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How Old Is Trump And Biden

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Majority Of Americans Say Donald Trump And Joe Biden Are Both Too Old To Serve As President: Poll

Man who voted for Trump twice has surprising opinion about Biden’s move
  • The majority of American adults say Biden and Trump are too old to serve in public office right now, according to a new poll.

  • But respondents were more likely to say Biden was too old to serve.

  • Democrats are more likely than Republicans to say Rep. Liz Cheney is “the right age” to serve.

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are only about four years apart in age.

But more American adults feel that Biden is too old to serve than Trump, according to a new Insider/Morning Consult poll.

Seventy-six percent of the more than 2,200 people surveyed in early September felt that Biden, 79, was “too old” to serve in public office right now, while 57% said the same about Trump, 76.

While the Founding Fathers set an age minimum for US presidents the president must be at least 35 years old an age maximum doesn’t exist. That means both Biden and Trump would be serving in office well into their 80s if elected for a second term in 2024, a feat no US president has ever achieved. And if Trump were to win the election, upon swearing in, he would be the same age Biden is now an age many Republicans consider too old.

“The Biden administration has really been responsive to the concerns of younger voters wherever they had any influence that they could,” he said. “But even despite that, I think it’s clear that younger voters have been more likely to lose faith with the Biden administration early on, and less likely to enthusiastically approve his job performance.”

Who Is Older: Donald Trump Or Joe Biden

GettyJoe Biden and Donald Trump faced off in dueling town halls.

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are facing off for the first time in the 2020 Presidential Debate tonight. But which candidate is older: Donald Trump or Joe Biden? They seem to be pretty close in age to each other, and in fact they are. Theyre separated in age by just about three years.

Fighting Ageism And Uncovering Disparities

What should Americans know about their elected officials health as they age, and what will that reveal about their abilities to lead?

Dr Karen Bullock, who leads North Carolina State Universitys Department of Social Work, has more than 20 years of experience studying mental health and aging.

While there is heightened scrutiny about the candidates health and age ahead of Election Day, there still is not enough evidence that voters have prioritised age as a deciding factor in determining who is the best candidate to lead this country for the next four years, she said.

In the US, we have fought long and hard against stereotypes, mislabeling, ageism, sexism, racism and other actions of actions of discrimination and prejudice, she told The Independent.

In that sense, she said, the candidates are a reflection of our collective belief that we should judge people solely by the evidence of merit and morals irrespective of the antiquated belief that older age impairs one’s cognition and competence to lead this country.”

Joe Biden removes his mask during a campaign event.

She said that for the public to better understand elected officials health, reporters should continue to rely on credible health evaluations and assessments and frame age-related issues through a historical context a reflection of their past performance and statements and how they appeal to younger Americans.

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Donald Trump Was The Oldest Us President To Assume Office When He Was Inaugurated In 2016

When the US goes to the polls in November, voters young and old will choose between the two oldest presidential candidates in the countrys history.

The issue of age has already been weaponised by the Trump campaign, labelling Joe Biden a dotty, sleepy, past-his-best politician despite being just three years the current presidents senior.

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Even On Bidens Big Day Hes Still In Trumps Long Shadow

US election: Whats next for the Trump and Biden campaigns?

For the sitting president, even a triumphant ceremony to sign major domestic legislation can hardly break through the nonstop attention on his predecessor.

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By Peter Baker

Moments before President Biden signed a legacy-defining package of initiatives into law on Tuesday, one of his congressional allies lamented that the presidents accomplishments are often away from public view while another contrasted him with a former president who relished creating chaos.

No one mentioned Donald J. Trumps name during the ceremony in the State Dining Room of the White House, but his presence was felt nonetheless as Mr. Biden enacted major climate, health care and corporate tax policies. One major reason Mr. Bidens achievements often seem eclipsed in public view is because Mr. Trump is still creating chaos from his post-presidential exile.

No other sitting president has ever lived with the shadow of his defeated predecessor in quite the way that Mr. Biden has over the last year and a half. Regardless of what the current president does, he often finds himself struggling to break through the all-consuming circus that keeps Mr. Trump in the public eye. Even the bully pulpit of the White House has proved no match for the Trump reality show.

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A Majority Of Republicans Want Trump To Stay In Politics About Four

Overall, roughly three-in-ten Americans say Donald Trump should remain a major national political figure, while two-thirds say he should not. However, there are wide partisan divides on this question. About six-in-ten Republicans and Republican leaners say the former president should continue to play a major role in national politics, while nearly all Democrats and Democratic leaners say he should not.

The share of Republicans saying Trump should continue to be a major national political figure has declined slightly since September 2021 .

The 63% of Republicans who would like to see Trump remain a major figure include 39% who would like to see Trump run for president himself in 2024. The remainder say while they would like Trump to remain a national political figure, they would prefer he use his position to support another presidential candidate that shares his views.

Although Republicans and Republican leaners generally say Trump should remain a major national political figure, there are demographic differences within the GOP on this question.

Moderate and liberal Republicans are less likely than conservative Republicans to say Trump should remain on the national political stage .

The Slow Your Bodys Clock Series


President Trump is 74 years old, and former vice president and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will be 78 in November. But biologically, Biden is likely younger

Trumps older biological age could explain why he was infected with COVID last Thursday, and ended up in a hospital for three days. Most people were not surprised that Trump got infected due to his resistance towards social distancing and wearing masks. Continuously, he campaigned in big crowds with no precautions, and not requiring attendees to wear masks. One retiree said she was surprised that he didnt get COVID sooner.

The immediate cause for Trumps COVID was he got it from his senior aide, Hope Hicks. However, the long-term causes for Trump are more apparent. Hes male, 74, and overweight: all high-risk factors for COVID. According to statistics, males account for 15% of COVID deaths. According to Science, an online journal, many of the sickest COVID-19 patients have been people who are obese. Those over 60 belong to the vulnerable age group for COVID.Theres a clock in our body, and not just our brain, but every organ of our body. They all have their own timetables. Our cells have lives of their own. But if we abuse our bodies, which Trump does a lot, our bodies would lose their ability to fight against diseases due to self-destructive impulses.

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Donald Trump Vs Joe Biden

This is an unbiased comparison of the policy and political positions of Joe Biden and Donald Trump, candidates for president from the Democratic and Republican parties respectively.

For the most part, the candidates views conform with the political platform of their party Biden is pro-choice on abortion rights, Trump is pro-life Biden supports the DREAM Act and a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, while Trump wants to deport all undocumented immigrants and build a wall on the Mexican border Biden wants to expand gun control legislation, Trump does not Biden wants to raise taxes on companies and high-income households while the Trump administration cut taxes for individuals in all income brackets, as well as all corporations.

Did Joe Biden Give Kamala Harris Presidential Power

First 2020 Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

In November 2021, Vice President Kamala Harris made history after she became the first woman to hold presidential power in the United States.

On November 19, Biden transferred power over to Harris while he underwent a routine colonoscopy.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki said in a statement: “As was the case when President George W. Bush had the same procedure in 2002 and 2007, and following the process set out in the Constitution, President Biden will transfer power to the Vice President for the brief period of time when he is under anesthesia.

President George W Bush was the first to use the 25th Amendment’s Section 3 to temporarily transfer power, to while Bush was anesthetized for a colonoscopy.

Bush also temporarily transferred power in 2007 to undergo another colonoscopy.

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Both Parties Eye Pennsylvania

The state is vital to Democrats’ hopes as well. They want to pick up a US Senate seat by propelling Lt Gov John Fetterman to victory.

The governor’s race has taken on extra significance with Mr Mastriano’s landslide win in the Republican primary. He attended the 6 January 2021 attack on the US Congress and played a key role in efforts to overturn the 2020 election results in Pennsylvania.

Should he win the governorship, he would have significant power over the state’s election implementation.

To oppose him, Democrats have put forth the state’s attorney general, Josh Shapiro, and President Biden held several high-profile events in the state in recent days to help whip up the Democratic base.

In fact, he also visited Wilkes-Barre, on 30 August to give a major speech about guns and public safety and two days ago he gave a primetime address in Philadelphia.

He argued that Trump’s ideology – which he called “Maga Republicans” after his predecessor’s famous campaign slogan – threatened American democracy.

“Not every Republican, not even a majority of Republicans, are Maga Republicans,” Mr Biden said.

“But there’s no question the Republican Party today is dominated, driven and intimidated by Donald Trump and the Maga Republicans, and that is a threat to this country.”

On Saturday, Mr Trump called Mr Biden’s address the most “vicious hateful and divisive speech ever delivered by an American president”.

Who Were The Oldest Presidents

Before President Biden was sworn in on Wednesday, President Donald J. Trump held the record for the countrys oldest chief executive. He was 70 in January 2017, when he became the 45th president.

Before him, President Ronald Reagan was the oldest president. He was 69 in 1981 when he was inaugurated for his first term.

In a debate with Walter Mondale during his 1984 re-election campaign, Mr. Reagan made light of the issue of age.

I want you to know that also I will not make age an issue of this campaign, he said. I am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponents youth and inexperience.

Mr. Reagan was 77 after his second term, the oldest president to leave office.

More than a century before him, William Henry Harrison held the distinction of being the oldest president at the time, when he was inaugurated in 1841 at age 68. Mr. Harrison, who had caught a cold that developed into pneumonia, died after 32 days in office. He became the first president to die in office and to date, has served the shortest tenure in U.S. presidential history.

At 96, Jimmy Carter is the oldest living former president.

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Biden Vs Trump: What A Difference Two Years Make For Treating Covid

Two presidents contrasting COVID experiences illustrate the moonshot-caliber medical achievements that let many patients be treated at home instead of in an ICU

Donald Trump may have been more ill than anyone suspected when he checked in at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on October 2, 2020. The then president, 74 years old at the time, had serious signs of disease in his lungs and low blood oxygen levels. He was quickly started on an aggressive course of treatments, including an intravenous infusion of the antiviral medication remdesivir and a cocktail of monoclonal antibodies.

What a difference these couple of years make. After testing positive for COVID, the fully vaccinated and boosted 79-year-old Joe Biden has been carrying out his presidential duties while isolating at the White House with what have been characterized as mild symptoms. A video of Biden was released at midday on July 21: Im doing well, getting a lot of work done, going to continue to get it done, he said.

In contrast, Biden was fully vaccinated and boosted, and he only received an orally administered antiviral pill. This shows the incredible benefit of the COVID vaccines, particularly after booster doses, to prevent severe COVID, Iwasaki says.

Former Us President Donald Trump Scored An Early Lead Over Incumbent Joe Biden In A Potential 2024 Election Rematch The Poll Used Hypothetical Poll Situation

The Straight Fight Between Donald Trump &  Joe Biden

Image: AP

Former US President Donald Trump scored an early lead over incumbent Joe Biden in a potential 2024 election rematch. The poll-which used a hypothetical presidential election situation-was created by Massachusetts Emerson College and showed a plunge in Bidens popularity. However, it showed the Republican leader keep his support intact since the same poll was conducted last month.

The poll showed Trump having support from 44% of the American population while Biden getting only 39%. In the hypothetical elections, at least 12% of people said that they would vote for a third candidate while 5% were still on the fence. It further stated that 53% of Americans disapproved of President Biden. Meanwhile, 70% disapprove of the incumbent congress members and 54% did not approve of the Supreme Court.

The survey also tapped into the mid-term elections, scheduled for November this year. It concluded that 46% of US residents intended to vote for their Republican candidate while 43% wanted to vote for democrats. These figures have remained relatively unchanged since last month, with Republicans notching a 3% edge over Democrats, on 45% and 42% respectively.

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President Biden: Im Begging Youdont Run In 2024 Our Country Needs You To Stand Down

Recent explosive testimony from the January 6 Committee hearings has proven even further what we all already know: Donald Trump must not become president, ever again.

Which means that President Joe Biden must not run again in 2024.

Even as the country navigates the January 6 hearings, the aftermath of the mass shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde, and a wave of controversial Supreme Court decisions including the overturning of Roe v. Wade, the basic political environment for the Democratic Party appears largely unchanged. The party seems to be careening toward a disaster in the midterms.

There is one figure in American politics who I think could shift this dynamic: President Biden. He wont do this with more speeches or press conferences or barnstorming the country. President Biden can only save the Democratsand by extension, the countryby promising that this is his final act. That is, he should announce immediately that he will not seek reelection in 2024. By doing so, I think Biden could change the political environment almost overnight.

Announcing that he wont be running accomplishes two goals. It releases candidates from the anchor he represents, tying them to a deeply unpopular president. And it allows Biden to legitimately point out that since he isnt seeking another term, decisions he makes going forward will in no way be driven by political gain.

The alternative is far less appealing.

Despite The Health Concerns Older Presidential Candidates Have An Advantage

Over the past couple of years, there has been plenty of discussion about the age of US presidential candidates.

More specifically, there have been worries that old age may negatively impact the abilities of a serving president.

For example, the impact of a stressful campaign on an older politician became a major topic of conversation in 2019 after Democratic Party challenger Bernie Sanders suffered a heart attack.

There is no doubt that elderly politicians find it easier to get into a position of power in the United States than other age groups.

This is because most of them have had lengthy political careers. In other words, they have been in the limelight for decades and are highly recognizable to voters.

Many voters also associate aging with characteristics such as wisdom and experience.

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Trump Vs Biden: The Two 70

Joe Biden laughed off President Donald Trump’s suggestion Friday that the former vice president is too old to run for the Oval Office.

“If he looks young and vibrant compared to me, I should probably go home,” Biden, 76, quipped in an appearance on ABC’s “The View.”

“The best way to judge me is to watch, see if I have the energy and capacity. It’s a show-me business.”

Earlier, Trump, 72, said that Biden and other 2020 candidates are “making me look very young, both in terms of age and I think in terms of energy.”

“Well, I think that I just feel like a young man. I’m so young. I can’t believe it. I’m the youngest person. I am a young, vibrant man,” the president said. “I look at Joe I don’t know about him. I don’t know.”

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