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Alternator For 2015 Jeep Patriot

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Jeep Patriot Starter Alternator Repair Options

Jeep Patriot Alternator Replaced 2009 2017 Dodge Jeep Chrysler 2.4 2.0

Alternator/generator/regulator Problem Of The 2015 Jeep Patriot

When driving the car there was a periodic jerk and than it began to loose acceleration. No matter how much I pressed on gas it wouldn’t go and than it just died. They thought it was battery so we replaced battery and alternator. Still having issues with the periodic jerk and the battery light now comes on and off. This needs to be looked at.

Alternator/generator/regulator Problem Of The 2012 Jeep Patriot

When in idle at a traffic light, the Jeep engine shut off randomly with a beeping alarm and red flashing bolt on the dash, required me to turn the key to the off position and restart the car, this has also happened once while vehicle was in motion. Battery is new and both the battery and alternator tested good. When accelerating, braking, or steering, the cabin lights, headlights and dash/radio dim or brighten often slight flickering and some times the interior roof cab lights randomly turn on while driving even when no door is ajar and dimmer switch is turned down or completely off. Appears there is some sort of electrical short or power draw issue. The rear drum breaks continuously squeal, leak and leave rust residue corroding the rims even though I’ve had them maintained and changed by certified goodyear mechanics.

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Use Obd2 Scanner For Diagnosis

Since Jeep Patriot is equipped with on-board diagnostics , a fault diagnosis can provide initial indications of where the malfunction is located.

To begin troubleshooting, you must first connect the diagnostic tool to your Patriot. The OBDII connector is usually located under the dashboard. With the tool connected, turn on the ignition. Most diagnostic devices then ask for some information about the vehicle. It is important that you enter this 100% correctly, otherwise the result of the search may be inaccurate. In addition to the vehicle make, model, and engine type, you usually also have to type in the Vehicle Identification Number . Since some OBD codes are manufacturer-specific, the scanner will be able to give you more accurate information if you enter more details about your Patriot.

Corrosion On Battery Terminals

OE Replacement for 2007

Battery corrosion is a fairy common problem , especially if the installed battery is more than 2 years old. Corrosion occurs when the battery acid reacts with the metal terminals which can lead to loss of contact and reduced current flow. If there isnt enough current flow, the battery will not be charged properly, and may cause engine starting problems.

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How To Check If The Ground Connection Is Good

You can check the quality of the ground connection in Patriot by doing a conductivity test between the negative terminal of the battery and the engine. Take a multimeter, change its settings to ohms symbol. Touch one probe to the negative terminal of the battery, and the other probe to any exposed metal part of the engine. The reading should be at or very close to zero ohms. Do the same between the negative terminal of the battery and exposed metal part of the alternator.

What Are The Symptoms Related To A Bad Alternator

If the alternator fails, the dashboard battery warning light will turn on while you drive. Soon after, all electrical components will begin to lose power, the vehicle will stall, and a jump start won’t work. If the alternator’s bearing fails, it can cause a grinding noise that changes with engine speed.

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Shop Jeep Patriot Replacement Alternator

For loyal customers, Jeep represents dependability, refined looks and effortless maneuverability. When you have a vehicle designed for maximum performance it demands premium quality auto parts. Take your car to the ultimate level of power and performance by installing performance parts. Your Jeep Patriot Alternator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy then stores it in the battery. Alternators work by translating kinetic energy generated by the motor into electrical power, which is then stored in the battery storage in your vehicle. An efficient modern 12-volt electrical system provides a voltage regulator, which lengthens the durability of the additional 12-volt parts by providing a rock solid voltage to the battery. An Alternator is installed to produce electricity for options such as sound systems which more efficient electrical generation. A vehicle’s Alternator replenishes the battery when you drive and supplies the electrical system while the motor is running. The perfect parts are just a few clicks away when you buy from One place which helps to make finding the right part easy is

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Jeep Patriot Bad Alternator Symptoms How To Check Voltage

2015 jeep patriot alternator not charging

The alternator is the power station of Jeep Patriot that converts mechanical energy from the engine to electricity. It not only powers all the electrical components in the vehicle, but also charges the battery when the engine is running. Alternator going bad in your Patriot is a critical issue and it can be dangerous to drive your vehicle on the highway due to very high risk of breakdown.

The most common symptoms of bad alternator in Jeep Patriot is the red battery warning light turns on in the dashboard, electrical issues, dim lights, slow cranking, dead battery and stalling engine.

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How Does An Alternator Help Your Car Run

The alternator is the component that charges the battery in your car. When you use electrical components in your car , the battery loses power. The alternator recharges the battery, replenishing the lost battery power. The alternator is located in the engine compartment. If the alternator is not working properly, your car will only stay running for as long as the battery has power stored. Once the battery loses power, your car will not start. Normally, a malfunctioning alternator will turn on the battery warning light or will have a low volt gauge reading.

Related Questions And Answers

How Much is an Alternator for a Car?

If you find yourself wondering, how much is an alternator for a 2015 Jeep Patriot , here is a quick rundown of the costs. Replacing an alternator can be fairly expensive. The total cost will depend on the vehicle you are driving, as well as if you choose a brand new, or a rebuilt alternator. If you can do the work yourself, a rebuilt alternator can cost as little as $ 80 for older vehicles. An alternator for a newer vehicle can run $ 150 to $ 200. If you need a professional to install your new alternator, budget between $ 300 and $ 500, depending on your 2015 Jeep Patriot . High end sports and luxury cars will cost even more. What are the Main Components of an Alternator?

The alternator helps maintain the voltage of the 2015 Jeep Patriot battery. There are four main components of an alternator . The stator and rotor are belt-driven magnets encased in copper wiring. They create a magnetic field. The belt is driven by a pulley that connects to the engine. This spins the rotor and creates a magnetic field. The stator uses this to create voltage and electricity which flows to the diode. The diode assembly than converts the AC electricity to DC, which is used by the 2015 Jeep Patriot battery. Finally, the voltage regulator acts as a surge protector for the alternator. Where Can I Find Second Hand Alternators for Sale?

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Red Battery Light Comes On

Faulty alternator is the leading cause of red battery light illuminating in Patriot which indicates a malfunction in the charging system. The alternator converts mechanical energy from the engine to electricity that not only powers all the on-board accessories, but also charges the battery. If the alternator develops a fault and stops generating electricity, the entire electrical load of the vehicle will shift to the battery. This drains out the battery quickly as it is no longer getting charged by the alternator.

Alternators can fail at any time, but generally they last over 100,000 miles. Before replacing the alternator, you must rule out other causes that may stop or degrade flow of current from the alternator, for example: bad electrical connection or damaged wire.

Symptoms Of A Failing Alternator

New Alternator for Jeep Patriot 2.0L 2.4L 2007

Here are signs that your car may need an alternator repair:

  • Dead battery: A defective alternator wont charge the battery while the engine is running.
  • Hard starting or stalling engine: An underpowered battery will have trouble starting the car.
  • Dim or too-bright lights: A damaged alternator may deliver either too little or too much power to the headlights.
  • Electrical system concerns: Electrical accessories like your radio, power windows, and air-conditioning might begin to falter with a bad alternator.
  • Whining or squealing noises: A misaligned alternator pulley or worn-out pulley bearings can generate odd noises.
  • A burning odor: Burnt smells can point to an alternator pulley or drive belt problems.
  • Lit dashboard warning lights: A lit battery light, check engine light, or charging system light can all indicate alternator issues.

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How Do I Replace An Alternator

Heres how a professional mechanic would replace a failed alternator:

  • Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  • Disconnect the cable connections from the back of the alternator.
  • Remove the drive belt from the pulley by loosening the belt tensioner.
  • Once the belt is off, unfasten the mounting bolts connecting the alternator to the bracket.
  • Remove the old alternator from the bracket.
  • Compare the new alternator with the old alternator and check whether everything matches, including the mounting bolt holes.
  • Install the new alternator and tighten the mounting bolts with a ratchet.
  • Slip the drive belt back in position by using the tensioner arm and reinstall all cable connections.
  • Review the installation and test the alternator output using a multimeter.
  • Tips: Ensure the battery is fully charged before installation. Using the new alternator to charge a low volt battery can damage the alternator.

    Alternator/generator/regulator Problem Of The 2008 Jeep Patriot

    The contact owns a 2008 Jeep Patriot 4×4. The contact stated that the alternator failed and a grinding noise could be heard coming from the alternators bearings whenever the engine was started. The vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer where they were unable to diagnose the failure after performing a diagnostic test. The grinding noise continued to worsen. The manufacturer was notified and informed the contact that they would reimburse half of the repair costs. No further assistance was offered. The failure mileage was 27,000 and the current mileage was 66,000.

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    What Is A Ground Connection

    The negative terminal of the battery is connected to the body/chassis of Patriot, called a ground connection. The engine also requires a ground connection to function, but the way the engine is mounted, it does not allow the electric current to flow between the engine and the body . For this purpose, a ground strap/wire is used to connect the engine and the chassis.

    Clean The Battery Terminals

    Jeep 2.4L Alternator Replacment how to replace / remove QUICK RUN DOWN OVERVIEW!

    Quick cleaning: There is a neat little trick with which you can clean corrosion on the battery terminals of your Patriot in under a minute. Pour hot boiling water over the corroded terminals and the corrosion will just melt away. Do one terminal at a time and dont let water puddle on the top of the battery touch both terminals at the same time, this can short the battery.

    Thorough cleaning: To thoroughly clean the battery in your Jeep Patriot, you have to remove the terminal cables first, which requires no special knowledge, just a little concentration, as the order is very important. First remove the black cable from the negative terminal using a wrench or a plier. Next you can unplug the red positive terminal cable. Be careful not to touch both terminals with your metal tool, it will be one expensive mistake. Once the battery has been removed from the circuit, you can start cleaning the corroded battery with sandpaper or wire brush. After cleaning, reconnect the cables in reverse order, positive first, then negative.

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    How Do I Load Test An Alternator

    To load test your alternator, you need a voltmeter or multimeter.

    Here are the steps to take:

  • Battery assessment: With the engine turned off, connect the multimeter leads to the battery terminals red to the positive terminal, black to the negative terminal. A good, fully charged battery should measure between 12.6 -13.2 volts.
  • Alternator assessment: Turn on the engine. With the engine running at around 1000 RPM, the multimeter voltage should stay within 12-14 volts.
  • Load engine: Start turning on accessories The voltage shouldnt drop under 12V or go above 14V.
  • If any readings are out of range while the engine is running, your alternator could be problematic, and you may need a car repair.

    Rodent Damage Can Cause Bad Alternator Symptoms

    If rodents like rats, mice, or squirrels have chewed up the cables for the alternator, it can interrupt the flow of current from the alternator, and also cause the battery light to turn on in Patriot. Look for any signs of bite marks in the engine compartment, and examine all the cables for the alternator. If any cable has been damaged, replace it with a new one.

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    Gearshift Controls And Related Parts For 2015 Jeep Patriot


    Hex Head Screw And Washer

    Bracket To Timing Case Cover And Left Cylinder Head. M8x1.25×24.00. Shift Cable Adjust to Cable. Alternator bracket attaching. Egr cover to cylinder head. Thermostat Housing to Water Pump.

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    Alternator/generator/regulator Problem Of The 2007 Jeep Patriot


    The day after my Jeep was purchased, it would not start. We brought it back to the dealer and were told it was the ignition switch. There were no problems with the Jeep for about 2 years, but then the car started shutting off while we were driving. It would always a cut back on though. Now it will not start at all. The alternator has been changed and so has the battery, but the car still will not even start with a jump.

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    Alternator/generator/regulator Problem Of The 2011 Jeep Patriot

    The contact owns a 2011 Jeep Patriot. The contact stated that the vehicle had experienced a complete loss of power. The alternator warning indicator illuminated. The vehicle was taken to the independent mechanic where they diagnosed that the alternator needed to be replaced. The vehicle was repaired however, the failure recurred. The vehicle was taken back to the independent mechanic where the alternator was replaced again however, the failure recurred. The vehicle was taken back to the independent mechanic where the alternator was replaced a third time however the failure recurred. The vehicle was taken to the dealer where it was diagnosed that the vehicle needed a new battery. The vehicle was repaired however, the failure recurred. Prior to this failure, the vehicle was taken to the dealer where the motor and the window were replaced. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The failure mileage was approximately 84,000.

    What Is An Alternator

    The battery gives your car the charge it needs to get started, but it has a finite amount of storage. This creates the need for a built-in battery charger that’s where the alternator comes in.

    The alternator charges the battery and powers the vehicle’s electrical system when the engine is running. It provides power to the starter motor, lights, stereo and more.

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    How Urgent Is An Alternator Repair

    If the alternator fails, the battery doesnt charge, and the car wont function as it should. Problems with stalling and starting may leave you running late. Specific safety components like the headlights might not work when you need them.

    Also, a faulty alternator can damage certain electrical systems by overcharging or undercharging them. You could end up with additional repairs if you leave the bad alternator unresolved.

    Thats why you should get quality electrical systems inspections from a reputable auto repair service when you notice bad alternator symptoms. It can even be a good idea to check an old alternator regularly, like when getting an oil change or your tires serviced for tire rotation.

    What Happens When The Ground Connection Goes Bad

    Jeep Patriot Alternator Removal

    If the ground connection of the chassis or the engine goes bad in your Patriot due to rust or corrosion, you will face all sorts of electrical issues, including battery light illuminating in the dashboard. The alternator relies on the ground connection of the engine to function properly. When the ground is bad, the current supply from the alternator will be reduced or may fluctuate. Additionally, in rare cases the contact between the engine block and the alternator can also go bad due to corrosion.

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    Can You Drive Patriot With A Bad Alternator

    Yes, you can drive your Patriot with a bad alternator, but only for a short distance. The battery charge will go down as you drive since all the on-board electronic controllers and accessories are now solely powered by the battery. When the battery charge gets too low the engine will shut down, and you will be stranded.

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