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Bill Conway State’s Attorney Republican

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What Crime Should Be The Office’s Top Target Drugs Gang Violence Child Sex Abuse Something Else Why What Steps Will You Take To Address The Priorities As You See Them

George Conway: Republicans have gone from ‘cowardice to depravity’

While the State’s Attorney’s Office must go after all crime, one issue that we must do more on is targeting our gun violence epidemic. Last year, the Chicago Police Department seized more than 10,000 illegal guns — about one every 48 minutes. In order to really get after the gun crime epidemic in our county, we need to disrupt the supply chain that brings all of these illegal guns into Cook County.

Under my administration, we will work with local officials to track the supply source all the way from the single gun recovery to significant gun trafficking.

We also need to ensure that people who commit crimes with guns go to jail. And perhaps most importantly, we need to break the cycle of economic disinvestment that for far too long has allowed this issue to run rampant. The citizens of Cook County deserve to live in neighborhoods safe from gun violence, and we can do more to adequately address the gun problem plaguing our communities.

Cook County And Collars

Conservative group gathering signatures in Arlington Heights to ban Bears stadium subsidies:Americans for Prosperity is trying to collect 1,000 signatures of registered Arlington Heights voters for its proposed ordinance. While not mentioning the NFL franchise specifically, it would prohibit the municipality from “offering or extending any financial incentive to any business or corporation to operate in the village.” Daily Heralds Christopher Placek reports.

ACLU calls Lake in the Hills actions toward UpRising Bakery unconstitutional,by Shaw Locals James T. Norman

Democrat Bill Conway Is Running For Cook County State’s Attorney

CHICAGO Democrat Bill Conway is running for Cook County state’s attorney. On the ballot, you will be able to vote for one of four candidates: Conway, incumbent Kim Foxx and other challengers Donna More and Bob Fioretti.

You can find Conway’s answers to the Patch candidate questionnaire below:

Bill Conway, running for Cook County State’s Attorney:

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How Pertinent Is The Jussie Smollett Case To This Election If It Should Have Been Handled Differently How So

The Jussie Smollett case is the highest profile example of politics ruling the State’s Attorney’s Office. Ms. Foxx decided to drop all 16 counts against the politically-connected celebrity and that’s not right — the case should have been handled the same way as any other case the office handles, like that of my client Candace Clark.

Candace was charged with the same crime as Smollett, but because she wasn’t connected, she didn’t get the Smollett deal. Instead she has to go to court every month, report to a probation officer every month, maintain a job, pay restitution, and get permission from a judge to even leave the county. No one thinks Jussie Smollett or Candace should have gone to jail — they just should have gotten the same deal, and as State’s Attorney I will make sure that everyone gets equal treatment, regardless of who they know.

Abc7 To Present 2 Live Debates In Democratic Republican Races For Cook County State’s Attorney

Chicago Tribune

CHICAGO — In the run-up to the March 17 primary election, ABC 7 Chicago will be the home for two, live debates, continuing the station’s long-standing tradition of producing and broadcasting political debates. ABC 7 will partner with the League of Women Voters of Cook County and Univision Chicago to present two, hour-long, commercial-free debates. On Thursday, February 27 the Republican candidates running for the office of Cook County State’s Attorney, Christopher Pfannkuche and Patrick O’Brien, will debate at 7 PM. On Friday, February 28 the Democratic candidates running for Cook County State’s Attorney, incumbent Kim Foxx, Bill Conway, Donna More and Bob Fioretti, will debate at 7 PM.

The Republican Cook County State’s Attorney debate will be presented LIVE, Thursday, February 27 at 7 PM on ABC 7’s 7.2. It will be streamed live on the ABC 7 News app and the ABC 7 Facebook page. It will air on ABC 7’s main channel, 7.1 on Sunday, March at 1 PM. ABC 7 Anchor/Reporter Cheryl Burton will moderate the debate. Candidates will field questions from panelists including ABC 7 Political Reporter Craig Wall and Univision Chicago News Anchor Enrique Rodriguez.

Univision Chicago WGBO 66 will air the Republican Debate for Cook County State’s Attorney on Saturday, February 29 at 5 PM and the Democratic debate for Cook County State’s Attorney on Sunday, March 1 at 10 AM. The debates will be streamed live on the Univision Chicago App at 7 PM on February 27 and 28th.

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The 2020 Cook County States Attorneys Race Is Shaping Up To Be The Most Expensive Ever

Lead challenger Bill Conways campaign committee has raised triple that of incumbent Kim Foxx thanks to millions in support from his father. But Foxx has benefited from external spending by super PACs .

David Eads, Josh McGhee, Asraa Mustufa

A self-funded candidate like Conway changes the dynamics of a race completely and thats a big part of why theres so much more spending this time around than last time said Michael Kang, a law professor at Northwesterns school of law and expert on campaign finance. That seems to be driving a lot of the spending. Foxx as the incumbent, especially this time around, has more of a name that they can draw money from national sources to fight off the Joneses.

While Foxx and Conways fundraising was neck and neck during the fall when they were both still shy of their first million dollars, Conways began to pull away with the first donation of $500,000 from his father in August of last year. As of the this week, Conways campaign committee has raised triple that of Foxx.

Foxxs top donors include: Fred Eychnar, president and CEO of Newsweb Corp. Michael Sacks, chairman and CEO of Grosvenor Capital Management and e-commerce billionaire Michael Rubin.

Scroll to see all donors from July 1, 2019, to March 10, 2020.

Soros also aided Foxx in 2016 and has long supported candidates focused on reducing racial disparities in sentencing, according to Politico.

Scroll to see all donors from July 1, 2019, to March 10, 2020.

States Attorney Candidate Bill Conway Talks Wealth Corruption And His Game Plan

Joshua Kaufman, Contributing Writer|February 9, 2020

Bill Conway, a candidate for Cook County states attorney, talks to the press in front of the Cook County Building in Chicago on Thursday, Jan. 9, 2020.

According to the Federal Election Commision, 91% of the time the better funded campaign wins their election for public office. It is this reality that makes political campaigns dependent upon donations from individuals, groups, and PACs to effectively get their message to voters.

Big money donors have exploited candidates need for campaign funding by donating generously, with the underlying assumption of receiving political favors in return if said candidate is elected.

A few examples of this pay to play phenomenon include the NRA donating 1.2 million to Republican Senator Mitch McConell in return for inaction on any gun reform measures or when Citigroup Bank bundled $755 thousand to Obamas 2008 campaign. The latter example, proven by a Wikileaks drop, shows the bank submitted a list to the Obama campaign of prefered cabinet appointees under an Obama administration. The list provided by Citigroup corresponds almost exactly to the eventual composition of Barack Obamas cabinet.

For those familiar with campaign financing, this corruptive system is nothing new. Yet, Bill Conway, Democratic candidate for Cook County states attorney, argues his billionaire donor bankrolling his campaign is just a father helping out his son.

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Illinois Justice And Public Safety Pac


Illinois Justice and Public Safety PAC is a PAC formed in 2016 that pays for advertisements supporting Democratic candidate Kim Foxxs campaigns for States Attorney in Cook County, Illinois. The PAC was highly active in the 2016 and 2020 election cycles, buying ads in support of Foxx and attacking her primary election challengers. The PAC is funded by Democracy PAC, which receives funding from left-leaning billionaire George Soros, and has connections to the similarly named Justice and Public Safety PAC, another PAC which has received funding directly from Soros.

Despite Backlash Over The Jussie Smollett Case Kim Foxx Wins Primary

Democrats are blaming Americans for ‘this’: Kellyanne Conway

Chicagos chief prosecutor is one of several district attorneys who have pledged to take a different approach to criminal justice.

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By Richard A. Oppel Jr.

Kim Foxx, the Chicago prosecutor who faced intense criticism for her handling of the case of Jussie Smollett, the actor charged with staging a racist and homophobic attack, took a major step toward re-election on Tuesday with a victory in the Democratic primary.

Ms. Foxxs closest rival, Bill Conway, a former prosecutor, conceded the race for states attorney in Cook County, Ill., which includes Chicago, in a call to the incumbent late Tuesday. With 82 percent of precincts reporting, Ms. Foxx had 48 percent of the vote, according to unofficial totals, and The Associated Press declared her the winner. Two other candidates were running well behind.

She will face a Republican opponent in November, Pat OBrien, a former prosecutor and judge. But the county is heavily Democratic, and the partys nominee typically wins countywide elections.

Ms. Foxx was elected Chicagos chief prosecutor in 2016 with promises to change the criminal justice system, defeating her predecessor, who had come under heavy criticism for delaying prosecution of a white police officer in the death of a black teenager.

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Name One Concrete Program You’ll Create Or Personnel Move You’ll Make To Improve Efficiency In The Office Or Make It More Successful Explain How It Will Be Funded And How You Will Overcome Any Obstacles To Initiating It

It’s crucial that we provide an opportunity for record expungement for people who were once convicted of crimes but have since proven they are no longer a danger to society.

Our current marijuana expungement efforts provide a road path for expunging other types of crime efficiently by collaborating with other elected officials as well as nonprofits at little cost to the taxpayer.

Additionally, one concrete program I would like to bring back is Theft School, a low cost diversion program that existed for first time theft offenders to reduce recidivism and hold first time offenders accountable without permanently damaging their record. I have already begun speaking with business owners and retailers who are interested in banding together to help fund this type of program.

Medicare And Social Security

If elected to the Senate, Conway says the first piece of legislation he will introduce would repeal what he calls a “sweetheart deal” for the pharmaceutical industry that currently prohibits Medicare from negotiating for lower prices on prescription drugs. Citing a report from the National Committee on Social Security and Medicare, he says that this alone would save the federal government $200 billion.

Conway opposes privatizing Social Security and thinks these benefits should be maintained and protected from any outside risks associated with the financial markets. In his 2002 run for Congress Conway stated that raising the retirement age and cutting benefit levels “to save Social Security” has to be considered, but retracted these comments by November 2002.

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Find Out What’s Happening In Chicagowith Free Real

Brittany , Bella

Does anyone in your family work in politics or government?

My aunt works for Evergreen Park and I have cousins who are first responders. My wifes cousin is an Assistant States Attorney at the Cook County States Attorneys Office.


University of Pennsylvania – BS, Georgetown University – JD, University of Chicago – MBA


Professor at DePaul University Pro Bono Criminal Defense Attorney , United States Navy Intelligence Officer

Campaign website

Previous or Current Elected or Appointed Office

I have never run for political office, but I have volunteered on several Democratic political campaigns.

The single most pressing issue facing our is _______, and this is what I intend to do about it.

What are the critical differences between you and the other candidates seeking this post?

I am a first time candidate running against Cook Countys entrenched political machine. Unlike my opponent Kim Foxx, when I am elected I will not owe anyone anything except the people of this county. Its time for a change in the Cook County States Attorneys Office and I have a plan to enact balanced criminal justice reform, get after our gun crime epidemic by disrupting the supply chain of illegal guns, and get politics out of the States Attorneys Office.

If you are a challenger, in what way has the current board or officeholder failed the community

Describe the other issues that define your campaign platform

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Clinton, Conway join forces in opioid battle

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Describe Your Position Regarding The Allocation Of Resources In The State’s Attorney’s Office Are Personnel Allocated As They Should Be Are There Capital Expense Or Other Budgetary Items That The Office Must Address And If So How Do You Propose To Address Them

We have a gun crime and public corruption epidemic. One way to better allocate resources to help go after both issues is by breaking down some of the silos that exist across the State’s Attorney’s Office to better share expertise across disciplines, increase communication among the office’s bureaus, and move attorneys between departments.

When it comes to illegal guns, this would allow the office to better disrupt the supply chain by utilizing financial crimes prosecutors to better follow the money. The same could be said for corrupt public officials.

Additionally the State’s Attorney’s Office has had more cases per prosecutor than other cities for too long. I recognize our county’s budgetary constraints — that’s why we need to look into realizing efficiency gains by updating technology and providing better training for evidence sharing and notification procedures.

Finally, by increasing the number of attorneys in our public corruption and financial crimes unit we can not only get after bad actors but save taxpayers money as well.

Why Are You Running For This Office Whether For Reelection Or Election For The First Time Is There A Particular Issue That Motivates You If So What

I’m running for State’s Attorney to enact balanced criminal justice reform, get after the gun crime epidemic that we have here in Cook County, and to get politics out of an office where it never belonged.

We really need to focus on the unequal justice that is being administered in the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office. We’ve seen a couple of instances where politically-connected people seem to be getting better deals than others.

Kim Foxx obviously gave Jussie Smollett a sweetheart deal and now we’re learning even more about her deep ties to indicted Alderman Ed Burke. Burke held a fundraiser for Foxx at his home and then in 2017 when she became the State’s Attorney, she signed off on a $2 million property tax settlement for one of Burke’s clients, the largest one she signed off on in her first 11 months in office.

There is a two-tier justice system where politically-connected people are getting better deals. I have a clear, progressive vision for Cook County and a record that shows I can bring it to fruition.

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Republican Ags Call On Senate Leadership To Oppose Manchin Permitting Reform Bill

A coalition of Republican attorneys general voiced opposition to an energy-permitting reform bill spearheaded by Sen. Joe Manchin in a letter to Senate leadership Monday.

In the letter, the 18 officials called the proposal a federal overreach due to its expansion of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commissions authority.

The letter specifically takes issue with provisions in text released by Manchins office that would allow FERC to order the construction of new transmission facilities where there is deemed to be a national interest.

This would create the scenario where FERC would have the authority to determine the national interest and require companies to build what it orders and where, they wrote. This is a massive expansion of FERCs authority which currently only allows FERC to order public utilities to physically connect their existing transmission lines.

Signers of the letter include the Republican attorneys general of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Alaska, Arizona, Montana, Arkansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Georgia, Tennessee, Indiana, South Carolina, Kansas, Texas, Kentucky, Utah and Virginia.

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrissey , the lead plaintiff in a multi-state lawsuit that led the Supreme Court to block an Obama-era renewable energy plan, was not among the signers.

The Hill has reached out to Manchins office for comment.

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