and Trump was just a philandering mogul, but this year that all changed. Many evangelical Christians threw their support behind Trump, a man who has boasted about sleeping with married women, been married three times, plays fast and loose with facts, bragged about groping women and then got accused of doing just that.

To me, all of that added up to a man the religious right could not tolerate but I was wrong.

Apparently, a good number of Christians think Trump was chosen by God to win this election. My mom forwards me emails from all kinds of preachers Ive never heard of, and Im beginning to see a common thread.

Johnny Enlow of Santa Clarita, Calif., a self-described prophet, wrote recently: In the matrix of the spirit realm, as He placed Trump into power, He also released unprecedented wave after wave of the hosts of Heaven. These heavenly hosts have heavily damaged three major principalities over government, media, and the economy and will continue to do so. The principalities were conspiring and doing everything in their power to sabotage this political result. They are not afraid of Trumps righteousness, but rather theyre afraid of the size of the heavenly army they see moving in synchronicity with him.

OK so hes not as bad as Hitler, but he seems headed in the direction of a dictator, at the very least: Take down the press, its legal if the president does it, etc.

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Don’t Forget ‘the Simpsons’ Saw President Trump Coming

The theorists believe that the shameless, audacious bawler is a direct reference to Mr. Trump and his outspoken, unapologetic style of campaigning.

Governor of the army is being interpreted as the leader of the most powerful military country in the world, the United States.

One prediction reads: The false trumpet concealing madness will cause Byzantium to change its laws.

Theorists believe that the False trumpet concealing madness is Trump and that the reference to Byzantium an Ancient Greek colony could be linked to the influx of refugees coming through Greece.

Donald Trumps anti-immigration stance has been at the center of his campaign.

Finally Nostradamus writes the Republic of the big city will engage in costly military operations, ordered by the trumpet, which has led to fears of nuclear war.

Another theory is that Trump is the third antichrist that Nostradamus predicted, after Napoleon and Hitler.

The Bible Identifies The Antichrist

The second coming of Donald Trump: Can he become president again? | 60 Minutes Australia
  • The little horn would come up among themthat is, from among the 10 horns that were the kingdoms of Western Europe . So, it would be a little kingdom in Western Europe.
  • It would have a man at its head who could speak for it .
  • It would pluck out or uproot three kingdoms .
  • It would be different from the other 10 kingdoms .
  • It would make war with and persecute the saints .
  • It would emerge from the pagan Roman Empirethe fourth kingdom .
  • Gods people would be given into his hand for a time and times and half a time .
  • It would speak great words against or blaspheme God . In Revelation 13:5, the Bible says the same power speaks great things and blasphemies.
  • It would intend to change times and law .
  • Historians tell us that these points fit only one powerthe papacy. Let us examine all nine points to see if this is true:

    • It would speak pompous words of blasphemy against . Blasphemy has two definitions in Scripture:
  • Claiming to forgive sins .
  • Claiming to be God .
  • The papacy claims to forgive sin: Does the Priest truly forgive the sins, or does he only declare that they are remitted? The Priest does really and truly forgive the sins in virtue of the power given to him by Christ. Joseph Deharbe, S.J., A Complete Catechism of the Catholic Religion , p. 279.

    The papacy further undermines Jesus by setting up a system of confession to an earthly priest, thus bypassing Jesus, our High Priest and the only Mediator .

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    Short Read But Good Ideas

    The author is bold enough to put out the view that Trump displays traits that the Antichrist will display. Its not popular among Christians and if you say it to them they will belittle and bully you. However, read Daniel 8:22-25. The antichrist will be a fake supporter of Israel and will be an extremely arrogant person . He will also cause deceit to reign during his tenure and force a political/religious system on his subjects. Yes, that is also like Trump. Christ the real Messiah did not come to set his Kingdom in the political realm. Its a spiritual kingdom. So, my only complaint about the book is there could be more biblical examples to back the claim and it was short. But I applaud that author for the courage to take on the beast.

    Is Trump Too Obvious To Be The Antichrist

    Over the nearly 3 years Ive had this channel, Ive heard all kinds of arguments against Trump being the Antichrist from those who are convinced the Antichrist will be gay and Muslim, to others who think that Trump was chosen by God to lead America during the end times.

    Some people skip the religious argument and go straight to the political. In their view, the very fact that I say Trump is the Antichrist means Im working for George Soros! All I can say to that is I guess the check is still be in the mail. Maybe 3 years of checks will show up tomorrow, but well see.

    But aside from those arguments, one of the more fascinating objections to Trump being the Antichrist is that hes simply too much of an obvious fit.

    According to this argument, Trump lines up TOO perfectly with how the bible describes the Antichrist, and since we know that Satan is a deceiver, we should expect that Satan would look to distract us from the REAL Antichrist by making another man appear to be him.

    Those who hold the idea that Trump is too obvious to be the Antichrist also usually have someone specifically in mind as who he really is, which are the usual suspects and you can probably guess who they are.

    But looking at this idea a bit closer, we can actually see that there are a couple of basic flaws.

    So, in case youre wondering: Donald J. Trump isnt too obvious to be the Antichrist. Instead, hes exactly what he appears to be.

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    To Put It Bluntly Trump Is The Antichrist

    Like everyone else on all sides of the political spectrum here in America and around the world I was in a deep state of shock on 11/9/16 with the result that Donald John Trump had won the electoral college votes. It looked like Trump was shocked too. I admit to being one of those who did not vote for either candidate because both of them were completely unqualified for the office in my opinion for obvious reasons. I stand by that decision.

    My shock on 11/9 was very similar to my shock from 9/11. My expertise is Christian Eschatology, which is the study of the End Times prophecies. The books of Revelation and Daniel detail the rise of Donald Trump and implicate him as the man whose number is 666. Michael Pence is the False Prophet.

    My website,, explains the numerology behind identifying Trump as the Antichrist, as well as presents explanations of other aspects of Revelation and Daniel that have mystified Bible scholars for centuries.

    I am well aware that most people are either ignorant of or dont care about the End Times prophecies. It may be because of the overbearing and frankly overwhelmingly negative Christian movement in this country, or because contemplating that we are at the end of the age is too much for people to wrap their head around. Ive been studying the End Times prophecies since I was 14 years old. I believe that I have something extremely important to reveal to the world, and it is urgent.

    Is Donald Trump The Antichrist

    Daily News Cover Shows As Trump Antichrist Amid Pope Feud

    A listener called into my program yesterday and asked, Is Donald Trump the Antichrist?

    I passed on drawing a conclusion, but then the lines lit up with a steady stream of people over the next few hours offering their proofs that Trump was, in fact, the Evil One come to ravage the Earth. That first caller clearly hit a nerve.

    Its a fascinating question, however, whether put literally or metaphorically.

    Asking the question literally requires a belief in the actual reality of a Son-of-God Christ figure and of an Antichrist opponent of nearly equal but opposite power. This sort of thing fills the Bible, and Ill get to that in a moment.

    But first consider the question from the secular perspective, which argues these two terms represent, at their core, metaphors for the embodiment of good and evil.

    In this context, then, a more accurate question is: Is Donald Trump an Antichrist?

    In The Sermon on the Mount, Jesus spoke in the plural when he predicted false prophets, who come to you in sheeps clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves.

    After warning that grifters and con artists would try to exploit His followers, He said, by their fruits ye shall know them.

    Trumps fruits are pretty obvious:

    The main reason many Christians freak out about an antichrist is that following him will get you banned from heaven or even cast into hell.

    Jesus disciples had gathered around him in a private and intimate setting.

    Thats it.

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    Past Popes Have Been Accused

    As the English religious radical John Wycliffe put it,

    the Pope may obviously be the Antichrist, and yet not just that sole single individual but rather the multitude of popes holding that position along with the cardinals and bishops of the church.

    This was the position on the Antichrist adopted by Protestants at the time of the 16th century Reformation. was convinced that he was living in the last days. For him, the Pope fitted all the criteria for the Antichrist. The Pope, he declared, is the true end times Antichrist who has raised himself over and set himself against Christ.

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